JULY 25, 1998

Jack Bresenham
Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
Nick England
John Hart
Scott Lang
Patrick McCarren
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Nan Schaller
Dino Schweitzer
Warren Waggenspack
Mary Whitton

Judy Osteller

Walt Bransford
Judy Brown
Alan Chalmers
Bob Ellis
John Fujii
Chuck Hansen
Bonnie Mitchell
Garry Paxinos
Mike Pique
Bob Powell
Nancy Reynolds
Harry Smith
Joe Turner
Jackie White

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M. He introduced Joe Turner, newly elected vice president of ACM. Turner said he was happy to be attending SIGGRAPH and requested comments on things SIGGRAPH would like to see changed at ACM. Mary Whitton thanked Joe for being supportive during the years she was EC Chair.

Motion (Schaller, Rhyne) (May 15, 1998): to approve the minutes of the February 1998 EC meeting as amended. 6,0,1 (For: Spencer, Rhyne, Schaller, Barr, Hansen, Bransford; Abstain: Chesnais

Motion (Hart, Hansen) (June 12, 1998): Given the logistical problems of Anaheim and the message a fourth LA conference in seven years would give, the EC directs CAG to suspend the site selection guidelines in this particular case and investigate other non-west coast sites for 2001. 4,3,1,2 (For: Hansen, Chesnais, Hart, Lang; Against: Schaller, Rhyne, Bransford; Abstain: Whitton; Absent: Barr, Spencer)

Motion (Rhyne, Spencer) (June 15, 1998): To rescind the original motion (Hart, Hansen) on 6/12/98 regarding the Los Angeles location for SIGGRAPH 2001. 6,4 (For: Bransford, Rhyne, Spencer, Schaller, Chesnais, Barr; Against: Lang, Hart Hanson, Whitton)

Motion (report from the Conference Advisory Group, June 22, 1998): To accept Los Angeles as the site for the SIGGRAPH 2001 conference. 9,1 (For: Rhyne, Lang, Chesnais, Spencer, Barr, Bransford, Schaller, Whitton, Hansen; Against: Hart)

Motion (Hart, Schaller) (July 1, 1988): That SIGGRAPH approve the offer to Judson Rosebush on the right of first refusal to write any SIGGRAPH published book based on the story arc and script he developed for the Story of Computer Graphics documentary in exchange for SIGGRAPH owning the derivative rights for the story arc and script. 7,1,2 (For: Barr, Spencer, Hansen Chesnais, Hart, Schaller, Whitton; Against: Bransford; Abstain: Rhyne, Lang)


Walt Bransford reported that SIGGRAPH 98 went very well. The extra seating in the technical lounge was a success, the Interactive Dance Club made a big impression. The centrally located experiential area (Hall C) shared by the Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies, Outreach, and SIGkids was very successful. The 25 Years of SIGGRAPH Time Tunnel was also well received. Bransford thanked the EC for their support. Nick England commented that Birds-of-a-Feather meetings were better this year and were held in good locations.


Warren Waggenspack reported that the SIGGRAPH 99 booth was busy and there was good feedback on submissions. Approximately 100 people attended the Get Involved meeting. Over 141,000 square feet of exhibit space were sold for the conference.


Jackie White reported that there was a steady interest in SIGGRAPH 2000. Volunteer applications were coming in strongly and she spent most of her week interviewing.


Dino Schweitzer reported that the Conference Advisory Group is putting together a task force to look at holding the annual conference in Toronto.

Conference Management Review Group

The RFP for Conference Administration is due to be sent out in August after issues of CAG representation on EC and how it affects the RFP are considered.


Volunteer Recognition

Judy Brown, chair of the Volunteer Recognition Task Force, discussed volunteer recognition issues. She noted that among the kinds of recognition being discussed was that volunteers should receive appointment and recognition letters. She requested that EC members give lists of volunteers for a note in Computer Graphics, and said that the Volunteer Recognition Task Force will report its recommendations by the December EC meeting.

Public Policy

Bob Ellis reported that SIGGRAPH made a donation of $5000 to the ACM Policy 98 conference to support their audio/visual costs. Ellis announced a Web page for public policy produced by committee volunteers. He also discussed some ideas for public policy participation in the SIGGRAPH 30th birthday celebration.


Special Projects

Judy Brown announced the appointment of Bob Powell as the new Chair of the Special Projects committee.

Hardware Workshop

Hansen recommended that the Eurographics/SIGGRAPH Hardware Workshop be co-located with the SIGGRAPH 99 conference. CAG supports this idea. Hansen added he thought it should be held at SIGGRAPH every other year.

Alain Chesnais reported that the relationship with Eurographics is very solid but should be reviewed to take into account the expanded ways in which we are cooperating. He is working with Eurographics on financial aspects of their workshops.

Motion (Chesnais, Schaller): that SIGGRAPH suspend the rule forbidding sponsorship, co-sponsorship or in-cooperation status with another conference occurring within 30 days of the annual conference for the specific case of co-locating co-sponsored Eurographics/SIGGRAPH workshops with the annual conference. Friendly amendment: this would apply to at most two workshops at any one conference. 7,2,0,1 (For: Bresenham, Chesnais, England, Hart, Rhyne, Schaller, Whitton; Against: Waggenspack, Lang; Absent: Spencer)

Chesnais reported on discussions with MMCA, particularly on their suggestions that they create ways to encourage students to develop papers for submission to the SIGGRAPH conference. One of MMCA's concerns was helping students learn to write research papers in English, and Chesnais suggested that MMCA work with the Tokyo SIGGRAPH chapter to get assistance. Chesnais is also working on a formal agreement with IMAGINA and discussed developments in that area.


Nan Schaller explained the process for developing the budget for FY 2000. Each area will submit its budget request to be discussed in conference calls. Each area would include both requests for funds from regular income and any one-time-only requests from the reserves. The schedule of areas presenting their requests is:
September - Professional Chapters and Vice Chair
October - Education, Chair
November - Communications, Publications


December 11/12 - Colorado Springs
March 13 - SIGGRAPH 2002 city (Atlanta or San Antonio)
May 1/2 - Toronto


Garry Paxinos, information manager, reported that SIGGRAPH will stick with Sun architecture and is planning on getting a new machine by either donation or purchase. Policy and procedures should be developed for handling dormant accounts. In addition, the information managers are discussing an RFP for web site design. There was a discussion on offering mail forwarding aliases for member. Patrick McCarren said that ACM would not allow because ACM offers this service to the membership already.


Judy Brown reported that the 30th Birthday Celebration in 1999 will involve the entire organization, focusing on the path that programs have taken and where they are going. Eurographics will be celebrating their 20th birthday and we may do something in conjunction with them. A new promotional piece will be designed and an article will be written for every Newsletter issue. All aspects of the organization will be included in these materials. Brown reported that Bob Powell met with Q Ltd on the creation of a 30th Birthday logo that will incorporate the SIGGRAPH logo. Brown asked to have statements from each committee by September identifying what each committee will be doing for the celebration.


Bonnie Mitchell reported that 464 members checked in at the organization booth and 53 new members joined during SIGGRAPH 98. Giving slinkies to members went over really well.


Hart reported that the first shoot of the movie took place at SIGGRAPH 98. Thirty individuals were interviewed, and the information in those interviews was better than expected. Nick England asked that some name and date errors be corrected in the script. EC approved Dot as a donated piece to be the movie host. The EC was asked to help with any contacts they might have for developing movie donations. Mary Whitton requested monthly updates on the movie project.


Steve Cunningham described a discussion among recent SIGGRAPH Papers Chairs, recent editors of the ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), and SIGGRAPH Publications as to whether the SIGGRAPH Conference Proceedings should be a special issue of ACM TOG. There are a number of issues involved, but the overall reaction is very positive.

Motion to Adjourn
Whitton, Schweitzer 8,0,0,2 (absent: Rhyne, Spencer)