MAY 1-2, 1999

Alain Chesnais
Steve Cunningham
Nick England
John Hart
Michael McGrath
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Nan Schaller
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer
Mary Whitton

Scott Lang (part time via telephone)
Warren Waggenspack

Judy Brown (candidate for Chair/Chair of 30th Birthday)
John Fujii

Judy Osteller

Steve Cunningham called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.

Email votes

Motion (Spencer, Schaller): to allocate $30,000 from the SIGGRAPH EC reserve to digitize and make available all issues of the annual SIGGRAPH Conference Proceedings publications in digital form on CD-ROM and through the ACM Digital Library. 10,0,0

Motion (Spencer, Waggenspack): to approve the minutes of the December 1998 meeting. 9,0.0,1 (absent: Lang)

Motion (Waggenspack, Rhyne): to approve the minutes of the February 23rd conference call. 7,0,2,1 (abstain: Schaller. McGrath; absent: Lang)

Motion (Rhyne, Spencer): to approve the minutes of the March 1999 meeting pending revision of the issue of EC and CAG reserve funds. 8,0,1,1 (abstain: Waggenspack; absent: Lang)

Reserve Funds Task Force

Scott Lang reported by telephone on the Reserve Funds Task Force. They were charged with identifying goals for reserve funds and defining a rigorous process for approving expenditures of reinvestment funds. They identified three possible options:
1. Make no change to current policy,
2. Move all surplus funds into one central reserve fund and have a policy on how requests are to be handled and approved,
3. Provide a way for a surplus-generating area to maintain some funds directed towards projects in that area, with the remainder of the surplus funds reverting to a central reserve fund.

The target date for a draft is June 1, followed by open discussion and further development of feedback, with a goal of a concrete proposal by August 1.


Dino Schweitzer reported on behalf of Warren Waggenspack that SIGGRAPH 99 is coming along well, and the projections from the last meeting are holding well.

Guest Passes

Motion (Hart, Lang): that both outgoing and incoming EC members receive two guest passes for the annual conference. 5, 2, 3 (no: Chesnais, Waggenspack; abstain: Rhyne, Schaller, Whitton. Waggenspack vote was recorded by email)

Transition Plans for New Conference Management Model

John Fujii reported they are at the end of the CMRG transition process, and the CAG leadership is in place. He has taken the position of CAG Chair through the end of the calendar year, and if the bylaw changes pass he will take the conference EC seat on July 1. Steve Cunningham’s position as EC representative to CAG lasts through this December; Theresa-Marie Rhyne’s goes through December, 2000.

Get Involved

Cunningham requested EC members, as well as volunteers, to attend the Get Involved reception Wednesday evening. There will be tables set up where people can sit and talk with volunteers and members, with photographs of EC members for identification. Cunningham also asked EC members to take part in this.

Annual Business Meeting

The annual business meeting at the conference is scheduled for noon Thursday, August 12, because of a conflict with a Thursday evening event. This schedule change is controversial and Mary Whitton requested to go on record as opposing the change and believing that nothing should be allowed to conflict with this event. Whitton suggested that this time be evaluated at theSaturday EC meeting and discussed for the next year.

SIGGRAPH 30th Celebration

Judy Brown reported that this project is coming along very well. Displays include public policy, publications (including the SIGGRAPH Video Review), small conferences, the movie trailer, Smithsonian project, Envision the Future art exhibit, professional chapters, education activities, a guest book, and many more features.


Alain Chesnais reported on discusions of a new award that would be presented for rising young researchers, and is waiting for a formal proposal.


John Hart would like to see the way that membership is internally processed reduced from two separate membership categories to a single membership category with a number of options. A sample form was handed out showing a base membership starting at $27.00.

Motion (Hart, England): to simplify SIGGRAPH’s membership structure into a single base price with numerous member value plus options. 8,0,0,2 (absent: Lang, Waggenspack)


Hart gave an update on the movie. To date, $216,000 has been received in cash donations.

Motion (Schaller, Rhyne): Up to one-half of the net cash donations (i.e. minus ACM allocation), up to a maximum of $87,000, shall be made available for the "final touches" on the movie. 8,0,0,2 (absent: Lang, Waggenspack)

There was discussion of the details of the movie premier, and it was decided that priority should be given to conference registrants, but others should be able to attend as space permits.


A discussion took place on strategies and tactics for accomplishing goals that were discussed at the March, 1999, meeting in San Antonio. They include:
• Be a catalyst for the advancement of computer graphics technology
• Inspire the innovative application of computer graphics technology
• promote computer graphics and interactive techniques through education and professional development
• Develop and maintain an effective organization to accomplish the above.

Motion (Rhyne, Schaller): to adopt this set of goals as the primary goals of the SIGGRAPH organization, with final wordsmithing to be completed by May 6. 8,0,0,2 (absent: Lang, Waggenspack)

Motion: Adjourn (unanimous)