Minutes of the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee meeting

Saturday, April 8 -- Sunday, April 9, 1995
Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles, CA

Judy Brown
Steve Cunningham
John Hart
Jeff Jortner
Alyce Kaprow
Bonnie Mitchell
Adele Newton
Scott Owen
Steve Van Frank
Mary Whitton

ACM Headquarters:
Donna Baglio
Patrick McCarren
Judy Osteller

Raoul Buron
John Fujii
Patti Harrison
Chris Herot
Betsy Johnsmiller
Doris Lidtke
Peter Meechan
Molly Morgan

Mary Whitton called the meeting to order at 9:00 am. She introduced Pat McCarren as the new Program Director and his assistant Judy Osteller, Donna Baglio as the new Director of SIG Services, and Doris Lidtke as the ACM SIG Board Chair.


Adele Newton presented the SIGGRAPH Conference Management Restructuring Plan. Newton distributed copies of the conference management restructuring report. She reviewed the schedule of events that lead to the report and gave an overview of the plan. Raoul Buron presented the plan to reorganize the Conference Planning Committee. The current CPC is operating in the traditional view. It is a vertical structure with each member working on a specific function. The reorganized CPC would operate in a systems view. It would have a horizontal structure with members working cross functionally.

Newton explained that the new position of Chief Staff Executive (CSE) would be hired by the selected conference management firm. The CSE will be employed by the conference firm, but would oversee SIGGRAPH conferences. A deadline of the end of April was targetted for release of the request for proposals. There was group discussion on what is going to replace the CPC in the model. The CPC will become a working group, with the CSE managing agenda and backup for the group.

Timeline for Implementation:

Goal: To have a conference management company/Chief Staff Executive and the SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Chair chosen by August 1, 1995.

Present conference management restructuring plan to SIGGRAPH and ACM for approval.
(Adele Newton, April 8, 1995)

Create a plan and timeline for any necessary changes in SIGGRAPH By-Laws.
(Adele Newton/EC, April 9, 1995)

Determine criteria for choosing conference management firm.
(CPC, April 7, 1995)

Begin search for SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Chair
(CPC, April 7, 1995)

Write a Request for Proposal (RFP) to hire conference management firm and Chief Staff Executive.
(Adele Newton, Molly Morgan, Betsy Johnsmiller, April 24, 1995)

Choose prospective conference management firms and distribute RFP for response by June 1, 1995.
(Adele Newton, Molly Morgan, Betsy Johnsmiller, April 30, 1995)

Evaluate bids and make recommendation for approval by CPC and EC.
(Adele Newton, John Fujii, Mark Resch, Mary Whitton, Steve Cunningham, Mark Scott Johnson, June 9, 1995)

Present recomemndation to CPC and EC for approval via e-mail.
(June 14, 1995)

Negotiate contract with management firm.
(Adele Newton - by June 30, 1995)

Conference Management company conducts search for Chief Staff Executive based on job descriptions and required qualifications provided by SIGGRAPH.
(Conference Management Company, July 1995)

List of potential candidates for Chief Staff Executive presented to SIGGRAPH by conference management firm.
(Conference Management Company, July 24, 1995)

Interviews conducted and final choice made.
(CPC/EC representatives, to be determined, July 24-31, 1995)

Final approval of Chief Staff Executive
(CPC/EC, August 1, 1995)

Approval of SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Chair
(CPC/EC, August 1, 1995)

Motion 1
Move that the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee approve "new model"structure.
Newton/Jortner: Passed: 8,1,0 (1-Hart)

Motion 2
Move that the position of Director for Conferences be eliminated as of July 1, 1996. Current year conference Chair be appointed to the SIGGRAPH EC as a voting member; the CSE will be a nonvoting member of the SIGGRAPH EC.
Newton/Jortner: Passed: 7,1,1 (1-Brown, 1-Hart)

RFPs will be submitted to Newton and ACM. Proposals will be reviewed by Adele Newton, Mark Resch, Steve Cunningham, John Fujii, Mark Scott Johnson and Donna Baglio. Recommendation will be presented to SIGGRAPH EC and ACM for approval.


Peter Meechan reported that the SIGGRAPH 95 Advance Program will be distributed in early May. He announced the exhibit floor space at the convention center was nearly sold out.


John Fujii reported that full committees for SIGGRAPH 96 were in place and they have had two meetings to date. The January strategic planning meeting focused on education at all levels of the conference and on an outreach program

Public Relations Contract

Move that Smith, Bucklin & Associates (SBA) be awarded the Public Relations contract for one year with the option to renew for year 2 and year 3.
Newton/Brown: Passed: 9,0,0

Newton presented future Site options for the SIGGRAPH conference:
1997 - Los Angeles or Anaheim
1998 - Orlando or Atlanta
1999 - West Coast - looking into San Diego

Remarks by ACM Volunteer

Doris Lidtke announced the restructuring of the ACM SIG Board. The new structure allows for direct SIG representation at the SIG Chairs meeting in February 1995. Four SIG Chairs were added to the Board, making a structure of:

Chair, Past Chair, five Area Directors, Publications Board Liaison, four SIG Chairs, and the Director of SIG Services
Mary Whitton was selected to be one of the four SIG Chairs on the Board.
Area Directors are appointed by SIG Board Chair after consulting with SIGS. Lidtke reported that the SIG Board has reinstated the SIG discretionary fund.

The SIG Board has listed the recognition of volunteers as one of their main objectives. They want to recognize volunteers and encourage SIGS to recognize their volunteers through thank you letters and certificates of recognition.

The ACM Board Chairs and Executive Committee are trying to make projects and new initiatives easier to get approved by making changes such as simplifying the Technical Meeting Request Form. Donna Baglio reported that changes are underway to make both the TMRF and the approval process easier.

Working Group Reports

Executive Committee Organization/Reorganization

Chris Herot reported that there are a number of ways to streamline and organize the governing body. EC may need to try other methods of efficiency.


Alyce Kaprow reported that the group looked at what SIGGRAPH provides for its members. SIGGRAPH has reached a steady point in academic members; however, the EC needs to look at building membership in other communities.

The December 1994 meeting minutes were approved with one change.


Mary Whitton indicated the need to work on the selection process for new conference chairs, with the new conference management model. Adele Newton suggested that the group wait until the 97 and 98 chairs are chosen. The CPC is reviewing its current list for 98 candidates. The SIGGRAPH 97 conference chair should be named soon.


Mary Whitton reported that Coco Conn would like to set up on-line chapters through siggraph.org. Steve Cunningham noted that siggraph.org is tight for disk space and that specifications were needed for a new system. Coco should be advised to contact Laura London and/or Scott Owen to discuss what she wants to do.


Bonnie Mitchell presented the layout of the booth area for the conference; funding will come from the Communications budget. There was a request for volunteers to staff the booth, and a note that committees should participate and commit a few hours.

Mitchell was concerned about staffing the SIGGRAPH 95 booth. Pat McCarren volunteered Judy Osteller and himself to help out. Professional chapters and education committee will have "soft walls" between them in booth.

There was a group discussion on how to distinguish SIGGRAPH members at the conference. Steve Cunningham considered this to be a promotional effort and offered to support it with publication promotion funding. Jeff Jortner will contact SBA and coordinate the stuffing of registration packets with ribbons or buttons.


Move to provide ribbons to SIGGRAPH members through registration with coordination of S95, contingent on cost and feasibility.
Cunningham/Hart: (passed: 9,0,0)


Group discussion on how to conduct business meeting/Town Hall:
- thank volunteers
- need visuals for presentation
- make it visible in the final program


Steve Cunningham reported that there is activity on siggraph.org but the information is in disarray. The on-line committee will coordinate what is on the system, and try to structure the look and feel of the information presented. The committee is identifying specs for new machines and is going to pursue donations from companies for this equipment.


Judy Brown gave a report on Special Projects. The committee will publicize its existence in Computer Graphics and start reviewing potential projects in the fall.


50th anniversary packets were distributed. S96 has the necessary information and is working with Bert Herzog on an event to celebrate ACM's 50th Anniversary at SIGGRAPH 96.


Jeff Jortner announced that he is stepping down from the EC after finding a suitable replacement from the Chapter Steering Committee.

PCSC is going to restructure the committee and is looking at the Education Committee as a model. Jortner also reported that there is a new San Francisco Chapter and discussed the inactive chapters. The group discussed the possibility of having Professional Chapter grants for conference and seminars.


The Multimedia Conference steering committee is going to meet at CHI95. Whitton is going to ask Branko Gerovac to attend the meeting as a representative of SIGGRAPH.

Annual Reports are due to ACM June 1, 1995.

ETS computer graphics career materials will be distributed to Adele Newton and Judy Brown for comments.

SIG Discretionary Fund has been reopened. SIGGRAPH may want to look at future funding.

The Nomination Committee will be composed of Mary Whitton, Maxine Brown and Judy Brown. We are also working on transition plans for July and August for the new SIGGRAPH officers.


The agreement between SIGGRAPH and EUROGRAPHICS is up for renewal. Currently we are exchanging booth space.

Mary Whitton noted that SIGGRAPH is supporting EC representatives who are speakers at GRAPHICON.


Steve Van Frank reported:

- the FY96 budget is complete except for the detailed breakdown of the Director for Communications budget.

- SVR is being treated as a separate unit within the FY 96 budget. SVR will work towards their own reserve fund and will generate separate financial reports so that they can keep track of their financial status.

Van Frank is going to send Mark Scott Johnson the details of the allocation phase-in agreement. Johnson has offered to take our concerns about the phase-in and about the interpretation of the allocation rules to the SIG Board. Van Frank requested that expense reports be submitted in a timely fashion.


- Working on education directory for the WEB site

- The Conference Educator's Program (CEP 95) is going well, and the education committee is looking for more of a presence at the conference.

- The Education Committee is looking at joint external funding such as NSF proposals to develop curricula and course materials

- The CEP 96 event is going to be in the SIGGRAPH 96 Call for Participation


- ACM guidelines are in the February issue of CACM

- ACM EC3 is looking at future policies on electronic publishing and copyright.

- CHI has requested copies of the materials SVR has on its list from CHI sources; master copies will be sent to CHI

- looking at the successor of the current Director for Publications to address the structure of Publications.

Art Task Force

Bonnie Mitchell distributed WEB pages for Artist Connection on siggraph.org. The artists are looking for a version of the Educators Passport. It was explained that the Education Committee currently sets up their own program and that the artists may want to look at offering their own program with their own passport.

SIGGRAPH/ACM Relationship Task Force

John Hart reported that he is entering the 192 functions ACM performs. He will break it into parts and send this to each of the Directors for comment. He will sort through the information and sent out as FYI.

The Executive Committee wishes to thank Mary Whitton for all her hard work over the past two years as chair of SIGGRAPH.
Owen/Kaprow: (passed: 9,0,0)

Mary Whitton called the meeting to an end at 12:15 P.M.