ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee April Conference Call

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Attending: Judy Brown, Alan Chalmers, Steve Cunningham, John Fujii, Leo Hourvitz, Erica Johnson, Scott Owen, Garry Paxinos, Theresa Marie Rhyne, Stephen Spencer, Dino Schweitzer

Absent: Scott Lang, Mike McGrath

March minutes

Motion: To approve the March Executive Committee meeting minutes.

(Owen, Hourvitz 7,0,1; abstain, Rhyne)

Strategic plan

SIGGRAPH EC discussed the background and priorities related to the Strategic Plan, which can be found at

Motion: To approve the background and priorities of the strategic plan as a working document.

(Rhyne, Chalmers 8,0,0)


The SIGGRAPH Logo Task Force presented a policy on the use of the ACM SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH conference logos.

Motion: To approve the policy on the use of the ACM SIGGRAPH organizational and conference logos.

(Hourvitz, Owen 8,0,0)

This policy will be posted on the SIGGRAPH web site.

SIGGRAPH member mailing lists

There was discussion about the use of the ACM SIGGRAPH member and SIGGRAPH conference attendee mailing lists. Conference attendees will not be on any non-conference mailing lists unless they explicitly check a box allowing it. We know that ACM sells SIGs' member mailing lists. We think that members can get off these mailing lists by contacting ACM member services. However, the "Draft ACM policy" that is on the web has been a draft since 1998, and we are not sure what actually happens. We would like to have the SIGs have control over what kind of mailings go to their members and to share in the revenue from the sale of these mailing lists. However, before we pursue this policy further, Erica has been asked to find out from ACM how many names are on the SIGGRAPH member list that can be purchased and how much revenue is generated from it.

Appreciation of Judy Osteller

Judy Osteller, who has been our ACM Assistant Program Director for 6 years, will be leaving ACM to pursue new interests. SIGGRAPH thanks Judy for her outstanding service during this time, by acclamation.

Strategic planning implementation

We will use part of the May Executive Committee meeting to show how the ACM SIGGRAPH Strategic Plan will be adopted in each area of SIGGRAPH. Each EC member will have a 10 minute presentation on either an overview of the area or a particular activity within the area. Initial reports will be posted as backup one week before the meeting.This is a step towards understanding how to best allocate our resources according to the strategic plan.

DVD production contract

There was an email vote taken since the last Executive Committee meeting regarding the SIGGRAPH 2000 DVD production contract for the SIGGRAPH Video Reviews.

Motion: To approve awarding the SIGGRAPH 2000 SVR DVD production contract to Toshiba Digital Frontiers.

(Spencer, Rhyne: 10, 0, 0)