Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
John Hart
Alyce Kaprow
Scott Lang
Bonnie Mitchell
Adele Newton
Scott Owen
Nan Schaller
Stephen Spencer
Mary Whitton

Outgoing EC:
Judy Brown
Jeff Jortner
Steve Van Frank

Pat McCarren
Judy Osteller

John Fujii
Brian Herzog
Tom Hutton
Betsy Johnsmiller
Peter Meechan
Molly Morgan
Garry Paxinos
Mike Pique
Dino Schweitzer
Mark Scott Johnson
Sylvi Steigerwald

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order at 9:15 A.M.

Certificates of Recognition were presented to EC members who were leaving the EC or were changing positions on the EC: Steve Van Frank, Jeff Jortner, Judy Brown, Mary Whitton, and Steve Cunningham. The outgoing Past Chair, Judy Brown, was presented with token gifts as recognition for her contributions to SIGGRAPH.


Jeff Jortner enjoyed his experience as a member of the SIGGRAPH EC.

Steve Van Frank will continue to help with the Task Force on the ACM relationship. He noted that SIGGRAPH is not separate from the ACM. The relationship task force is primarily addressing the relationship with headquarters, not all of ACM, and we should keep that distinction in mind. We should not refer to "ACM" when we really mean "headquarters".

The conference has to share ownership of the conference budget with EC. The conference should report financial projections, not just actuals, to EC monthly from the Spring EC meeting to the closing of the conference books. Currently there is no vehicle for reporting the financial state of the conference, including projections, to EC on a regular basis. (Monthly reports of actuals are made to headquarters.) Because the EC is ultimately responsible for the financial health of SIGGRAPH, financial reporting from the conference to EC must be improved.

A new policy needs to be made to define what can be done with SIGGRAPH funds that exceed the fund balance requirement.

Judy Brown said that she values the relationship she has developed with the other volunteers and is pleased to see the progress the EC is making.

SIGGRAPH thanks Judy Brown, Steve Van Frank, and Jeff Jortner for their hard work on the SIGGRAPH EC.
Hart, Owen, unanimous.



Anything to be considered at an EC meeting must be sent to Pat McCarren and/or Judy Osteller at ACM or to an appropriate EC member in time to be sent out at least a week before the EC meets so that members have time to consider it. If backup is not provided before the EC meets then there will not be a vote, unless the EC specifically chooses to have the vote.



Bert Herzog, chair of the ACM 50th anniversary committee, has requested that SIGGRAPH be represented at ACM Computing Week as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration. Scott Owen reported that the SPACE display will be presented at ACM Computing Week 96.




SIGGRAPH 94 distributed the final financial report. The conference income to date is $7,6l7,l87.03; the conference expense to date is $6,l53,426.03.


Herzog and Meecham reported that SIGGRAPH 95 attendees were happy with the logistics of papers/panels, and the quality of papers was very high. The Career center was very successful. The Animation Festival was designed to emphasize that it is as prestigious as the Electronic Theatre. Showing the Electronic Theatre at the Shrine Auditorium was very popular. Exhibits included 126,410 square feet of exhibit space with 293 exhibitors. The preliminary attendee count is 38,66l. International Attendance was very good with 6,340 attendees from 84 countries. The educators program was a success with 300 attendees. (Note: the final attendee count exceeded 40,000.)


Fujii and Morgan reported that the Call for Participation is online. The conference is encouraging early proposals so that submitters will have assistance on proposals. The get-involved meeting was an outstanding success, with several hundred attendees and many contacts for volunteers and contributors. For the first time in SIGGRAPH history, exhibit space sold out for SIGGRAPH 96, with commitments for 123,610 square feet from 169 companies. There is a waiting list for additional space. SIGGRAPH 96 is promoting new programs like applications; companies will show graphics in application and use. The animation theater will look at technical submissions with narrative approach.


Adele Newton reported the selection committee approved Capstone Management Group (CMG) to fulfill the responsibilities of the Chief Staff Executive position called for in the conference management reorganization. Dino Schweitzer, head of CMG, introduced Patti Harrison and Silvi Steigerwald, who will be working with Scott Owen on SIGGRAPH 97. Scott Owen reported that SIGGRAPH 97 and CMG are interviewing people for conference committee positions.



Special Projects Committee:

Judy Brown sent out the Policy & Procedures from special projects and wrote an article on what kind of projects the committee is looking for; examples included on-line projects or public policy work. One suggestion was for SIGGRAPH to provide a model Web site and have a call for design, possibly with a panel at SIGGRAPH 96.

Traveling Art Show:

Patric Prince and Scott Lang discussed how chapters can get involved in the traveling art show by displaying all or part of the art show locally.


SIGGRAPH and NICOGRAPH exchanged proposaled agreements. A final proposal will be developed and presented to the EC for an approval. EUROGRAPHICS wants to expand its agreement with SIGGRAPH. SIGGRAPH is in direct contact with the European community and is looking at several options.

Small Conferences:

Chuck Hansen has agreed to stay on as Small Conferences Coordinator.

Award Committee:

Bert Herzog will stay on as Chair of the Awards Committee.



Nan Schaller encouraged EC to turn in travel expenses. She reminded everyone that the budget cycle begins 6 months before the Fiscal Year. The Finance Committee will meet to deal with allocation and reserves.



John Hart noted that the conference needs to work on deadlines for SVR and ET so that they are consistent and each activity has time to prepare their work.



Because of questions about the status of nominating and electing a Director for Conferences when the EC has voted to eliminate the position, it was decided that a membership vote would be taken as early as possible.

Public Policy Task Force will place an emphasis on global research agenda including working on a restatement of hard problems in computer graphics, moving forward, and broad representation on the task force. Don Greenberg's proposal to develop a statement on computer graphics research will be distributed to EC for backup.



The Educator's Program at SIGGRAPH 95 was a financial and technical success. The Education Directory is being put together on the WWW and will be available in paper form. A grant for a workshop on scientific visualization education was received from the National Science Foundation. The Education Committee will offer a one day tutorial and panel session on educa tion. SPACE was exhibited at the SIGSCE'95 Technical Symposium.



Steve Cunningham appointed Scott Lang as Director for Professional Chapters. Scott distributed a plan for restructuring the SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters. There will be five areas of involvement with at least one volunteer in each area who will be responsible for making sure that the tasks within the area are completed. The areas are are: Communications, Publications, Chapter Activities, International Affairs, and Conference Activities.

Motion: The SIGGRAPH EC applauds the Professional Chapters Steering Committee for developing the restructuring plan.
Chesnais, Whitton, unanimous



Alyce Kaprow will have a meeting to study issues of membership to better understand why people join SIGGRAPH and why people do not join or renew their membership.

It was reported that the new General Information Piece (GIP) was produced in time for the conference and distributed at the SIGGRAPH booth. It was a big success.



ACM Relations

John Hart sent out the ACM list of 192 categories of services to EC. The breakdown includes what ACM is providing, what of that is needed, what is not needed, and what SIGGRAPH is paying for outside of ACM. Hart requested that EC members review and comment on ACM services related to their area.

Hart commented that the SIGGRAPH pins given to new members joining on-site worked well. Current SIGGRAPH members were happy to receive their pin as well.

Bonnie Mitchell reported the success of the SIGGRAPH booth, recruiting over l00 new members. 113 surveys from EXPO cards were received.

Motion to commend Bonnie Mitchell, Marc Barr, and Scott Lang for their work on putting together an excellent SIGGRAPH booth.
Brown, Whitton, unanimous


Motion: To respond to Masahiko Nanaka regarding a request for assignment of ACM copyright to the SIGGRAPH CD-ROM products, respectfully declining the request and suggesting that further inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to Patrick McCarren at ACM.
Spencer, Kaprow (10,0,0)

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 P.M.