MARCH 11-12, 2000


Attending Guests
Judy Brown Gudrun Enger
Alan Chalmers Linda Hersom
Steve Cunningham Tony Longson
John Fujii Dave Spoelstra
Leo Hourvitz  
Erica Johnson  
Scott Lang ACM
Mike McGrath Judy Osteller
Scott Owen  
Garry Paxinos Absent
Dino Schweitzer Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Stephen Spencer (Attending the Game Developer's Conference as ACM SIGGRAPH representative)


Judy Brown called the meeting to order at 8:00 A.M.

Strategic Planning

John Fujii explained the framework of the ACM SIGGRAPH Strategic Plan. This plan includes the mission, purpose, values and major directions of the SIGGRAPH Organization. He explained that this is an evolving guide that responds to the needs of the organization and the fields that SIGGRAPH helps to build, energize, and catalyze. Included in this plan are the Mission Statement, Purpose Statement and Values Statement. Leo Hourvitz stated that when referring to the organization, ACM SIGGRAPH should be used to avoid confusion with the annual conference.

The edited document was discussed in two parts, labeled The Strategic Plan (pages 1-3) and the Strategic Plan Background and Priorities (pages 4-6).

Motion: Adopt first three pages of Strategic Plan

Owen, Hourvitz (9, 0,0)

Motion: accept pages 4-6 as an internal strategic planning document, with narrowing and defining of Section 3; but to accept all the pages as the internal philosophy and strategic planning document

Fujii, Hourvitz (8,0,1; abstain: Lang)

Fujii explained that the next goal is to look at all parts of the organization relative to the Strategic Plan, to understand the elements of each program and how they are supported by the strategic plan, and to develop some timelines and suggestions for accountability for each of the programs. For the May meeting, each EC member should define how their activities relate to the strategic plan and develop timelines and measures of accountability.

Organization Meeting

Hourvitz led the discussion on the ACM SIGGRAPH Organization Meeting that is held at the conference. Potential goals for this meeting include: promote the organization, recognize volunteers, recruit members, recruit volunteers, allow input from members, and give status reports - let members know what the organization is doing and discuss the Strategic Plan. We will promote this meeting as an opportunity for people to join ACM SIGGRAPH and to get involved as volunteers. We will recognize current volunteers, then break into small, accessible groups to discuss specific activities with attendees.

Thanks to Steve Cunningham

SIGGRAPH Executive Committee officially thanked Steve Cunningham for his four years of service on the Conference Advisory Group.

January Conference Call Minutes

Motion: To approve minutes of January conference call.

Chalmers, Hourvitz (8,0,1; abstain: Cunningham)


Scott Lang reported on the Chapters discussion in January about using the ACM SIGGRAPH logo. He explained that chapters use logos on chapter web sites, printed publications such as newsletters, event flyers and cha pter merchandise. Some chapters have a derivative of the SIGGRAPH logo integrated into their chapter logo.

The logo has also been used in other areas of ACM SIGGRAPH, such as the movie, publications, special projects, and most SIGGRAPH committees. Brown appointed a task force of Leo Hourvitz (chair), Scott Owen, Alan Chalmers, and Stephen Spencer to recommend a policy and guidelines for using the SIGGRAPH logo.

National Research Council (NRC) Study

Mike McGrath presented a proposal to have the NRC develop a white paper on the research challenges in computer graphics, considering the needs of many application areas, such as health care, entertainment, product design and manufacturing, scientific visualization, and education. The request is for ACM SIGGRAPH to provide seed funding of $52,900 so that the NRC can then raise the additional $400,000 required for such a study. The study will involve researchers from throughout the world, and it is expected that the other funding sources will also be from multiple nations. Mike and Bob are sending this proposal out to computer graphics researchers for their review, and they requested approval to go forward with the study if the researchers' reviews are positive.

Motion: To approve the NRC study proposal subject to the SIGGRAPH Chair’s assessment of the reviews from the researchers.

Chalmers, Hourvitz (9, 0, 0)

Treasurer’s Report

Garry Paxinos reported that as of December 9th, the Executive Committee had approximately $1.5 million. He feels that next year available funds from reserves will be about $700,000, but he advised that a more conservative approach should be taken on the amount of spending from the reserve fund this year. He requested a budget of $125,300 for this year, including the following:

NRC study
Web Site Redesign
Small Conference Seed



Motion To approve reserve fund budget

Paxinos, Cunningham (9, 0,0)

Mailing Lists:

Erica Johnson explained the process of purchasing mailing lists. She reported that ACM uses World Data as the ACM mailing list service. Johnson is to check existing ACM policy to see whether a conference registrant or ACM SIGGRAPH member can have his/her name omitted from the list.

Letters of Support from SIGGRAPH

Alan Chalmers indicated that several people have approached the organization to ask for letters of support, including help with visa letters. He proposed setting up a committee that would be responsible for following up on these requests. Brown mentioned that Bob Ellis is setting up a database of people with computer graphics expertise and that he has asked for volunteers and suggestions for people who should be included in this database.

Motion: To continue to write support letters certifying professional qualifications, at the discretion of the ACM SIGGRAPH Chair, when we are able to verify the information

Hourvitz; Chalmers (9,0,0)

Conference Passes Question

Steve Cunningham brought up the question of conference access for EC candidates who are not elected and asked EC to verify his understanding of the policy.

Motion: All unsuccessful candidates will receive conference access (no materials), if they do not already qualify for one, to be budgeted from the Nominations Committee budget.

Chalmers, Hourvitz (9,0,0)

Intellectual Property Issue

Judy Brown brought up the issue of intellectual property. In particular, what do we do if a company claims that a SIGGRAPH author or presenter is divulging trade secrets, and we have reason to believe those claims are false?

Motion: In cases where ownership of Intellectual Property is submitted to an ACM SIGGRAPH publication and is disputed, our policy is to use the expertise within our community to evaluate the issue. Should our evaluation show the material is publishable, our policy is to take necessary actions to publish in furtherance of our mission.

Hourvitz, Cunningham (9, 0,0)



Scott Owen reported that the SIGGRAPH 99 books have been closed. Income was approximately $300,000 less than budgeted, but since the conference expenses were under budget and the contingency was not used, SIGGRAPH 99 returned a surplus of $344,051, which was split between the Conference and Executive Committee reserve funds.


Owen informed the group that the SIGGRAPH 2000 budget has been frozen. Projected exhibits sales are down from 130,000 square feet to 125,000 square feet, resulting in a loss in expected income of $165,000. Each program chair was asked to make small cuts in his/her budget with the total amounting to approximately $180,000. Technically, S2000 looks very good. Fifty-nine papers were accepted. A record number of submissions have been received for the Computer Animation Festival. Dino Schweitzer thanked Stephen Spencer for arranging for Digital Library access for the papers jury. The Keynote speech will be given by Ray Kurzweil; Fred Brooks will give the Turing Award speech on Tuesday; and the Get Involved session will be on Wednesday, 5:30PM-7:00PM.

SIGGRAPH 2001 had their strategy meeting in January. Owen indicated that there is a lot of energy around web-based issues.

SIGGRAPH 2003 and 2007

We are finalizing negotiations with San Diego for these two conferences.

Sunday, March 12, 2000


Alan Chalmers updated the committee on discussions that took place between SIGGRAPH and Eurographics with regard to joint membership. Points discussed included a reduced membership fee for joint members, joint Chapters, joint sponsorship of the first Campfire meeting, a joint newsletter, a potential journal on applied graphics, and mutual access to digital libraries.

Motion: ACM SIGGRAPH supports the concept of a joint membership of ACM SIGGRAPH and Eurographics with price and operational details to be developed.

Cunningham, Chalmers (8,0,0)

Motion: ACM SIGGRAPH will offer a $7.00 discount on joint membership with Eurographics.

Chalmers, Paxinos (9,0,0)


Chalmers reported that the Significant New Researcher Award is in the process of being approved by ACM. No problems are expected. Nominations will start in 2001.

ACM SIGGRAPH and Chapters Membership

Scott Lang reported on a membership discussion at the Chapters meeting January . Most chapter members do not belong to ACM SIGGRAPH, and a discussion was held as to why chapter members join chapters but not the organization.

Cost Increases

Because dues are no longer covering the cost of full membership in ACM SIGGRAPH, a discussion was held regarding raising dues. It was decided to keep membership cost the same and increase publications costs.

Motion: To increase the cost of the conference publication package to $40.00 and each separate conference publication to $25.00

Hourvitz, Owen (9,0,0)


Leo Hourvitz led a discussion with regard to student membership.

Motion: To have a student only membership fee of $20.00 with benefits identical to the current membership.

McGrath, Cunningham (7,2,0; against: Fujii, Hourvitz)

Membership Options

A discussion was also held on electronic-only publications.

Motion: To provide an option allowing all ACM SIGGRAPH members to indicate they do not wish to receive the newsletter in printed form.

Hourvitz, Lang (9,0,0)

Motion: To adjourn at 11:45 AM

Cunningham, Chalmers - by acclamation