MAY 2-3, 1997

Marc Barr
Walt Bransford
Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
Chuck Hansen
John Hart
Scott Lang
Patrick McCarren
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Nan Schaller
Dino Schweitzer
Steve Spencer
Mary Whitton

Judy Osteller

Jack Breshenham (candidate: Dir. for Education)
Dave Ebert (candidate: Dir. at Large)
John Fujii (Conf. Mgt. Model Review Group)
Leo Hourvitz (candidate: Dir. for Communications)
Scott Owen (Conf. Mgt. Model Review Group)
Warren Waggenspack (Conf. Mgt. Model Review Group)
Jackie White (Conf. Mgt. Model Review Group)
Nina Wishbow (ACM Area Director)

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M. He welcomed members of the Conference Advisory Group (CAG) who had served on the conference management model group, several candidates for the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, and Nina Wishbow, the new Area Director for SIGGRAPH.

Conference Management Model

The 1998 revision of the Conference Management Model was presented by Scott Owen and Jackie White. The model specifies volunteer roles and responsibilities in conference management, separates the contractor functions of conference administration and conference services, refines the relationship of conference volunteers with these contractors, and specifies timelines for the processes of selecting the contractors so that there is full support for developing the SIGGRAPH 2000 conference.

Issues addressed in the volunteer area include volunteer leadership in the Conference Advisory Group (CAG) and for conference strategic planning, and providing improved mechanisms for communications between CAG and EC. The model recommends having a volunteer with extensive conference experience as Chair of CAG, with this volunteer appointed with recommendation from CAG and confirmation by EC. This CAG Chair's responsibilities would include conference strategic planning and communicating conference issues to EC, and this person would be a voting member of the EC. The model further recommends having an organization volunteer with a strong EC perspective and some conference experience as a member of CAG, with this person being appointed by the SIGGRAPH Chair upon consultation with CAG and EC. The CAG Chair would replace the current conference chair as an EC member, while the EC representative on CAG would replace the SIGGRAPH Chair in that position.

The conference administration function would be similar to that now provided by the conference Chief Staff Executive (CSE) and staff. It would deal with issues as delegated by the conference chair or CAG, with the expectation that the delegated work would include the operational financial authority for the conference and most of the conference operational areas. It would also support CAG strategic and multi-year operational work. Each conference, and the CAG support, will be structured as a project and conference administration will handle each on a project basis.

The conference services function is essentially the same as the corresponding portion of the current contract. This provides services such as coordination of site selection for future conferences, housing and local arrangements for committee meetings and the conference, registration coordination, merchandise coordination, copy coordination on all production printed pieces, and periodic reporting of the status of each of these activities. These are seen as working very well and needing no significant changes.

Leo Hourvitz suggested we clarify roles of authority: Contractors work for the Conference Chair largely delegated through the CSE; the Conference Chair works with CAG; CAG works with EC.

Motion (Rhyne, Schaller): to accept the 1998 SIGGRAPH Conference Management Model. A friendly amendment (Whitton), to separate composition and responsibilities of the Chair of CAG and EC representative to CAG from the approval of the Conference Administration and Services discussion of the 1998 revised model, was accepted.

The motion to accept the conference administration and conference services portions of the 1998 Conference Management Model was approved. 10, 0, 0

Motion (Hart, Hansen): to table discussion on Chair of CAG and EC representative to CAG. 6, 4, 0 (for: Chesnais, Hansen, Hart, Rhyne, Spencer, Whitton; against: Barr, Bransford, Lang, Schaller)

Mary Whitton asked what is needed to operate after July 1, 1998. Cunningham responded that CAG is not a bylaw body and could continue functioning as it is now functioning. Conference Chair will continue to function as a member of the EC. A structure must be in place so that CAG can continue to function after SIGGRAPH 99.

Vice Chair

Alain Chesnais reported that there are four strong candidates for the outstanding contribution award. Michael Cohen will receive the 1998 Achievement Award.


Steve Cunningham announced that Alain Chesnais has been appointed to serve on the search committee for the new ACM Executive Director.

Cunningham encouraged members of the EC to encourage everyone to vote in the upcoming ACM elections. He explained the SIG Board structure and the new SGB (SIG Governing Board) that will replace the SIG Board and SIG Chairs. He announced that he is on the nominating committee for the new governing board.


The December 1997 EC meeting minutes were not approved in February because there were questions regarding the National Research Council report project. Cunningham added a note at the end of the discussion on that topic in the December minutes that the motion was reconsidered and was superceded by a motion in February.

Motion (Whitton, Rhyne): To approve the minutes of the December 1997 Executive Committee Meeting as amended. 10,0,0

Cunningham announced the annual Business Meeting at the conference will be on Tuesday, July 21st, because of other events scheduled at the regular time. The Get Involved gathering begins at 5:30 PM and the business meeting will be from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

February 10th Conference Call:

Motion (Schaller, Rhyne): to accept the minutes of the February 10, 1998 conference call with changes specified at meeting. 9, 0, 1 (abstain: Hansen)

February 1998 minutes

Minutes will be edited and reviewed Sunday 5/3/98

Conference Advisory Group Report

Dino Schweitzer reported on the SIGGRAPH 97 audit. It found a need for central financial authority. CAG feels this responsibility should reside with the CSE because he is responsible for managing the budget.

The Galaxy registration system needs be reviewed to allow the appropriate registration reporting to be reconciled to the general ledger. CAG will work with SBA to work out those details to make sure this reporting occurs at SIGGRAPH 98.

The audit report stated that they would like to see accrual projections at the conference. ACM policy is to close the books within 120 days after the conference. There is no way to do this, but accrual projections can be done to give a better projection on the financials of the conference. McCarren is working on the new accounting contract for S99, SIGGRAPH 2000 and SIGGRAPH 2001 to include projections.

The books were closed for SIGGRAPH 97. Consignments and allocations were reported, and $750,000 of surplus was wired to ACM.


Walt Bransford reported that there is a projected $400,000 shortfall on exhibit income. The conference cannot find a single reason for the cutback; there are no broken trends from previous years. The conference is planning expense cuts to reflect this income reduction. These cutbacks will be revisited in mid-June after early registration cutoff.

Bransford reported that Pixar's "Geri's Game" is included in the CAF Electronic Theater as an invited piece as a tribute to its winning an Academy Award.


Warren Waggenspack reported that the Art Gallery is planning to extend the work that S97 and S98 did by having a gallery presentation, and are calling for some site specific art works. Emerging Technologies for S99 will be called the Millennium Motel. Sketches are being geared to incomplete works and emerging ideas. The papers committee will pick 2-4 papers and will be given in an expanded session during courses. A special category of visionary papers collection will be reviewed by a special panel. The Educators Program, Outreach, and SIGKids are joining together under the "Electric Schoolhouse." Exhibit space will be laid out in the south hall with additional space in Kentia Hall.


Jackie White reported she has strong, interesting candidates for program chairs. She requested that the EC encourage people to volunteer.


Schweitzer updated EC on Anaheim and reported that negotiations are not going well. The hotels have been difficult to work with. He feels that the SIGGRAPH conference is not crucial to them and they are not willing to make concessions that are normally expected. Another problem is the ET site. Anaheim will be revisited and an update will be given to EC later. The backup city is LA and a proposal from them has been received.


Hand Drawn Spaces

Walt Bransford presented a proposal from Ines Hardtke to CAG for approval of a presentation of "Hand Drawn Spaces" at the ET. This was approved by CAG and brought to EC for final funding approval. Walt Bransford further explained this proposal is to approve additional expenses such as A/V and installation. Hand Drawn Spaces is computer dance that is in the mind of Merce Cunningham. The object is to transport the audience with the illusion or sensation that they are in the mind of the choreographer while he is sketching out a dance. Dancers from his company were motion-captured doing standardized dance motions and movements. These were captured and brought into motion-capture software. Merce Cunningham orchestrated this entire dance.

Motion (Schweitzer, Bransford): that the EC approve the Hand Drawn Spaces proposal for Conference Reserve Funds in the amount of $88,000. This funding is contingent on a special presentation by Merce Cunningham or his studio. 8, 1, 1 (against: Whitton; abstain: Spencer)


John Hart gave the EC an update on the movie. The script is still being worked on. The Story of Computer Graphics has been written as a three act play. Act I: introduction, which sets the scene. Act II: character development. Act III: climax. The acts are broken down into vignettes. Hart hopes to get funding commitments by the middle of May. Distribution has been getting a lot of interest from PBS, The Discovery Channel, and A&E. Commitments far have been received from NCGA, R&H, Wyndham Hannaway & Assoc., and ELSA.

Names talked about for hosting this documentary so far include Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, John Lassiter and Alan Alda. Hart asked for recommendations by May 12th. Hart reported that the next step will be to shoot interviews at SIGGRAPH 98.

Schweitzer reported that CAG met and approved releasing $300,000 to the movie: $150,000 from now until the SIGGRAPH 98 conference and $150,000 to finish the movie.

Motion (Hart, Lang): to continue spending SIGGRAPH funds up to the $400,000 commitment, including the $100,000 funds already spent for the completion of "The Story of Computer Graphics" documentary project. 7, 2, 1 (against: Hansen, Spencer; abstain: Schaller)

Chuck Hansen requested that we revisit the Hand Drawn Spaces proposal because he noticed that the proposal includes paying travel for the producers. He believes that this sets a bad precedent.

Motion (Hansen, Hart): to reconsider the approval of the Hand Drawn Spaces proposal. 2, 8, 0 (for: Whitton, Hansen)


John Hart reported that he received a note from Judy Brown about her concerns for the organizations birthday party. He thought maybe this could be celebrated year round and called for ideas to create excitement. Steve Cunningham noted that Judy had suggested that each EC member could pull together strong presentations from each of the organization areas and focus on what SIGGRAPH is and how it reaches out and supports the community. This would be a very distinct theme, but it would require every area to pull together a well developed story. Scott Lang brought up a possible memorabilia tour to be given to the chapters.

Smithsonian Project

Hart stated that the project is moving slowly but is making progress.

Education Committee

Marc Barr reported that conference grant requests have gone down and felt there is a need to educate people about this program. Barr had students make a videotape as to what the grant program was all about. Tapes to be distributed upon request. Marc distributed the new Education Brochure.

Volunteer Recognition

Scott Lang stated that chapter volunteers have been getting press passes and he is not comfortable with the current set up Lang is looking for recognition of chapter leaders and would like consistent policy for EC on how to recognize EC committee volunteer assistance. CAG felt it was not their job to set EC policy. Lang will talk to members of EC and put a proposal together that will bring consistency to the policy.


Absent: Scott Lang - Nina Wishbow not in attendance

SLC minutes

The minutes of the Salt Lake City meeting were discussed and some clarifications were presented. Approval of minutes will be completed by email.

John Hart noted that the organization does not have a definitive chart on the EC and its subcommittees. A chart of EC members, subcommittees, and responsibilities was started and will be expanded over email.


Stephen Spencer reported that since the November 1997 issue of Computer Graphics, Gordon Cameron and Michael Davidson have been putting content from Computer Graphics on-line on the SIGGRAPH Web site. They have also been collecting permission to put articles from the last several years of Computer Graphics on line. The online articles are publicly available.

Spencer also reported that 6200 pages will have to be digitized to get every page from the first one to where ACM's digital library takes over, which is 1991/92. He has received one estimate on getting digitization work done. It was quite a bit higher than Cadmus, but the text will be fully searchable and the level of quality of the work will be very high.

Purpose and Values Statement

Steve Cunningham presented the SIGGRAPH Purpose and Value statement and said that he would like to present it to the ACM council at their meeting on May 10th as part of the SIG showcase.

Motion (Schaller, Rhyne): that the current version of the SIGGRAPH Purpose and Values statement be adopted with "the technology of" removed from the "Purpose" portion and one minor word change. 6, 3, 0, 1 (against: Hansen, Hart, Whitton; absent: Lang)

Leadership Development

It was decided that the Leadership Development workshop would be postponed until after the conference.

Organizational Structure

Cunningham believes it is time to move forward with considering changes in organizational structure, the last piece of the Snowbird recommendations. This can take advantage of the things learned about organization modeling from the conference management model. This will require a group of senior people in the organization to develop a proposal beginning with philosophy moving to an implementation of the philosophy in terms of structure and culminating in bylaw changes. This needs to be done within the next nine months, and should be a major item on the agenda in December. This will also include an implementation of the conference management model, with bylaw changes to take place starting in 1999.

Nan Schaller informed the candidates they need to have their respective budgets prepared early for a Finance Committee budget meeting to be held early in FY 99, possibly as soon as September or October.

Image Based Rendering Workshop

Chuck Hansen reported that there were over 200 people at the workshop and that it was a very valuable workshop. There were no Proceedings. The conference came in under budget. There will be a followup workshop with possible proceedings.

Stephen Spencer has resigned from the online committee, and the committee is looking for a replacement. The online committee is working on specifications for a new machine, either through donation or purchase.

Motion to Adjourn

Rhyne, Spencer 6,1,0 (for: Barr, Whitten, Schaller, Rhyne, Chesnais, Spencer; against: Hart; absent: Bransford, Lang, Hansen)

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.