AUGUST 14, 1999




Judy Brown

Alan Chalmers

Steve Cunningham

Nick England

John Fujii

John Hart

Erica Johnson

Scott Lang

Mike McGrath

Garry Paxinos

Theresa-Marie Rhyne

Dino Schweitzer

Stephen Spencer


Judy Osteller


Walt Bransford

Jack Bresenham

Ed Catmull

Alain Chesnais

Colleen Cleary

Bob Ellis

Gudrun Enger

Bert Herzog

Lynn Pocock

Nan Schaller

Cindy Stark

Warren Waggenspack

Jackie White

Mary Whitton

Judy Brown called the meeting to order at 9:00AM; welcomed and introduced guests.

AWARDS - VICE CHAIR - Alan Chalmers introduced Bert Herzog, outgoing Awards Chair, and Ed Catmull, new Awards Chair, and brought forward the Awards Committee's request for a new Young Researcher Award. Ed Catmull had been earlier approved as Awards Chair by an email vote in July.

Motion (for July email vote): (Rhyne, Paxinos): to confirm the SIGGRAPH Chair's appointment of Ed Catmull as the SIGGRAPH Awards Chair (10,0,0).

Bert thanked the present EC and earlier ECs for their support of the awards program. Bert and Ed requested, on behalf of the Awards Committee, the addition of a third annual award, the Young Computer Graphics Researcher Award, to recognize outstanding work in the early part of a person’s career. The SIGGRAPH technical awards will now consist of: The Steven Anson Coons Award, The Computer Graphics Achievement Award, and the Young Computer Graphics Researcher Award. There was discussion of the word "young, " which is intended to refer to an early stage in a person's computer graphics career, rather than the person's age.

Motion: (Chalmers, Spencer) that SIGGRAPH add an annual Young Computer Graphics Researcher Award to its current technical awards program.


There was a discussion of honoraria for the technical awards. The current honoraria for the Coons and Achievement Awards are $6,000 and $2,000, respectively. Discussion will be continued as part of the regular SIGGRAPH budget discussions.


John Hart reported that the movie committee had met and formalized a distribution plan. Hart indicated that the reviews for the movie have been great. The Story of Computer Graphics has exceeded expectations, is more successful than originally predicted, and SIGGRAPH now owns a 1.5 hour, high quality documentary. It is now up to EC to determine how to distribute it. Hart plans to report the distribution plans through Leo Hourvitz, the new Director for Communications. He explained that there are three components to the plan: a festival run, a television broadcast, and video distribution. A festival run adds to the prestige of the movie and gets it into more theatrical venues throughout the world. Erica Johnson will be the contact person at ACM for those wanting to show the Movie at a theatre or festival. Carl Machover has already received a number of contacts.

There were additional funding requests, but these did not come in early enough to be considered at this meeting.

Judy Brown commented on the need to have a committee review of requests for showing the movie. Warren Waggenspack stated that he would like to see a timetable for this committee to set criteria so that people do not make arrangements to have the movie shown on their own. Brown announced this process would be set by the end of August.


Dates and places for the rest of the EC meetings this year are:

December 11-12, 1999 in Colorado Springs

March 11-12, 2000 in San Diego

(Later note: Location may be Columbus, Ohio)

May 6-7, 2000 in New Orleans


Steve Cunningham requested that the following funds be added to the SIGGRAPH Chair's budget for this year:

1.) Travel funds for the new SIGGRAPH officers to attend the ACM officers' orientation meeting in October

2.) Additional travel funds for EC meetings, since the new vice chair has to travel from Europe.

3.) Funds for a SIGGRAPH Executive Committee retreat.

Total request for additional funds is $30,000.

Judy Brown explained that she felt that an Executive Committee retreat is needed because so little time has been spent on organization infrastructure. The last EC retreat was held in l989. Brown reported that she expects decisions to be made as to what EC wants the organization to be and that goals will be set, along with an action plan and accountability plan.

Motion: (Cunningham, Chalmers) to amend the EC budget by $30,000 from the EC reserves for additional costs for the retreat, for new officers to attend the orientation, and for Alan Chalmer's travel to EC meetings.

(8,0,2; abstained England, Hart)


John Fujii gave a sincere thank you to the SIGGRAPH 99 committee for a job well done. Warren Waggenspack reported the final attendance total was 42,700, and the net square feet of exhibit space was 154,000; there were 337 exhibitors. Feedback indicates that attendees were happy about the content. Some courses were interactive sessions. Also, the Hardware Workshop pulled many people into the panel discussions. Waggenspack thanked the Executive Committee for its input and support.


Jackie White congratulated Warren and stated that they have a real challenge ahead of them to meet the success of SIGGRAPH 99, but knows SIGGRAPH 2000 can do it. White went on to report she has been having program reviews with each of the 18 program chairs and is excited about detailing and sharing ideas. There are a lot of exciting things coming down the road. Exhibit space for S2000 to date is 122,000 sq. ft. sold.


Lynn Pocock reported she had been interviewing candidates all week . Decisions will be made by the beginning of December. The SIGGRAPH 2001 strategy meeting will be held in January 2000.


John Fujii reiterated several future conference sites, pending conditional reviews and negotiations, for SIGGRAPH conferences, 2002 (San Antonio, Texas) and 2003 (San Diego, California) - email votes below. He also announced they are searching for candidates for the 2002 Chair, and asked that any ideas for candidates be passed along to the Conference Advisory Group. CAG is also doing an open search for CAG Chair. Applications for all positions are posted on the website under conferences. Judy Brown added that Steve Cunningham’s position on CAG ends in December, and nominations for this position should be sent to her by October 15th.

Email ballots on future conference sites

Motion: (Rhyne, Waggenspack): to approve San Diego as the SIGGRAPH 2003 and SIGGRAPH 2007 site based on:

the Conditional Approval items for 2003:

- site being finished by December 2001 (previous SIGGRAPH

approval of sites under construction was LA [95] and

San Antonio [02])

- reviewing construction "milestone schedule" for slippage

- site trip by SBA, AVW, HE to review technical details of

facility - (cannot happen until further in construction


- networking issues (same as 2002)

- hotel package (standard)

- satisfactory deposit schedule for both years

- mutual performance clause for continuation of second year

(expanded below)

and the Condition for Cancellation for 2007:

- ability to cancel by December 2003 without penalty

- mutual performance clauses (examples):

1) Cancellation of San Diego by SIGGRAPH

- unsatisfactory indicators from either exhibitor or

attendee surveys

- ancillary service costs do not remain competitive

- space no longer fits SIGGRAPH's requirements (where

SIGGRAPH substantially declines or grows)

- other items yet to be determined by SIGGRAPH by

31 July 99

2) Cancellation by San Diego of SIGGRAPH

- food and beverage minimum based on S97+S98 performances

not achieved

- telecommunication minimum based on S97+S98 performances

not achieved

- unsatisfactory hotel performance (we'll be recommending

a level that drops below 60% of projected)

- other items yet to be determined by San Diego by

31 July 99

The motion was made on 6/16/99 and was complete on 6/21/99.

The vote was (10,0,0)

Motion: (Waggenspack, Rhyne; friendly amendment Whitton): to approve San Antonio as the site of SIGGRAPH 2002 subject to successful negotiation on the conditions noted. (10,0,0)


Steve Cunningham reported that Rick Snodgrass (Chair of SIGMOD) reviewed SIG participation in the ACM Digital Library on behalf of the SIG Governing Board. He recommended that the SIGs participate in the effort to have the Digital Library be the primary portal to online computer science information by funding some of the work to put SIG content online. There are also efforts underway to include publications from other organizations in the ACM Digital Library. Steve suggested that SIGGRAPH work with associations with which we have a relationship to include their content in return for appropriate trade-offs.


Steve Cunningham reported on a very active week and thanked Jack Bresenham and Alain Chesnais for their help. They have some more work to do, but they have strong candidates in mind. Steve said he would like to have a slate put together by the end of September.


Theresa-Marie Rhyne reported that the ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project held its 3rd Birds of a Feather meeting at SIGGRAPH 99. The session included presentations on activities of (1) the International Cartographic Association’s Commission on Visualization; (2) the GeoVRML Working Group of the Web 3D consortium and (3) an application developed by Mountain Top Computing. The official funding for the ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project ends when the ICA Commission on Visualization meeting occurs in Ottawa, Canada on August 22-23, 1999. However it appears that the volunteer community aspects of the project will continue indefinitely.


Garry Paxinos announced that the budget process will be starting shortly. Steve Cunningham asked that Garry and Erica Johnson work together to try and get some analysis of the past fiscal year to compare with spending requests in different areas.

Nan Schaller, Past Treasurer, explained that there are three conference calls in October and November for discussion of preliminary budgets. Judy Brown announced that the order of calls will be: Education and Chapters first; Publications and Chair second (includes Past Chair and Treasurer budgets); Vice Chair and Communications third. Nan stated that the Finance Committee consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, possibly the past-Chair, Treasurer; possibly the past-treasurer; the chair of CAG, ACM Program Director, and Director for Publications.


Motion: (Hart, Rhyne) to approve May Minutes

(8,0,2 - abstain: Chalmers, Paxinos)


John Hart informed EC that he met with Tom Defanti and Dana Plepys about SIGGRAPH Video Review (SVR) and an agreement was reached for a SIGGRAPH membership discount on SVR purchases. SVRs will be added to the member plus program, and the discounted price for each SVR will be $40.00. This discount applies to the new SVRs and will be available at the beginning of the next fiscal year (July 2000).

Hart reported the new General Information Piece (GIP) had some problems. Some prices were wrong, but they were fixed immediately. Hart reported that Wayne Graves at ACM has been able to integrate the membership form on line through so that SIGGRAPH EC retains control over design of the SIGGRAPH form. Credit Cards are secured through ACM. Membership email forwarding has been designed as a base feature that could be offered to members at no additional cost to SIGGRAPH.


Scott Lang reported on the reserve fund task force. Two meetings were held during the week of SIGGRAPH 99. At this time the task force is not ready to make any recommendations. The task force was supposed to produce a plan by the August, 1999 meeting. The Chair set up the same Task Force to proceed on the same task to be finished by the end of October with an interim report in September.


The EC unanimously decided to keep the monthly conference calls. By the end of August, EC members will be able to put their schedules online so a time for the calls can be determined. Conference calls will be held the second week of every month, plus the fourth week of October for the preliminary budgets.


Mike McGrath reported on the Education Committee and its goals. Goals include using the Web as a portal for visual and graphic materials and resources, expanding the volunteer base, developing closer ties to the conference educators' program, creating a manual for each project on the Web, and establishing a refereed journal on computer graphics and teaching.


Bob Ellis reported that the Public Policy web pages have been updated. Two online surveys have been completed. The first survey had approximately 30 responses; and the second survey had a little over 100. A third survey is being developed on public policy issues. There has been a public policy column in Computer Graphics in every issue, including an article on high speed bandwidth. A session was organized at the CFP’99 (Computers, Freedom and Privacy) conference. Two proposals are being developed for sessions at the CFP 2000 conference in Toronto. Ellis stated he also took part in a USACM briefing.


Steve Cunningham suggested that ACM conference discount policy should be changed to allow SIG members lower registration fees for an event sponsored by that SIG. The current ACM policy is that those who are members of both ACM and a SIG have the largest discounts on that SIG's conference, ACM-only members the next largest discount, and SIG-only members the next lowest discount. This suggestion is that SIG-only members should have larger discounts than ACM-only members. Since SIG Chairs previously voted down this motion, it has not gone any further within the SIG Governing Board. Nick England raised a concern about whether this should apply to SIG lite members.

Motion: (Cunningham, England) to direct the SIGGRAPH Chair to pursue two membership issues at the SIG Governing Board (SGB) level

1. to make student SIG memberships independent of ACM student memberships

2. to adopt a discount policy on SIG -sponsored items of

(ACM+SIG members)<= (SIG only members) <= (ACM only members) <= (non-members).



Everyone agreed that the organization forum at the earlier hour (noon on Thursday) went very well, and it was attended by more people than in the past.


Alain Chesnais, John Hart, Nan Schaller, Mary Whitton and Warren Waggenspack received SIGGRAPH plaques and ACM certificates for their outstanding service to the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee.

Motion: Motion to Adjourn

Hart, Spencer (10,0,0)