MARCH 14, 1999

Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
Nick England
John Hart
Scott Lang
Pat McCarren
Mike McGrath
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Nan Schaller
Dino Schweitzer
Mary Whitton

Stephen Spencer
Warren Waggenspack

Judy Osteller

Linda Branagan (candidate, vice chair)
Judy Brown (candidate, chair)
Alan Chalmers (candidate, vice chair)
John Fujii (CAG chair)
Michael Jones (candidate, treasurer)
Garry Paxinos (candidate, treasurer)

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order at 8:00 A.M. He thanked everyone for their participation in Saturday's strategic planning session.


Cunningham reported that bylaw changes have to be made to implement the changes from the December Executive Committee meeting. This requires adding a new category for selected members. There are also some wording changes for the change to SIG Governing Board from SIG Board, and there are some changes in Article 8 that are effects of changes in ACM rules on SIGs. There was a discussion of details of the description of the duties of the CAG Chair and the timing of the term of office.

Motion (Schaller, Rhyne): That the final version of the bylaw modifications be accepted by the Executive Committee. 8,0,0,2; absent: Spencer, Waggenspack

There was further discussion on the bylaw approval process. Members questioned whether the amendments should go to the membership or to SGB EC and ACM EC. Whitton felt that the bylaws should go to the SGB/ACM EC for approval. Any member changes should go to membership.

Motion (Whitton, Rhyne): To seek approval for the EC recommended bylaw changes by vote of the ACM Executive Committee as allowed in Article 12 of the current bylaws. 8,0,0,2; absent: Spencer, Waggenspack

Conference Advisory Group:

Schweitzer announced that Walt Bransford and Warren Waggenspack have developed a proposal to fund the movie premiere from the conference reserve fund, adding the EC had already passed approval of the funds for the completion and premiere at SIGGRAPH 99. CAG unanimously approved this proposal and forwarded it to EC for approval. This replaces the $110,000 that was approved for the movie premiere at the February EC conference call.

Motion (Rhyne, Schaller): To approve the funding of the Conference Reserve Fund Proposal by Waggenspack and Bransford for $122,034 to fund the premiere of the movie "The Story of Computer Graphics" at SIGGRAPH 99. 8,0,0,2; absent: Spencer, Waggenspack

98 Financials

Schweitzer reported on the final financial summary from SIGGRAPH 98. He announced the books were closed as of February 1999. Payments will still be made on new expenses coming in, but they must first be approved. Expenses under $250 are paid out of the next year's conference budget; over $250 go to ACM for payment. McCarren asked if there could be a mechanism in place within CAG or EC if a reserve request goes above a certain amount. Schweitzer noted that this has come up and it was decided that whoever was handling that project would have to come back to CAG for additional funds.

99 Financials

Schweitzer distributed a revised budget within the allowable 2% variance. He said that SIGGRAPH 99 is predicting 10,000 sq. ft. less in exhibit space, which is $330,000 drop in income. There are two primary areas of added income. The first is allowing exhibitors to rent rooms in the convention center in addition to space on the exhibit show floor. This means that an exhibitor can rent the use of a room at the convention center for the time of the conference; the charge would be $5,000 which would bring $75,000 in revenue. Another source of revenue is selling advertising space on buses. The exhibit contractor (Hall-Erickson) felt that the advertising would be well received by the exhibitors; CAG felt it would not increase the commercialization of the conference. This would account for $130,000 of added revenue. On the expense side, the budget for decorations and receptions was reduced.



Schweitzer reported that we have received proposals from Atlanta, Georgia and San Antonio, Texas. Atlanta's proposal did not include numbers for the convention center. San Antonio is very excited about getting SIGGRAPH's business and has gone overboard in working with us. Until Atlanta gives numbers, no decision can be reached. Schweitzer said that at this time San Antonio looks very positive, although San Antonio does not have a high-tech local community to draw from (Austin has medical research) and there are concerns about transportation into San Antonio.

There is an open call for the 2002 Chair and the search process has begun.


Cunningham asked about 2003. Dino responded that the conference is hoping for San Diego and will look into a proposal once expansion of the San Diego convention center is completed.


Movie Update: John Hart reported he had received a copy of the movie vignettes that were very rough cuts but gave a good idea of the content. Nick England asked that the content committee be advised as to what is happening on a regular schedule.

Pat McCarren asked about SIGGRAPH policy on donated funds. Our policy is that donated money should be used to offset SIGGRAPH money that has already been allocated unless a budget revision is approved.

Systems Managers Meeting

Garry Paxinos reported on the systems managers' meeting in Denver. They talked about a number of possible services. A survey was put up on the net to see what people are looking for. Paxinos also discussed issues with reducing the number of login accounts on the system. There will be an RFP for system administration going out.

John Hart announced his resignation as Director for Communications from the Executive Committee effective at SIGGRAPH 99.

Discussion of Postponed Reserve Fund Motion:

Discussion was renewed on the motion from December on merging reserve funds. John Hart outlined a plan for Reinvestment Funds. There should be rigorous project approval procedures for managing revenue surpluses from SIGGRAPH's non-membership income sources that would create re-investment opportunities and allow these sources to provide income for overall SIGGRAPH strategic work. Cunningham named Scott Lang (Chair), Alain Chesnais, Steve Spencer, John Fujii, Nick England, Dino Schweitzer and Pat McCarren as a task force on reserve funds and charged them to have a plan/report by the April 1st conference call. There will be a report on email and draft by May. The final plan should be prepared for the August EC meeting, and the motion on merger was postponed until then.

30th Birthday Celebration:

Judy Brown discussed the celebration title "Pathways to the Future: SIGGRAPH, the Organization, Celebrates 30 Years and Looks to the Future" and asked for comments and suggestions on it. Members were asked to look at the timelines to see if there were any missing items.


John Hart reported the continuing drop in membership and wants to turn this trend around. He feels there are many more people who would benefit from membership. Currently, benefits include discounts to all conferences that are sponsored by SIGGRAPH, a proceedings package, reduced rates for proceedings from sponsored conferences, Computer Graphics Newsletter, the right to vote in SIGGRAPH elections and access to the SIGGRAPH content in the ACM Digital Library. He will explore having an electronic General Information Piece and wants to consider different ways to present membership options. McCarren asked if the Communications committee could survey the membership for their opinion of changes of membership options. A survey will be sent to lapsed members to find out why they did not renew their memberships.


Scott Lang gave the EC information on an ad put out by the Buenos Aires chapter announcing a conference that resembled the annual SIGGRAPH conference. Lang wanted EC input as to how to handle this situation. EC was given a deadline of April and a decision will be made on the conference call. Lang will send a letter asking for clarification of the conference. Lang reported that the New York City Chapter hosted an event with Merce Cunningham who appreciated all of the attention (he) received at SIGGRAPH 98.

Cunningham asked for a finalized version of the goals statements from Saturday. Whitton, England, and Rhyne will work on a draft and get it back to EC for review.

Motion to Adjorn: Rhyne, Lang 7,0,0,3 (absent: Schaller, Spencer, Waggenspack.)