Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
John Hart
Alyce Kaprow
Scott Lang
Bonnie Mitchell
Adele Newton
Scott Owen
Nan Schaller
Stephen Spencer
Mary Whitton

Patrick McCarren
Judy Osteller

John Fujii
Patti Harrison
Brian Herzog
Betsy Johnsmiller
Peter Meechan
Molly Morgan
Mike Pique
Dick Puk
Dino Schweitzer
Steve Van Frank

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order at 8:00 am on Saturday.

Email motion: The SIGGRAPH Executive Committee agrees with the importance of and endorses the concept of a report that defines the research agenda for computer graphics, produced through the SIGGRAPH Public Policy Task Force.
(Hart, Schaller), 10,0,0

Email motion: To amend the SIGGRAPH bylaws to eliminate the Director of Conferences position and to include the Chief Staff Executive as a member of the Executive Committee.
(Newton,Chesnais), 7,1,2 (no: Whitton; abstain: Kaprow, Mitchell)

Email motion: Move that the EC direct the chair, or his designees, to include both pros and cons of the EC reorganization proposal in the ballot materials sent to the membership.
(Whitton,Schaller), 2,7,1 (yes: Whitton, Mitchell; abstain: Kaprow)

Motion: Approve April 95 minutes with minor revisions
(Schaller, Whitton), 9,0,0


Peter Meechan reported that SIGGRAPH 95 was a huge success with a record attendance. Having the Electronic Theatre at the Shrine Auditorium was very popular. The educators program went over very well. Brian Herzog noted that the conference must address the needs of traditional attendees as well as try to attract new attendees. SIGGRAPH 95 created a comfortable environment within a large conference, and accomplished what it set out to do, including managing expenses. SIGGRAPH 95 was proud of its accomplishments and is looking forward to SIGGRAPH 96 and SIGGRAPH 97 building on and taking advantage of their accomplishments. He thanked everyone for their support.


To commend Peter Meechan, Brian Herzog, and Betsy Johnsmiller for putting together a great SIGGRAPH 95 conference.
(Owen, Newton), 10,0,0


John Fujii presented the development and budget highlights of the SIGGRAPH 96 conference. He noted that SIGGRAPH 96 is on-line and includes additional information not included in the printed CFP. The committee is working on solidifying programs. To date there have been over l40 early submissions. The art show will be (partially) held off site at the Contemporary Arts Center; the ET will be held off site as part of the local outreach program.

Molly Morgan reported that SIGGRAPH 96 exhibit income allows the conference to maintain current registration fees. There is a clear and clean focus on the education of attendees and on end user attendees, and the conference will try to find contributors who would not normally submit to SIGGRAPH conferences. The Digital Bayou Interactive area will have exhibits to show emerging technologies. Fiber already exists in the Convention Center for networking.

Motion: Approved SIGGRAPH 96 final budget as presented with a tolerance of 2% to be finalized by February, 1996.
(Newton, Lang), 10,0,0


Scott Owen noted this is an exciting time in the industry. SIGGRAPH 97 will work closely with SIGGRAPH 95 on items that SIGGRAPH 95 was not able to accomplish. SIGGRAPH 97 will make the Educators program a full partof the conference. The interactive program and emerging technology area continues to grow. A preliminary theme for SIGGRAPH 97 is "Global Communication, Global Cooperation."

Student Volunteer Chair for SIGGRAPH 97 is M.K. Hailey. Alain Chesnais will serve as international chair to integrate organizational and conference liaisons. Registration fees will be held at the current levels, and exhibit space will increase by $1.00 per square foot.

Conference management will change according to the new plan approved in April 1995. CSE expenses will be tracked for future reference for EC.


Amendment to increase the EC transfer in the conference budget to $400,000 for SIGGRAPH 97.
(Whitton; Mitchell), 9,0,1 (abstain: Owen)

Move to accept SIGGRAPH 97 preliminary budget
(Newton, Chesnais), 9,0,1 (abstain: Owen)

Owen proposed Turner Whitted as Papers Chair, Barbara Mones-Hattal as Panels Chair, and Barb Helfer as Courses Chair.

Motion: move to accept slate of technical chairs for SIGGRAPH 97.
(Newton,Schaller), 9,0,1 (abstain: Owen)


Adele Newton presented the nomination of Walt Bransford as SIGGRAPH 98 conference chair. Walt has worked with previous conferences in space planning and is well respected by the conference committees on which he has worked.

Motion: to approve Walt Bransford as Chair for SIGGRAPH 98
(Newton, Lang), 10,0,0


Newton reported on the SIGGRAPH reserve fund: ACM requires a reserve of 50% of organizational expenses plus 20% of conference expenses. CPC proposed to increase the minimum balance for the CPC reserve fund to provide an additional buffer, and set a new minimum CPC reserve of 27.5% of budgeted conference expenses.

The current allocation of unbudgeted conference surplus goes entirely to the conference reserve fund. CPC proposed a revised allocation of unbudgeted surplus allocating 20% of unbudgeted conference surplus to the organization reserve fund and 80% of unbudgeted conference surplus to the conference reserve fund after the 27.5% conference reserve is met.

Motion: Approve increase CPC minimum balance of the reserve fund from 20% of conference expenses to 27.5% of budgeted conference expenses.
(Newton, Schaller), 10,0,0

Motion: To approve distribution of unbudgeted conference surplus to reserve funds to be 20% to the organization reserve fund and 80% to the conference reserve fund after the required conference reserve fund of 27.5% of budgeted expenses is met.
(Newton, Schaller), 6,4,0 (no: Hart, Kaprow, Mitchell, Whitton)

Alternate distributions of the unbudgeted surplus were discussed and were reflected in the implementation vote.


Adele Newton will have definite dates for SIGGRAPH 97 by the end of this year.

SIGGRAPH 98: looking at Orlando, which has more than doubled its convention center since SIGGRAPH 94.

SIGGRAPH 99: San Diego was mentioned as a potential site. It was suggested that San Francisco will probably not work; not only is space limited, but hotel rooms are too expensive. Los Angeles is not an option for 1999.

SIGGRAPH 2000: Toronto, Atlanta, New Orleans and San Antonio are all being considered.

SIGGRAPH 2001: Anaheim and L.A. are being considered.

SIGGRAPH 2002: Orlando is being considered.


Alain Chesnais distributed Eurographics and Nicograph agreements to EC for review and comment. He is working on an agreement with Imagina. Chesnais reported that ISEA is looking for co-sponsorship of their conference but are asking for a $25K advance.


John Hart distributed the list of 192 list of services provided by ACM. The task force on the ACM Relationship will analyze and give a price for each ACM service and will issue a report.


Nan Schaller reported that because of the modification to the policy concerning unbudgeted surplus distribution, theEC will receive 20% of the unbudgeted surplus. In terms of the returns from SIGGRAPH '95, this is expected to be in excess of $120,000. She proposed the Finance Committee meet to set policy on the of spending of this money. They will do so in February 1996.


The EC developed the FY'97 organizational budget (July 1, 1996 to June 30, 1997). Each Director presented their expense budget for their area of responsibility with extensive discussion in several areas, and revisions were made based on the discussion. The final budget fell within the anticipated income for the year.

Motion: Accept the FY'97 budget.
(Owen/Whitton), 10,0,0


After the basic budget was approved, several items that were taken from that budget but were still of interest were discussed as special projects to come from the EC reserve. These were:

Interactive 3D Graphics : $10,000 to print and produce conference proceedings and a conference video.

Strategic Planning: $60,000 to develop and hold a meeting to focus on coordinating the directions of the SIGGRAPH conference and organization. It was noted that 2 1/2-3 years have passed since Snowbird and it is again time to plan for SIGGRAPH's future.

Public Policy: $20,000 for public policy work. This is an initiative from Snowbird that has taken some time to develop. A committee under the leadership of Bob Ellis is working in this area.

Professional Chapters Training Workshop: $10,000 - Training for Professional Chapter officers and leaders to be held at the SIGGRAPH 96 conference.

Motion: Spend from the reserve fund for EC projects in the amount of $100,000.
(Whitton, Spencer), 10,0,0

Awards Endowment: $50,000 - Transfer of reserve funds from EC reserves to award reserve.

Motion: ACM SIGGRAPH to create a $200,000 endowment fund to support the SIGGRAPH awards program with a goal of complete funding of the endowment within 4 years, and make a transfer of $50,000 per year.
(Whitton, Hart), 10,0,0


Backup was distributed on the following proposed SIGGRAPH bylaw changes: making SIGGRAPH a restricted SIG, disallowing extension of officers' terms, filling vacancies, and adding the ACM Program Director as an ex-officio member of the EC.

Pat McCarren explained the policy of a restricted SIG. This offers low cost membership because it would be possible to join SIGGRAPH but not ACM without paying the ACM affiliation surcharge. Hart noted that going to a restricted SIG encourages technical members to become ACM members, and might attract animators, artists, producers, and graphic artists to membership.

Motion: ACM SIGGRAPH change its status to a restricted SIG.
(Mitchell, Owen)

Motion: To table discussion on restricted SIG bylaw change.
(Newton, Whitton), 7,3,0 (no: Owen, Mitchell, Hart)

Bonnie Mitchell noted that a new scope and purpose should be included in future bylaw changes.


John Hart distributed a list of 192 list of services provided by ACM, categorized by the Task Force into the following six categories:

Services that SIGGRAPH uses

Services that SIGGRAPH uses for an additional expense

Services that SIGGRAPH provides for itself

Services that SIGGRAPH contracts externally

Services that SIGGRAPH does not use/need

Services that maintain ACM HQ SIG Services

He will price services, total them and produce a report itemizing a plan of action to take to SIG Board through Mary Whitton's representation.


Backup was distributed to the EC. Steve Cunningham suggested the idea of a SIGGRAPH Service Award that would recognize outstanding service to SIGGRAPH. He would like the award to be presented at the conference.

Motion: Move SIGGRAPH create the SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award to be given in even-numbered years to recognize outstanding service to SIGGRAPH by a volunteer. This award shall be administered bya designated Service Awards Chair who will create an appropriate committee, and shall be based upon nominations to the Service Awards Chair. The award shall consist of a plaque and full travel expenses and registration to the SIGGRAPH annual conference at which the award shall be given.
(Schaller, Newton)

Motion: To table Outstanding Service Award motion for more study.
(Newton, Owen), 9,0,1 (abstain: Whitton)


Bonnie Mitchell discussed the listing of job openings, citing examples in CACM and College Art Association. She would like to see job postings on the WWW, managed by a job bank coordinator. It was suggested that WWW and newsletter listings need to be kept separate. The job bank should be set up as self-generating and updated monthly. The job listings might be open to the public and the EC will work with the conference initiatives on the Career Center.


Steve Cunningham requested input on strategic planning coordinating the work of the conference and organization. Mary Whitton would like a similar document to Snowbird outlining the thrust of the organization and conference and coordinate how goals would be met.

Scott Owen formally resigned from EC to focus his energies as SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Chair. Steve Cunningham accepted his resignation with thanks for over three years in Executive Committee work as Director for Education and presented Owen with a plaque. Judy Brown was appointed as Director for Education until the next elections.

Motion to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon on Sunday.