AUGUST 9, 1997

Marc Barr
Walt Bransford
Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
John Hart
Chuck Hansen
Scott Lang
Patrick McCarren
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Nan Schaller
Dino Schweitzer
Mary Whitton
Stephen Spencer

ACM: Judy Osteller

Omar Ahmad
Judy Brown
Bob Ellis
Nick England
John Fujii
Patti Harrison
Mary Jane Irwin
Bob Lee
Bonnie Mitchell
Scott Owen
Garry Paxinos
Mike Pique
Warren Waggenspack

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order at 9:30 A.M.

Motion to approve minutes of May 17-18, 1997 meeting
Rhyne, Hansen 7, 0, 3 (abstention: Barr, Bransford, Chesnais)

Email ballot: COMPUTER ANIMATION FROM THE 70s. Funding for the project to produce issues of the SIGGRAPH Video Review on computer animation of the 70s was approved to come from the FY 97 Special Projects budget.


John Hart distributed and reviewed a description of a new Membership Program. After discussion it was agreed that this program description will be edited and sent out by email for final approval.

Motion: To approve this Membership Program in principle.
Hart, Spencer 9,0,0

Mary Jane Irwin, ACM Vice President, reported that ACM Membership is down about 3% over the past 3-5 years, which is not unusual among professional societies, though international membership is up 24%; 25% of ACM membership is non-U.S. Overall SIG membership is down 48%, and 57% of ACM members are not members of any SIG. Membership seems to be enhanced if an organization has the ability for persons to join or renew memberships electronically.


Dino Schweitzer reported that he had spoken with several individuals for the position of conference chair for SIGGRAPH 2000.


Scott Owen reported that this was the smoothest conference ever. Attendees were very happy and praised the high quality of the sessions. Previous record attendance for the technical registration, papers/panels and courses, was 7100; this year there were over 7700. There were over 2500 Conference Select. Total attendance was almost 50,000 a 25% increase over SIGGRAPH 95. Owen reported that Conference Select registrations were lower than expected so there was a risk with the new pricing structure, but people were happy with the reduced numbers at the Electric Garden and sketches, although sketches were still full. The Creative Application Laboratory was extremely successful and very popular. Community Outreach program brought in over 1700 teachers and students; SIGGRAPH TV broadcast throughout the week and sent out a 2 hour documentary to the entire world over 6 satellites. The Japanese translations went very well.

Owen reported the biggest change this year was the new conference management structure, which was the major reason for the success of SIGGRAPH 97. Sharing information between the SIGGRAPH 97 Chair and committees and SIGGRAPH 98 Chair and committees is working out very well.

That the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee recognize Scott Owen and the entire SIGGRAPH 97 committee on the stewardship of SIGGRAPH 97 and for an excellent job.
Bransford, Hansen 9,0,0

A plaque was presented to Scott Owen by the Executive Committee for his term on the Executive Committee.


Walt Bransford noted that Alain Chesnais is stepping down as International Committee Chair, and the process of interviewing candidates to take his place has begun. The Computer Applications Laboratory and Community Outreach programs will be continued at SIGGRAPH 98. The history project for the 25th Anniversary of the SIGGRAPH conference is being well received. The SIGGRAPH 98 Call for Participation is out and was distributed at SIGGRAPH 97.


Warren Waggenspack reported that he has started interviewing conference committee candidates for SIGGRAPH 99.


Schweitzer indicated that Atlanta and New Orleans are being considered for SIGGRAPH 2000, and a decision will be reached by the end of the year.

Scott Lang commented on organizational booth space and location and requested that it have high profile at all future conferences. Bonnie Mitchell requested that each organization booth be given a booth number for shipping and service purposes. Schweitzer requested a central point of contact for all of the organization booths. Patrick McCarren volunteered to do this.


It was generally agreed that the computer graphics community needs to take something to funding agencies demonstrate that there are research needs in the computer graphics area, and Bob Ellis discussed developing a white paper on research needs. Hansen and Owen expressed concern on the white paper because it might exclude topics and limit the graphics community. Chesnais noted that the introduction to such a paper needs to be clear in indicating that it does not express all areas. It was recommended that the public policy committee work directly with the conference on possible special sessions.

Ellis reported on the ACM Public Policy conference to take place in May 1998. There are problems with intra-committee communications on that conference and are some concerns with issues of national focus instead of international approaches. Ellis also expressed concern over attendance after the lack of attendance at the SIGGRAPH 97 Policy Makers Seminar.


The Hardware Workshop was held at the beginning of the week of SIGGRAPH 97 and had ll7 registrants (limit was 120). The workshop committee was pleased with corporate sponsorship and attendance. Eurographics was very happy with the proceedings production. Feedback was that there were no conflicts or problems between the workshop and the SIGGRAPH conference. The workshop was a one-time arrangement and will be reviewed for the future.

Motion: The SIGGRAPH Chair to bring to Eurographics that SIGGRAPH was glad to serve as host and looks forward to working with Eurographics on workshops in the future.
Whitton, Hart (10,0,0)


Hart reported online policies and procedures for online services have been written and would be distributed to EC for review. Money is currently in the budget to contract with a service provider for Bob Judd is currently working on a Request for Proposals which will be reviewed by the committee. These are to be finished by September 1 and to be passed around for comments until September 15. He expects to have a provider selected by October 15. Cunningham commented that he wanted the organization to commit all products and resources to go on-line


Hart spoke about the movie project initiated by Walt Bransford in Colorado Springs (December 96 EC meeting). Budgets are coming together. A business plan and final budget should be in place by the Fall. He expects to have a reel together at SIGGRAPH 98 to build excitement, and the final movie to be shown at SIGGRAPH 99 for the 30th anniversary of SIGGRAPH.


Alain Chesnais reported on the success of SGI after looking at the purpose of what they are doing now and in the future. Chesnais would like to see SIGGRAPH do similar work of identifying and stating SIGGRAPH's core purpose and values.


Chesnais would like to see regular EC conference calls, to take place once a month and be limited to no more than an hour. These would be very focused conversations with a set agenda.
Motion; To hold monthly conference calls. Whitton, Chesnais (9,0,0)

Dec. 5-7, 1997 - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Feb. 20-22, 1998 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Apr. 3-5, 1998 - Nashville, Tennessee (leadership workshop)
May 1-3, 1998 - Seattle, Washington


Cunningham prepared a proposal for restructuring SIGGRAPH management. EC and others will be asked to identify issues with the current management structure and suggest ways to address restructuring issues. Mary Whitton, Alain Chesnais, Judy Brown and Cunningham will review these issues and prepare a workshop to develop a restructuring plan. This will be an Action Item for a conference call.


Steve Cunningham asked that EC get back with comments on funding the SDF in FY 99.


Judy Brown reported on special projects received and approved. A status report on current projects receiving funding were given.

Motion to Adjourn
Lang, Spencer

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M.