SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Calls
April 1998

Note: Because of individuals' schedules, the conference call for April was held in two parts. Because the agenda for each call was the same, and the discussions were very similar, these minutes merge the contents of the two calls. There were no motions or formal actions during either call.

April 8, 1998
3:00 pm EDT
Walt Bransford
Steve Cunningham
John Hart
Pat McCarren
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer

April 10, 1998
4:00 pm EDT
Walt Bransford
Steve Cunningham
John Hart
Scott Lang
Nan Schaller
Dino Schweitzer
Mary Whitton


Nan Schaller reviewed spending from the FY98 budget. While there are three areas whose expenses were higher than budgeted, these were expected because of the the upcoming conference: professional chapters because of expenses for the chapter party which are offset by donations, communications because of the movie project, and publications because of the extra conference publications.


John Hart said that the movie group were looking for donations for the movie. However, they were nowhere near the $1 million for external funding for the movie. They expect donations to occur throughout the movie year. The original $100,000 investment is getting us through the May EC meeting. There are no problems with the script, which should be done by next week. At the EC meeting in May, Hart will report on any funds that have come in. The solicitation process is being developed by creating a Web site and getting letters out to exhibitors. Hart indicated that he could give contingency plans at the May EC meeting based on donations that have come in. They can still make a very good documentary if the full amount is not raised, but it would contain available or donated computer graphics and would be produced in NTSC format instead of HDTV. There are many ways to work with reduced budgets and still produce an excellent documentary.

Conference Management Model

Cunningham gave an update on the Conference Management Model work. He indicated that the model will separate conference services and conference administration, which are integrated in the current model. The Conference Management Review Group felt that these were distinct functions and that there was considerable logic in having a separate contract for each part. The new model will increase the emphasis on volunteer functions, because leaving out the role of volunteers created a hole in the previous model. The role of the Conference Advisory Group (CAG) relative to conference administration, and will recognize the fact that final decisions rest with volunteers. The new model continues to include a CAG representative on EC and an EC representative on CAG, with the CAG representative to EC assuming the role of CAG Chair and having specific functions in CAG work. The goal is to have a conference administration contract in place soon enough to help SIGGRAPH 2000 with its initial meeting in mid-January of 1999). This will require that the contract can be presented at the December EC meeting for ratification.

The current Conference Management Review Group is putting together the model, and will have a final report by early May. A group will then be put together to write the RFP, relying on Pat McCarren at headquarters for staff support. Another group will be chosen to do the evaluations.


Walt Bransford reported cutbacks in exhibit space of about 15,000 square feet, or some $400,000. The conference is planning expense cutbacks to cover this income drop,with cuts in contractor work first. The conference's top two priorities are supporting the program chairs' vision and maintaining volunteer support, but volunteers will be held tightly to their budgets. There is a contingency budget for unforeseen emergencies that will be maintained until we are on-site.

Chris Stapleton has resigned as chair of community outreach and Adele Newton was brought in to help. Submissions are being received in record numbers. Things are looking really good on the content side.