DECEMBER 7-8, 1997

Marc Barr
Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
Chuck Hansen
John Hart
Scott Lang
Scott Owen
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Nan Schaller
Stephen Spencer
Dino Schweitzer
Mary Whitton

Patrick McCarren
Judy Osteller

Walt Bransford
John Fujii
Patty Harrison
Betsy Johnsmiller
Molly Morgan
Cindy Stark
Warren Waggenspack

Jodi Giroux
Michael McCarthy

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

The minutes of the August 1996 EC meeting were approved with minor revisions.
Motion: To approve August minutes as amended
Lang, Hansen 10,0,0



John Fujii and Molly Morgan reported that SIGGRAPH 96 will be finalized by the end of the month. Fujii stated that the SIGGRAPH 96 conference committee worked very hard to bring together some of the best content for 1996. They were highly organized and efficient, and through tight management of expenses, ended up over $250,000 under expense budget. Participants' responses were overwhelming. A substantial number of records were broken: for technical attendance (9,000 technical registrants), for exhibit space, and for submissions. Total attendance was 28,500.

Motion: That EC congratulate and give a standing ovation to John Fujii and Molly Morgan for the outstanding success of SIGGRAPH 96.
Owen, Schweitzer 10,0,0

SIGGRAPH 99 Conference Chair

Dino Schweitzer nominated Warren Waggenspack for Chair of the SIGGRAPH 99 conference. Warren stated he brings an engineer's perspective, likes challenges, and enjoys dealing with people.

Motion: To confirm Warren Waggenspack for Chair of SIGGRAPH 99.
Schweitzer, Owen 10,0,0

Fee Proposal

John Fujii presented a revised fee proposal for the SIGGRAPH 97 budget, based on full conference access for freer exchange of information, increasing the quality of attendee experience, and returning value to the community. He also pointed out that this new approach can allow for innovation of conference excellence.

The key is to create three levels of conference registration: the first tier allows access to the exhibition, art gallery, and small animation theaters; the second also includes sketches, the technology exhibition, the Creative Application Laboratory, the Educators Program, and a matinee showing of the evening animation show; and the third tier gives full access to all conference activities and the course and papers receptions.

A tentative set of fees for conference registration was given:


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Early Member




Early Non-Member




Early Student




Late Member




Late Non-Member




Late Student




Motion: to approve fee structure
Owen, Schweitzer 7,3,0 (no: Hansen, Hart, Whitton)


Scott Owen announced that SIGGRAPH 97 will take place August 3-8, 1997 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which will hold everything except the Electronic Theater, which will be held in the Shrine Auditorium. Some SIGGRAPH 97 innovations include:

* for the first time the SIGGRAPH Vice Chair will be responsible for International Relations. There will be simultaneous translation of the panel sessions into Japanese because they are the largest number of international attendees.

* the Creative Applications Laboratory will be a laboratory/studio where attendees from courses, papers, panels, art show can go to experiment with work provided by the presenters and presenters can schedule times to be there to answer questions.

* the conference will include two networks: one a vanilla ethernet using standard parts, the other a state-of-the art experimental network.

* SIGGRAPH TV will broadcast elements of the SIGGRAPH conference for people who cannot attend the conference. This will use PBS as a distribution partner, and will target schools, academic institutions, and certain international sites.

The SIGGRAPH 97 budget was presented, based on SIGGRAPH 95 numbers with some scaling back because of possible effects of the new fees. The 1997 conference also absorbs some unusual expenses in addition to the usual conference management costs. Overall the conference presented a budget with all required costs covered.

Motion: To approve the S97 budget as amended with a 2% variance.
Friendly Amendment by John Hart: raise EC transfer to $450,000. EC requested that CAG look at reducing student fees.
Owen, Lang 10,0,0


Walt Bransford presented a general idea of the scope of the conference as simple, open, bright, colorful, and bold. As the 25th annual conference, SIGGRAPH 98 will be celebrating the history of the conference. Carl Machover has been working on the historical background which will go throughout all programs. He would like to develop a community outreach that will leave something behind in Orlando.

The preliminary budget for SIGGRAPH 98 used 96 budget figures since Orlando is a non West Coast City. Expenses were projected based on the planned infrastructure, labor rates, and non-West Coast attendance. SIGGRAPH 98 will watch S97 initiatives closely. In June committees will be given strong guidelines working with contractors so that a realistic final budget may be put together.

Motion: To approve S98 preliminary budget
Whitton, Owen 10,0,0

Nominations for papers chair and courses chair for SIGGRAPH 98 were placed before the EC. Michael Cohen was nominated for Papers chair and Harry Smith for Course Chair.

Motion: Approve Michael Cohen as Papers Chair and Harry Smith as Courses Chair.
Schweitzer, Hansen 10,0,0


Dino Schweitzer distributed site selection procedures based on experience with attendee preferences, conference logistics, and space requirements. EC approves the list of cities, appropriate dates, and rotation guidelines. The CAG is trying to work on sites five years out.

Motion: Approve list of cities CAG can look at.
Schweitzer, Schaller 10,0,0

Dates: the primary choice of dates are last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August. The preference is the two middle weeks of this period, followed by the July week, followed by the August week.

Rotation guidelines: it appears that more and more of SIGGRAPH constituency comes from the West Coast. CAG proposed that the rotation guideline be changed to a West Coast location 2 out of 3 years based on availability. There was some concern that this did not provide the variety of conference cities that attendees seem to want.

Motion: Move rotation to West Coast every other year
Schweitzer, Owen 1, 8, 1 (abstain: Schaller)


CAG is looking at a West Coast city in 1999 because SIGGRAPH 98 will be in Orlando and 2000 is expected to be a non West Coast city. It was learned very recently that Anaheim has construction going on and might be risky. Los Angeles is recommended for SIGGRAPH 99. CAG was concerned since it would be 3 times in five years and would not appeal to everyone, but decided to recommend it with dates August 8-13, 1997

Motion: Move that SIGGRAPH 99 be held in Los Angeles
Owen, Schweitzer 10,0,0

SIGGRAPH 98 History Initiative

Walt Bransford spoke about an opportunity for the 25th Conference to make a book about SIGGRAPH's history and a documentary film about Computer Graphics. The book will capture key advances in technology and creative use of computer graphics that happened at the conference.

The film is a huge project and EC must decide whether or not they want to pursue it. He suggested that this is a great opportunity to make a compelling film about Computer Graphics and it would make a lot of sense to release at SIGGRAPH 98. SONY Pictures Imageworks has made a commitment through Frank Foster to support SIGGRAPH in this. Frank is very knowledgeable about the industry and is capable of driving this movie forward. Walt asked EC for their support in getting this project off the ground.

Motion: Since SIGGRAPH 98 is the 25th annual conference and SIGGRAPH will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 1999, EC approves the making of a movie about Computer Graphics and endorse Walt Bransford to go-ahead and create a more detailed business plan to present to EC at a later date.
Owen, Schaller 10,0,0

Obsolete Equipment

Motion: to approve the donation of obsolete equipment to the Detwiler Foundation for renovation and to be placed in schools.
Owen, Spencer 9,1,0 (against, Barr)

FY 98 Organization Budget

There was a discussion of the appropriate timing of fund transfers from the conference to the organization. It was proposed to move the EC transfer to the fiscal year after the conference results are in and to take no transfer in FY 98 but to fund operations from fund balance that year.

Motion: to take funds for FY 98 from the EC reserve so that the SIGGRAPH 97 EC transfer will take place the FY 99 fiscal year.
Amendment: to split FY 98 EC operation transfer between the EC and conference reserves.
Whitton, Hart 3, 6, 1 (for: Hart, Hansen, Whitton; opposed: Barr, Chesnais, Lang, Owen, Rhyne, Spencer; abstain: Schaller)
The original motion was then passed.
Schaller, Rhyne 9,0,1 (abstain: Whitton)

Endowment for Awards

There was a discussion of making a full transfer of the award endowment amount of $200,000 in FY 97.

Motion: Transfer additional $150,000 in FY 97 for the full endowment bringing the total transfer to $200,000.
Schaller, Whitton 10,0,0

EC General Budget

Steve Cunningham presented the general EC budget, including the Chair's travel expenses, EC meetings, the Finance Committee, the Nominating Committee, and the Public Policy Committee.

Vice Chair

Alain Chesnais presented the Vice Chair budget, including the areas of small conferences, awards, special projects, traveling art show, and relationships with other groups. Small conferences are actually funding themselves and the budget is for seed money for new conferences.


Steve Spencer noted that much of the publications budget is the cost of producing, publishing, and shipping our publications publications. Some additional costs are in the Publications Committee, the One More Time booth, and inventory charges. There was discussion of providing the conference papers videotape to full SIGGRAPH members, and it was decided the videotape will be distributed on a one-time basis in 1997, asking the membership if the videotape is worth increasing member dues to cover the cost of the tape.

Professional Chapters

Scott Lang presented the budget for professional chapters. This includes an Officer Training Workshop, support for individual chapters and for activities at the annual conference, support for chapter initiatives in K-12 education, and costs of the Professional Chapters Committee.


John Hart presented the budget for communications. This includes Communications Committee expenses, a greatly strengthened online capability, marketing SIGGRAPH membership to our community, and support for special events. Scott Owen questioned the $75K in the budget for Web activities and asked about the scope of the activities and the relationship of the organization pages with the conference pages. There was discussion of a joint EC/CAG task force on our overall on-line presence.


Marc Barr presented the budget for education. This includes Education Committee expenses, support for conference activities including both the traditional conference grants and new mini grants for educators, support for special projects including several cooperative projects, support for the education newsletter and Web page, and costs of curriculum projects.

Motion: Move to approve the basic budget for FY98 with changes as recommended in the discussion, taking some funds out of the EC excess reserves to balance it.
Schaller, Lang 10,0,0

VRML Consortium

Theresa-Marie Rhyne presented a request for SIGGRAPH to join the new VRML consortium. After some discussion, Scott Owen requested that we consider the request for a future meeting after gathering more information is obtained and committee has time to evaluate information. Action item: Theresa-Marie Rhyne to obtain additional information from VRML consortium and distribute it to EC.

Communications/Web Design

John Hart noted that the web pages needs to be redesigned to meet the design standard set by the conference. He requested $60K from the current FY 97 budget for this activity. Owen asked an evaluation of the bids be seen before a contract is awarded.

Motion: Move that $60,000 be approved for web design in the FY 97 budget
Schaller, Hart 10,0,0

FY 98 Special Projects

Public Policy Seminar

This is a prototype program for an event at SIGGRAPH 97 to get information to policy makers about computer graphics and interactive techniques. The seminar plans to bring in about 40 U.S. Congress staff and Scientific Attachés from other countries to help them better understand and value the field of computer graphics and SIGGRAPH's role in the field. Tentative plans call for a day and a half program, beginning Monday afternoon.

Motion to approve this expense, 10,0,0


Steve Cunningham presented a proposal to allocate funds to pursue alternate governance structures as suggested at the October planning meeting, as well as to consider the effects of the ACM society issue, and to possibly organize future meetings on the governance of SIGGRAPH.

Motion: Whereas the last two SIGGRAPH strategic planning meetings have called for this activity, move that we approve $40,000 for an EC special project to examine SIGGRAPH governance with the goal of defining and developing a plan for implementing a management structure which will best facilitate achievement of SIGGRAPH's strategic goals.
Whitton, Spencer 10,0,0

Future EC Meeting Dates

February 1-2, 1997, Orlando, Florida
May 16-18, 1997, Rochester, New York

Organization Interest

Interest on funds held at ACM have always been credited to the SIGGRAPH organization, but Owen stated that he felt the interest should be split between EC and CAG reserves according to the 20%(EC reserve)-80%(CAG reserve) division.

Motion: Move to reopen FY 98 budget
Owen, Schweitzer 4,6,0

Ex-Officio EC Members

There was a discussion of whether ex-officio members can make and second motions during EC discussions.

Motion: that ex-officio members can make and second motions.
Schaller, Owen

Motion: Move to table motion
Hart, Chesnais 4,3,3 (against: Schaller, Owen, Rhyne; abstain: Barr, Lang, Hansen)


There are several areas where changes have been suggested in the SIGGRAPH Bylaws over a period of several meetings.

Motion: To approve bylaw changes provided in backup and present them to ACM and the SIGGRAPH membership for ratification.
Schaller, Spencer 10,0,0

Leadership Training

Patty Harrison discussed a high performance leadership training of volunteers to increase the efficiency of the group. This would be a combined EC/CAG training session. More information will come on the possibilities and details. It was agreed that this would be a great value to all and would be funded from existing budgets.

Traveling Courses

Chuck Hansen discussed having SIGGRAPH courses at various location for local people. This would be an interesting experiment, working with S97 courses chair to see if course organizers would be interested. Lang suggested that we start where we have local support already in place, such as chapters or education committee areas.

Hardware Workshop

Talk of colocating with hardware workshop took place. CAG approved this one time organization of the workshop. Schaller recommended that CAG develop guidelines criteria and policy for future colocation of conferences/workshops with the Annual Conference.

Motion to adjourn

Barr, Rhyne 10,0,0