DECEMBER 5-7, 1998

Marc Barr
Walt Bransford
Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
John Hart
Chuck Hansen
Scott Lang
Patrick McCarren
Nan Schaller
Dino Schweitzer
Steve Spencer
Mary Whitton

ACM: Judy Osteller

John Fujii
Patti Harrison
Mark Scott Johnson
Scott Owen
Cindy Stark
Stuart Zweben

On Friday, December 5, Mark Scott Johnson (SIGGRAPH Area Director on SIG Board) and Stuart Zweben (past president of ACM) gave an update on plans for changes in SIG structure governance and bylaws, and received feedback and comments from the Executive Committee.

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order Saturday, December 6 at 9:00 A.M.

Cunningham announced that as of January, Nina Wishbow will be SIGGRAPH's new Area Director, as Mark Scott Johnson is leaving that position. EC recognized Johnson's outstanding service and thanked him for his support.

Cunningham discussed the leadership development meeting projected for early April. He has some recommendations for facilitators and will select one in the next few weeks to lead this meeting. Funding will come from the conference.

Motion (Whitton, Lang): To approve the minutes of the August 1997 EC meeting.
Friendly amendment (Hart): to record absent individuals for each vote.
(9, 0, 1; abstention: Rhyne)

October Conference Call
Motion (Hansen, Rhyne): To approve the minutes of the October conference call.
(9, 0, 1; abstention: Barr)

E-Mail Ballots:

Motion: That EC accept the following names for the three publications which document the annual conference: Conference Proceedings, Electronic Art and Animation Catalog, and Conference Abstracts and Applications.
Spencer, Schaller (10, 0, 0)

Motion (Hart, Lang): To implement the membership program
(8, 0, 2; abstention: Chesnais, Whitton)



Scott Owen presented for Warren Waggenspack. SIGGRAPH 99 is monitoring the SIGGRAPH 97/98 initiatives and will have their strategy meeting in January. This will be the 30th birthday of the SIGGRAPH organization. The conference will be held in Los Angeles, August 8-13, 1999.

Motion (Hansen, Lang): To approve Jeff Jortner for SIGGRAPH 99 Panels Chair and Barb Helfer for SIGGRAPH 99 Courses Chair (10, 0, 0)

The summary of the SIGGRAPH 99 preliminary budget is:







Net Income




ACM Allocation


EC Transfer




Motion (Rhyne, Lang): To approve SIGGRAPH 99 preliminary budget. (10, 0, 0)


Dino Schweitzer nominated Jackie White for Conference Chair for SIGGRAPH 2000. She is well aware of the issues in the field and has many contacts in the technical and creative communities.

Motion (Hansen, Lang): To approve Jackie White as Conference Chair for SIGGRAPH 2000. (10, 0, 0)

Conference Reserve Proposal Process

The Conference Reserve Fund (CRF) is an account maintained by the ACM with moneys returned by the conference above the specified allocations to the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee (EC) and ACM. The CRF requires a minimum balance as a reserve to cover conference losses. Funds above the minimum balance are available for conference special project expenditures. Any individual may submit a formal proposal to the CAG for special project funding at any time. The CAG reviews and approves special projects within six months after they are proposed. Upon CAG approval, the proposal is forwarded to EC for final review and approval.

In managing any CRF-funded project that is part of the annual conference, the project expenses will not be accounted for in the conference expense until after the conference surplus is calculated and the EC portion of that surplus is determined.

Conference Reserve Proposals

Student volunteer travel grants

This proposal would create an endowment to support student volunteer travel to SIGGRAPH conferences, allowing more international students to attend, as well as those who cannot afford to come on their own.

Motion (Bransford, Hansen): To create an endowment in the amount of $500,000 from the conference reserve fund and for student volunteer travel grants to approve $25,000 from that fund to be used for SIGGRAPH 98. Friendly amendment to increase the amount to $750,000, which was accepted. (10, 0, 0)

SIGGRAPH 98 history project

Walt Bransford presented the SIGGRAPH 98 History Project. This project will include a number of activities and presentations outlining the history of the SIGGRAPH conference and of the field of computer graphics. Because it is a one-time event, funding is requested from the conference reserve instead of from the regular conference budget.

Motion (Lang, Chesnais): To approve support for the SIGGRAPH 98 History Project from the conference reserve fund in the amount of $373,000. (10, 0, 0)

SIGGRAPH 98 budget

Walt Bransford presented the SIGGRAPH 98 conference budget. He summarized the basic assumptions behind the budget and the planned conference programs and gave a breakdown of the various expense and income categories. Exhibit space has already passed the SIGGRAPH 97 record. The budget summary is:







Net Income




ACM Allocation


Organization Transfer




Motion (Schaller, Lang): To accept the SIGGRAPH 98 conference budget with an allowable variance 2% of the expenses, with the following conditions: (1) the EC portion (20%) of any surplus income realized from the conference be deducted before any conference reserve fund initiative is funded from that surplus and (2) the figures for the history project be reconciled. (10, 0, 0)


The contractor selection process was distributed to the Executive Committee. The EC approved the CAG contractor selection process, as follows:

For contracts over $100,000, competitive bids must be taken every three years. The CSE identifies bidders, generates selection criteria, and creates the request for proposal (RFP) with advice from CAG. Proposals are evaluated by a contractor evaluation group designated by the CAG. If the selection group decides formal presentations are necessary, the CSE will schedule and arrange for presentations. After EC approval of the selected contractor, the CSE staff negotiates and finalizes the contract with ACM and the contractor.

Several contacts were approved by the Conference Advisory Group and were presented for EC approval:

Conference web and print design contract

Motion (Bransford, Hansen): To accept the Q Ltd. bid for conference web and print design for SIGGRAPH 99, SIGGRAPH 2000, and SIGGRAPH 2001.
(7, 0, 2; abstention: Spencer; absent: Lang; Rhyne)

Exhibition management contract

This is a three-year contract.
Motion (Hansen, Barr): To accept the Hall-Erickson bid for conference exhibition management. (10, 0, 0)


Cindy Stark reported that Anaheim is the only viable choice at this time. Even there, some sessions might have to be held at the Hilton or Marriott, which are across the street. The only other option for the west coast would be Los Angeles.

EC asked Stark about San Francisco. She said that San Francisco would not bid on a conference without a guarantee of 10,000 room nights and that SIGGRAPH can only guarantee 7200. If exhibitors would use SIGGRAPH housing it would certainly increase the room block.

Motion (Bransford, Spencer): To approve Anaheim, CA as the site for SIGGRAPH 2001 pending an acceptable proposal from the city. (10, 1, 0; opposed Lang)


Pat McCarren updated the EC on the discussions with Mr. Yoshiyuki Abe. Mr. Abe's image "Vibrant Drive" was inadvertently used on the SIGGRAPH 97 Advance Program, web site and merchandise without his permission. Once Mr. Abe notified the conference, SIGGRAPH ceased to use the image. Mr. Abe's lawyer is currently negotiating with the ACM lawyers on a settlement, currently proposed to be a compensation for the use of his image and a published apology, in very specific language, in the next issue of Computer Graphics and in the SIGGRAPH 98 Advance Program. Dino Schweitzer remarked that since this incident, permission statements have been revised to permit SIGGRAPH more flexible use of images.


John Fujii presented issues on the conference management contract amendment extension. The short term needs the committee agreed upon were:
- create a successful SIGGRAPH 98 conference

- get as much specific information and justification as possible on the costs of the amendment, plus a context to understand impacts of these on conference operations
- any proposal for the amendment should come from SBA, the prime contractor
- define and implement conference management oversight
- provide EC connectivity by tracking CAG minutes and getting reporting via an executive summary with ability to get details
- resolve issues for as long a term as possible

The long term needs of conference management include:
- improved communication between CAG and EC to get more day-to-day information and a better sense of the evolution of the conference
- maintain the history of conference programs and operations in a written and transferable archive
- define and implement appropriate oversight, and clarify what is expected and meant by oversight
- ensure continuity and quality of service to conferences
- orientation of EC about CAG operations and processes, and more direct contact of EC with conference issues to build better relationships between the conference and EC members
- relieve pressures on EC Chair and conference chair
- ensure the CSE role is flexible in case scope of job changes
- more EC involvement in review of developing conference management model
- review definition of CSE role in overall conference management

Steve Cunningham announced that a working group consisting of at least Walt Bransford, John Fujii, Chuck Hansen, Patrick McCarren, Scott Owen, Theresa-Marie Rhyne, Warren Waggenspack, Jackie White, and himself will develop a revised conference management model with input from EC and other SIGGRAPH groups. This group will propose the model for EC approval before the next round of conference management contracts, which will take effect in August 1999.

Conference Accounting Contract

Motion (Whitton, Rhyne): To approve the Smith, Bucklin & Associates bid for conference accounting. (10, 0, 0)


EC members individually presented budget proposals for their areas, and there was discussion on each. At the end of the presentation, Nan Schaller went over the request and noted that the total requests exceeded expected income, and asked everyone to see whether they could cut their budgets by 20%. Many were able to do so, and the FY 99 SIGGRAPH organization budget was approved as follows:



Executive Committee:


Small Conference:

0 (funded by sm conf fund)

External Relations:


Special Projects:


Traveling Art Show:








Professional Chapters:




Public Policy:


Organization allocation:


Inventory Writeoff ***


SIG Board allocation ***




Total expenses:






Membership Revenue


Member Plus Package


Non-member Subscription


SIG Newsletter Package


Publication Sales


Slide Sales


Advertising Sales


Airmail Surcharge


Other Income


Interest Income


EC Operation Transfer




Total Income


Motion (Schaller, Rhyne): To approve the FY99 organization budget. (10, 0, 0)

Schaller noted that in the future, to make the budgeting process work better and to have adequate time to consider all the proposals, we will need to improve the budget development process as follows:

- Have programs/strategy meeting in the (early) fall, perhaps at the conference 98 wrap meeting
- Have each EC member do periodic review and projections for each budget line
- Review budgets each meeting
- Share all draft budgets electronically, always in SYLK format
- Provide justifications for budget increases or carryover when a budget is significantly underspent

Free balance proposals

The free balance proposals are proposals to spend moneys from the SIGGRAPH EC free balance -- SIGGRAPH funds that are available in excess of the fund balance we are required to have for emergency use. These funds can be spent for an approved purpose by a vote of EC. Several proposals were presented and some were funded, as follows.

Smithsonian project - $20,000

Provide funds to develop video materials for the renovation of the Information Age display at the National Museum of American History. Hart, Lang (9, 0, 1; opposed: Bransford)

30th Birthday - $10,000

Provide funds to be used to develop a celebration of SIGGRAPH's 30th birthday at the SIGGRAPH 99 conference, with a goal of creating material that could be used at chapters and conferences throughout the 1999-2000 period. Whitton, Rhyne (10, 0, 0)

Education related grants - $10,000

Selected educators within the general location of the conference are given passport registration, plus one days parking at the convention center. SIGGRAPH 98 Community Outreach has developed a plan to obtain matching funds from the Florida Department of Education. Barr, Lang (10, 0, 0)

Seminal papers book - $33,500

Provide funds to develop a juried collection of the most important papers presented at SIGGRAPH conferences from 1974 through 1997. These would be published to be available at the SIGGRAPH 98 conference and for direct sale after the conference. Hansen, Rhyne (10, 0, 0)

Small conference reserve fund - $50,000

Set up small conferences as a separate SIGGRAPH business unit with any conference surpluses going into the fund and with budgets to support such conferences coming from the fund, and seed the fund from the free balance with an initial amount of $50,000. Rhyne, Spencer (10, 0, 0)

SIG discretionary fund - $20,000

Motion: To fund the SIG discretionary fund in FY99 for $20,000 from SIGGRAPH reserves. Spencer, Chesnais (8, 1, 1; opposed: Bransford; abstention: Schaller)

National Research Council

At the suggestion of some EC members, the Public Policy Committee examined the possibility of funding a report by the National Research Council (NRC) on the needs of computer graphics research funding. After discussion with NRC, the Public Policy Committee suggested that an amount of $75,000 be encumbered from the free balance for Special Projects so that a proposal for funding an NRC report might be considered. The EC discussion focused on whether this would be considered a sufficiently independent report to make the desired impact on funding agencies and whether this would impede the development of new areas of the field.
Motion (Bransford, Hansen): Not to pursue funding of NRC report
(6, 2, 2; against: Spencer, Whitton; abstention: Barr, Schaller)

EC special initiatives from reserves total $253,500, including the $100,000 for the movie project discussed below.

A summary of SIGGRAPH's fund balance situation is:

SIGGRAPH fund balance 6/30/97


Fund balance on 11/30/97*


Required fund balance (per SIGGRAPH policy)


Amount above required fund balance


*Amount at the time the FY99 budget was approved.

Traveling Courses

The traveling course concept and implementation were discussed. Chuck Hansen noted that a pilot program is under consideration to run from March 98 to May 98. The success of the pilot project would be reviewed next year. The traveling courses are not intended to make money, but to break even. Lang and Hansen are to provide backup and business plan within two weeks and send it out for an email vote.


Steve Cunningham announced that Pat McCarren will coordinate monthly conference calls, including date and times as well as agendas.


John Hart presented the production staff for The Story of Computer Graphics, which would consist of John Hart, EC point of contact; Walt Bransford, CAG point of contact; Carl Machover, Executive Producer; Steve Silas, Executive Producer; Joan Collins, Producer; Frank Foster, Director; and Judson Rosebush, Writer. EC discussed the production staff, the overall movie production process, and the movie content.

Motion (Hart, Bransford): To approve the production staff as outlined above. (6, 0, 4; abstention: Schaller, Rhyne, Hansen, Whitton)

The budget for the project was presented by Hart as outlined below, and there was discussion about how much of this should be covered by donations and how much should be paid for by SIGGRAPH.

Above the Line (EP, Producer, Writer)


Production (Talent, Studio, Clip Restoration)


Support Staff (Assistant, Production Coordinator)


Legal/Clearance (Legal, Accounting, Music Clearance)




10% Contingency


Grand Total


Motion (Hart, Bransford): To approve $400,000 as EC part of the budget, with $100,000 from organization free balance. The remainder of the budget should be requested from the conference free balance. Friendly Amendment (Hansen): that 75% of the full budget be achieved in donations by March 1998, or the project will be put on hold. (7, 2, 1; against: Spencer, Whitton; abstention: Rhyne)

John Hart discussed the RFP for maintaining SIGGRAPH's web site, and announced SuperNet, located in Denver, was selected. The system managers are going to work with the conference on moving the web site to Supernet.


Mary Whitton presented the slate for the Executive Committee nominations:

Communications: John Hart, Leo Hourwitz
Education: Marc Barr, Jack Bresenham
Professional Chapters: Scott Lang, Garry Paxinos
Director At Large: Chuck Hansen, Nick England, Theresa-Marie Rhyne, David Ebert

It was noted that Nick England was selected by Wayne Carlson and Steve Van Frank without participation by Mary Whitton.

Nominations will appear in the February 1998 issue of Computer Graphics and ballots are expected to be mailed out by April 17, 1998.

Motion: To adjourn
Spencer, Hart (7, 0, 0; absent: Lang, Rhyne, Chesnais)

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon on Sunday, December 7.