SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Calls

Budget Requests and Incidental Matters

Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
Nick England
John Hart
Scott Lang
Patrick McCarren
Mike McGrath
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Nan Schaller
Dino Schweitzer
Warren Waggenspack
Mary Whitton

Section I, October 5, 1998

Alain Chesnais presented the budget request for the Vice Chair's areas. This includes small conferences, external relations, awards, special projects, and the traveling art show.

Scott Lang presented the Professional Chapters budget proposal. This includes the annual chapters training workshop, conference activities, professional chapters committee costs, and support for various chapters functions.

Nan Schaller described the Finance Committee's role in the budget and the process by which the budget proposals would be merged into a single budget by the Finance Committee for approval by the Executive Committee. The Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer, who chairs the Committee, the SIGGRAPH Chair, Vice Chair, and Past Chair, the Director for Publications, and the conference CSE (ex officio).

Section II, October 26, 1998

Steve Cunningham presented the Chair's budget proposal. This includes support for EC meetings, for the EC General area that includes additional Chair travel and Chair initiatives, for the Treasurer, for the Nominating Committee, and for the Public Policy Committee.

John Hart presented the Communications budget proposal. This includes support for Communications Committee operations, for membership marketing, for costs, and for communications projects.

Hart also presented an update on the SIGGRAPH movie project:
There has been a shortfall in obtaining external corporate support. A donation from Disney as well as a few other small donations have come in. If SIGGRAPH still wants the movie to premier at SIGGRAPH 99, they need to move forward on the project with the existing funding. One big question was whicn interviews will be included in the movie, because only a portion of the people in the script approved by the EC have been interviewed. George Lucas has agreed be interviewed for the movie, but it must be done in early December or it will be postponed indefinitely. $125,000 is left in the project funds. In order to complete the shoots as specified in the script, $100,000 in additional donations is needed.

Hart presented a proposal from Creative Planet for Web site hosting:
Creative Planet proposed to support a Web site year-round to provide various services to SIGGRAPH, as described in a report that was sent to EC. Hart felt that this could provide services we need to have. There was some concern about the SIGGRAPH name and SIGGRAPH's level of control. There is some discomfort of creative planet as a commercial entity. There was a concern that the content of the proposed site may be too entertainment-industry oriented. Lang noted that many other groups now offer services that have been discussed within EC recently, and to date there is no process for SIGGRAPH developing a site.

In spite of a negative reaction to Creative Planet's proposal, there was not much concern from EC about exploring a contractor to provide online services. Fees could be covered by a contract that could include activities such as advertising. Hart asked EC if they were open to using advertising covering costs for on line content delivery. Most were open to the idea, but several felt that SIGGRAPH should define the services and policies and go through an RFP process.

Section III, November 13, 1998


Theresa-Marie Rhyne

Stephen Spencer presented the publications budget proposal. This includes costs for the Director, a cost center for each publication, and the Member Plus cost center for small conference and workshop proceedings. Spencer also reported that the SIGGRAPH Video Review is doing quite well, with about $90,000 surplus in FY98. John Hart requested a member discount for SVR. Spencer will look at it and get back to EC at December meeting.

Mike McGrath presented the education budget proposal. This includes Education Committee travel, education-related grants, online work, curriculum projects, and conference activities.

Movie update and motion:

John Hart presented an update on the movie project. They would like to finish two shoots before Christmas: two days in the Bay area and two days in Los Angeles. Those persons who need to be included but who are not local to these areas will be flown in. These two shoots will exhaust the remaining money from production budget, but will give the content of the movie. There is a risk that there will not be a movie for SIGGRAPH 99. The committee is rethinking the fundraising strategy for in-kind donations. Whitton commended Hart for using the money to gather historical material. McCarren reiterated that the movie is authorized to spend the rest of the budgeted money. Whitton asked whether there is enough money to make copies of the source material that can become available for historical reference.

Motion: The EC authorizes to spend the rest of the budgeted movie money to complete gathering of source materials.
Whitton; Waggenspack 9,0,0,1 (Rhyne absent)

The meeting concluded with discussions on issues raised through e-mail. The results of those discussions are recorded with the e-mail votes.