Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans
MARCH 16 - 17, 1996

Judy Brown
Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
John Hart
Alyce Kaprow
Scott Lang
Bonnie Mitchell
Nan Schaller
Stephen Spencer
Mary Whitton

Adele Newton

Patrick McCarren
Judy Osteller

Walt Bransford
John Fujii
Henry Givray
Patti Harrison
Brian Herzog
Betsy Johnsmiller
Molly Morgan
Scott Owen
Dino Schweitzer
Cindy Stark

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order at 8:30 A.M.

The Executive Committee held an executive session until 10:00 to discuss coordinating our activities and developing mission statements. After the morning break, discussions were held about SIGGRAPH's mission statement, as well as the mission statements of the following SIGGRAPH activity areas: the executive committee, finance committee, publications, education committee, professional chapters, special projects committee, and public policy task force.

There was also a discussion of SIGGRAPH's next strategic planning meeting, tentatively planned for late fall of 1996. This will look at fundamental questions of who we are, whom we serve, and what our overall mission is. One of the fundamental tasks of the strategic planning will be to coordinate the missions of the SIGGRAPH organization and SIGGRAPH conference. Development of the strategic planning meeting will be continued at the next EC meeting.


Mary Whitton reported that Susan Mair has withdrawn as a candidate for Director of Professional Chapters for personal reasons. ACM SIG Board will be asked to make an exception to the rule of two candidates per position, and if they approve, a note about Sue's withdrawal will be placed in the ballot.


Alain Chesnais distributed a note from Patric Prince saying that the travelling art show is not fully booked and asking direction on a particular booking.


Alyce Kaprow presented the report from the membership meeting held in December 1995. Attendees at the meeting were Alyce Kaprow (chair); Ed Catmull, Henry Givray, Chuck Hansen, Leo Hourvitz, Jeff Jortner, Bob Judd, Sally Rosenthal and Carolyn Williams. This meeting examined why one joins and who joins. membership program goals were also discussed. The group recommended that their work be expanded to a task force, charged with developing a membership program for SIGGRAPH.

Motion: Accept the recommendation that a Membership Task Force be formed to develop a membership program and an implementation plan, with a target draft date of August 1996. Written progress reports at each executive committee meeting.
(Whitton, Hart) 8,0,1 (absention, Kaprow)

Meeting was continued to 8:00 A.M. Sunday, March 17.

Minutes of the August 1995 EC meeting were approved by email ballot
(Spencer, Brown) 9,0,0

Minutes of the December 1995 EC meeting were approved by email ballot
(Spencer, Hart) 8,0,1 (abstention, Brown)


SIG Board accepted Mary Whitton's motion of a 2% allocation rate on exhibit plus conference registration.

Judy Brown has been appointed to a position on the ACM Nominating Committee.

Bob Judd, Bob Holzman, and Stephen Spencer were nominated for Chair of the ACM Electronic Services Working Group.


Nan Schaller reported on the Finance Committee meeting of February 1996. Several specific requests on allocation issues will be presented to ACM HQ andSIG Board for consideration. In addition, proposals were made concerning the SIGGRAPH budget process as well as a policy for managing the SIGGRAPH EC Reserve Fund. With respect to the latter, ACM mandates that the SIGGRAPH fund balance be 20% of annual conference expenses and 50% of organizational expenses. For the first time recently, the balance is greater than this amount. The conference policy on managing their portion of this reserve fund was approved at the December EC meetings, and a proposal for managing the organization part of the reserve fund was introduced. After some discussion, the following policy was put forward:

The SIGGRAPH EC Reserve Fund Management Policy

A. While the reserve fund reports show inventory as well as cash, SIGGRAPH will maintain CASH (exclusive of any endowments) in the reserve fund to meet the ACM mandated level. Any cash in the reserve fund above that level will be known as the "free balance".

B. Requests to spend money in the free balance will be made as part of the normal budget process. This will include justification and EC approval.

C. The types of items on which the free balance might be spent include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Strategic planning activities.
(2) One-time and start up events such as the public policy committee start up financing and the chapter leadership workshop funded in the FY97 budget.
(3) Generating new conferences.
(4) Market research.
(5) Cooperative relationships with corporations and universities.
(6) Travel funds for SIGGRAPH content throughout the year.

Motion: The EC reserve fund policy be accepted.
(Schaller,Chesnais) 9,0,0



Dino Schweitzer reviewed the final SIGGRAPH 95 numbers and projected a return of $1,516,355 after the ACM SIG allocation.


John Fujii presented the revised final budget for SIGGRAPH 96 and it was accepted. There was no vote since the conference is within its prescribed variance. There were 248 papers submitted to the conference, and the panels program has been finalized. John also indicated that if the SIGGRAPH 96 mirror sites are successful, they should provide a springboard to additional siggraph.org mirror sites.


There will be activity at SIGGRAPH 97 to celebrate SIGGRAPH's 30th birthday.


There was a discussion of future SIGGRAPH conference sites.

Motion: Approve Orlando for SIGGRAPH 98 with dates July 19-24, 1998.
(Brown, Whitton) 9,0.0

Dino Schweitzer reported that SIGGRAPH 99 does not fit into San Francisco. San Diego is expanding and would be good.

Motion: Accept San Diego as the site for SIGGRAPH 99 with dates of August 8-13, 1996
(Lang, Kaprow) 8,0,1 (abstention: Whitton)

The Conference Planning Committee and Conference Advisory Group will work on securing two conference sites a year with a goal of having conference cities selected 5 years in advance of the conference.


Steve Spencer reviewed Member Plus offerings for the forthcoming year. There was a discussion of including the proceedings of the Eurographics Rendering Workshop at a price of $35-$40, and it was decided to include this book in the program.

Approval in principal was given to Stephen Spencer and Alain Chesnais to develop a program that would donate SIGGRAPH conference publications to universities and laboratories to eastern European and third world countries.


Judy Brown brought up the question of whether SIGGRAPH should consider an endowed scholarship fund. The discussion concluded that SIGGRAPH should look at scholarship programs, but should consider the cost and effort of running such a program.


Bonnie Mitchell presented a proposed on-line Career Information Center. The discussion identified several issues involved and it will again be on the agenda for the May EC meeting. SIGGRAPH 96 will have a formal Career ResourceCenter and it was suggested that this be coordinated with the Career Information Center.

Motion: Move to adjourn meeting at 12:30 PM
(Whitton, Spencer) 7,0,0