SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call

January 12, 2000

Attending: Judy Brown, Alan Chalmers, John Fujii, Leo Hourvitz, Erica Johnson, Scott Lang, Mike McGrath, Scott Owen, Garry Paxinos, Theresa Marie Rhyne, Stephen Spencer

1. Amendment to the conference budget to allow a $25 reduction for member prices in the Conference Select registration category. - Scott Owen

This proposal would change the member prices to $150/$210/$225 (early/late/on-site) while the non-member prices will be $175/$235/$250. The reduction in income of approximately $20,000 will be offset by a reduction of $20,000 in expenses to achieve a balanced budget.

Motion: To amend the conference budget to allow a $25 reduction for member prices in the Conference Select registration category. (Owen, Hourvitz - 9,0,0)

Scott Owen is to send the revised budget to Erica Johnson at ACM by January 19th.

2. Approval of minutes from December meeting - Judy Brown

Motion: To approve the December minutes, with the above change in the conference budget. (Rhyne, Chalmers - 9,0,0)

3. Conference Contract Proposals for renewing three of the conference

contracts. - John Fujii/Scott Owen

A proposal was presented for the renewal of three contracts for audio visual, management, and marketing/public relations needs for the S2001, S2002, and S2003 conferences. Since conference income projections are down, it was felt that we need to look more closely at the services for which we contract. Contracts need to be in place now for the 2001 conference, but we may have to restructure for the 2002 and 2003 conferences. We felt that we want to make a three-year commitment to these specific contractors, but that we could only approve the rates for the first year. We want to make it clear that we are not questioning the performance of any of these contractors or their services, but we need to look more closely at what we will be able to afford for upcoming years.

Motion: To approve the three contracts proposed for a three conference year commitment and to approve the S2001 conference rates. (Fujii, Owen - 9,0,0)

Setting the rates for S2002 and S2003 is subject to financial negotiation and compliance with ACM rules. Erica will check with ACM about any legal problems. CAG will closely monitor the current conference and investigate what services are most needed.

4. Conference Reserve Fund Proposal supporting an ACM SIGGRAPH Awards Endowment for the Significant New Researcher Award and SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award. - John Fujii.

Conference Advisory Group proposed to fund the endowment of these awards from the Conference Reserve Fund.

Motion: To increase the ACM SIGGRAPH Awards Endowment to include the Significant New Researcher Award and SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award, with funds to come from the Conference Reserve Fund. (Fujii, Chalmers - 9,0,0)

Garry Paxinos, SIGGRAPH Treasurer will set up the endowment, with Erica and Alan's assistance.

5. Preliminary report on interest of chapters in a unification membership plan - Scott Lang

Scott has been discussing with chapters people some possibilities for combining membership in ACM SIGGRAPH with SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters membership. He will send us a summary of this discussion next week and will be meeting with the Chapters Steering Committee later this month. He will have a more complete report by the next conference call, February 9.

6. Leo announced that the Movie Committee is discussing a proposal from a company to agent the movie worldwide, except for Japan where we already have contacts. This would be to have the movie, "The Story of Computer Graphics," shown on Broadcast, Cable, and Pay-TV.