FEBRUARY 23, 1999
6:00PM - 7:00PM

Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
Nick England
John Hart
Scott Lang
Pat McCarren
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Dino Schweitzer
Steve Spencer
Warren Waggenspack
Mary Whitton

Mike McGrath
Nan Schaller

John Fujii


Nomination of CAG Chair:

There was an extensive discussion of the nomination from CAG of John Fujii as CAG chair. This discussion covered Fujii's general perspectives and conference experience, and his assessment of the major competencies and challenges of the annual conference. The nomination process from CAG was also discussed.

Motion (Waggenspack, Rhyne): To select John Fujii as CAG Chair. Motion passed

General Services Contract:

Schweitzer had distributed email backup on the selection process for the general services contractor for the annual conference.

Motion (Waggenspack, Rhyne): To approve General Services Contract with Freeman Decorating. 8,0,0,2 (Schaller/McGrath absent)

Reserve Fund Approval for Additional Movie Expenses:

John Hart said that the scheduled delivery for a narrated unscored complete version of the movie is mid-June. Actual delivery of the movie will be at the end of July. There was further discussion of distribution of the movie after the conference.

Motion (Rhyne, England) to increase the funding for the movie project by $350,000 to support the final production of The Story of Computer Graphics and $110,000 to support the premier at the SIGGRAPH 99 conference. 8,0,0,2 (McGrath, Schaller absent)

Warren Waggenspack reported that he had a discussion with Frank Foster on the costs for the movie to premiere at SIGGRAPH 99 for the larger audience in Los Angeles. It should premiere on Sunday evening and have several showings throughout the week. Additional costs for the premiere would be $106,000. Further discussion included the overall budget situation for the movie.

Remaining Budget Issues:

Steve Spencer noted that there are two unresolved issues for FY 2000 budget. One was to break out small conferences as a separate cost center with an initial funding for $50,000 for FY 99, which never happened. Another item was to support an Educators luncheon at the conference at a cost of some $4400. This was approved but the funding was not put in place.

Motion (Whitton, Hart): To move $50,000 from reserves to Vice Chair's line to support small conferences for FY00 as a Fund Balance Request and to move $4,400 from special projects to cover educators luncheon. 8,0,0,2 (absent: McGrath, Schaller)

Bylaw Changes:

Whitton explained the proposal being offered is that EC position now held by the annual conference chair will be held by the CAG chair, and that selection has a process that EC can nominate into it. There will be additional email discussion on whether to send the bylaw changes to the membership for a vote.