ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Meeting

Saturday July 29,2000
New Orleans, LA

Judy Brown
Alan Chalmers
Colleen Cleary
Steve Cunningham
David Ebert
Leo Hourvitz
Erica Johnson
Scott Owen
Garry Paxinos
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer

Gudrun Enger
Mike McGrath

David Arnold
Tom Appolloni
Bob Ellis
Dieter Fellner
John Fujii
Scott Lang
Mike Pique
Lynn Pocock
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Larry Vliet
Warren Waggenspack
Jackie White

The meeting was called to order at 9am by Judy Brown, and there was a brief introduction of guests.


ACM Certificates of Recognition of Service were given to Scott Lang, Theresa-Marie Rhyne, John Fujii, and Steve Cunningham for their service on the Executive Committee and Conference Advisory Group.

Plaques were given to outgoing Executive Committee member: John Fujii, Scott Lang, and Theresa-Marie Rhyne

The Executive Committee meeting schedule was set for the upcoming year, as follows:

The November meeting will be the weekend of November. 10-12, preferably in Europe. Location suggestions: Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, Rome. Erica Johnson will look into airfares to determine if these are feasible.

The budget meeting will be held in late January, preferably in Colorado Springs. EC members should keep the last two weekends open, January 19-21 and 26-28, until we hear about availability from those who were absent.

The May meeting will be held May 4-6.

Location suggestions: Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Vancouver. Erica will look into airfares to determine which of these are feasible.

The August conference call is tentatively scheduled to be held on August 30 at a time to be determined later.


Motion: To approve the minutes of the May EC meeting.

(Hourvitz, Ebert - 8, 0, 0)

Motion to approve the minutes of the two conference calls (May 25th and June 14th)

(Chalmers, Hourvitz - 8, 0, 0)


Scott Owen reported that the SIGGRAPH 2000 conference was very successful and turned the discussion over to the conference chair, Jackie White. Jackie reported that they sold 145,000 square feet of exhibit space, and that the attendance was 25,986. Full Conference registration was 8,300. This high number of full conference attendees caused some of the overcrowding at the Monday reception. Conference Select registration was 1,860. There were no major issues other than overflows for AV setup.

Motion that EC commend the S2000 chair and committee for putting on a wonderful conference. (Owen, Cunningham) By acclamation.

Lynn Pocock reported that the SIGGRAPH 2001 exhibit pre-sale numbers look great, with approximately 128,700 square feet sold. The SIGGRAPH 2001 committee will meet in September to prepare the budget and review space sales.

Tom Appollini reported that the SIGGRAPH 2002 committee building is progressing, and both program plans and business plans look good.

Scott reported that a summary of the strategic planning he has been doing this week will be written and given to EC for use prior to the September strategic planning meeting.

Leo Hourvitz reported that the ACM SIGGRAPH booth was very busy all week and that we signed up 430 members through online registration at the booth.


Warren Waggenspack reported that the appearance of the Digital Media News web site ( has changed. It now looks like any other media site for news and doesn92t look like it's coming from ACM SIGGRAPH. There has not been any direct follow up with this company since our conference call in June. The subcommittee will have e-mail contact after this week to discuss it.


There are three separate, but related issues:

1.) Do any of the selections that we have, such as the Computer Animation Festival (CAF) Best of Show and Jury Honors selections need to be approved as part of the ACM Awards Program?

2.) Do we want to restrict units of ACM SIGGRAPH from giving prizes, "awards," or otherwise selecting "winners?"

3.) Should the term "award" be reserved for the official ACM SIGGRAPH Awards Program (Coons, Achievement, Significant New Researcher, and Outstanding Service Awards)?

On the first issue, the ACM award policy is to get external recognition of work being done by SIGs. The discussion did not indicate any interest in having the CAF selections or any other selections outside the ACM SIGGRAPH Awards Program becoming an ACM award.

With regard to the second issue, the education committee has given prizes in poster and animation competition; the conference has had t-shirt prizes; and some chapters have given significant monetary prizes. There are other examples, as well. Some think this is a decision that each committee should make, while others feel that acceptance should be the only recognition needed. Still others feel that there should be some guidelines, but each committee should make its own decisions within the guidelines.

The chair will appoint a task force to discuss these issues before the next conference call. There was a brief discussion of the use of the word "award." The above task force will also include this topic in its discussion.

The discussion about the CAF awards raised the question about press releases and where they are recorded. We were told that they are documented online on the Conference Advisory Group web site. Scott Owen will inform us as to the location of the press releases.


ACM SIGRAPH and EUROGRAPHICS signed an affiliation agreement this week, by which joint members receive a discount on membership dues. We will continue to work closely together and seek new opportunities for the common goal of furthering the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques. EUROGRAPHICS also had a very good number of new memberships at their booth.


For eight years, ACM has sponsored a student research contest at the SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education. In order to get a broader student involvement, there are plans to have some SIGs host discipline-focused contests to bring research students to an event with maximum interest in them. If SIGGRAPH were to sponsor a competition for student research in computer graphics, the winners at the SIGGRAPH competition would compete with winners from other SIG-sponsored events, with the winners being presented at the ACM awards banquet in May. This is likely to begin with May 2002 or 2003. Steve Cunningham will look into this at the undergraduate level, and David Ebert will look into it for the graduate level. Both the education committee and chair of the educators' program have shown interest. There is a need to define what "research" is in the SIGGRAPH community. Steve and David will focus on Computer Science, but other areas may also be involved.


Steve Cunningham, Nominations Committee Chair, presented some proposed changes to Article 4 of the bylaws, defining the ACM SIGGRAPH Officers and Executive Committee and terms of office. The intent is to phase in a non-renewable three year term of office and to change the titles of several of the Executive Committee members. The rest of the recommended bylaw changes will be brought forward at the November EC meeting, but EC approval of this section was needed for the nominations committee to continue. Bylaws changes approved by EC posted on the web site and will be voted on by ACM SIGGRAPH membership in the next ballot.

Motion: To approve the changes in Article 4 of the bylaws with the changes presented to EC and to replace the title of Chair, Vice Chair, and Past Chair w/ President, Vice president and Past President.(Cunningham, Chalmers)

Friendly amendment: To also change "Director for Professional Chapters" to "Director for Chapters" because we now also have student chapters 96 Colleen Cleary.

Friendly amendment accepted.

Amendment : To delete the recommended statement under (d) iii "No person may be selected as CAG Chair while serving in that position, unless that service shall have had a duration of no more than one year at the time the selection is made by the Executive Committee." (Owen, Chalmers; 7,1,0, Against 96 Cunningham)

Vote passed on the motion as amended (8,0,0)


Bob Ellis discussed the public policy activities: informing policy makers about issues, the on-line surveys and results, public policy and visibility, and the National Research Council study. We have not done much to inform policy makers. Bob participated in a congressional briefing and invited a staff member from the committee on telecommunications to the public policy committee meeting this week. The on-line surveys have low participation, only 26 on the most recent one. Bob discussed ways to raise public policy visibility at the annual conference

The comments received back from researchers on the National Research Council study on computer graphics applications and research will be reflected in the revised project description. Other researchers will be contacted to request their comments.


A two-hour scenario-based strategic planning session was held.


We need to have policies and procedures for this award, including whether it is to be an annual or bi-annual award. It is felt that it should be a life-time service kind of award.

Motion (Hourvitz, Cunningham)

The charter of the ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award shall be changed to be as follows:

The ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award is given in even-numbered years to recognize a career of outstanding service to ACM SIGGRAPH by a volunteer. It recognizes an individual who has given extraordinary service to ACM SIGGRAPH, both in the trenches and in positions of more responsibility or visibility, over a significant period of time. This award shall be administered by a designated Service Awards Chair who will create an appropriate committee, and shall be based upon nominations to the Service Awards Chair. The award shall consist of a plaque and full travel expenses and registration to the SIGGRAPH annual conference at which the award shall be given.

Motion passed - 7,0,1, Abstain - Chalmers

Motion to adjourn at 3:30 p.m. (Cunningham, Hourvitz) by acclamation

------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

The following version of bylaws changes was approved by ACM SIGGRAPH EC on 7/29/00.

Article 4. SIGGRAPH Officers and Executive Committee

(a) The Officers of SIGGRAPH comprise the ChairPresident, the Vice ChairPresident, and the Treasurer.

(b) The SIGGRAPH Executive Committee comprises the Past ChairPresident, the Officers, the Director for Communications, Director for Education, Director for Professional Chapters, Director for Publications, two Directors-at-Large, the Chair of the Conference Advisory Group, the conference Chief Staff Executive, and the SIGGRAPH Program Director.

(c) Elected positions

i. Members of the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee are elected to three-year terms, beginning July 1 of the terms of their election.

ii. The President and Vice President are elected every three years, beginning in 2002; the Treasurer, Director for Education, and one Director-at-Large are elected every three years, beginning in 2003; and the Director for Communications, Director for Chapters, and the other Director-at-Large are elected every three years, beginning in 2004.

iii. No person may be a candidate for a SIGGRAPH Executive Committee position while serving in that position, unless that service shall have had a duration of no more than one year at the time the ballot is sent to the membership.

i. The Officers of SIGGRAPH are elected to two-year terms beginning July 1 of odd-numbered years;

ii. The Director for Communications, Director for Education, Director for Professional Chapters, and the two Directors-at-Large are elected to two-year terms beginning July 1 of even-numbered years;

iii. No person may be a candidate for a SIGGRAPH Executive Committee position while serving a second consecutive term in that same position.

(d) Selected positions

i. With the nomination of the SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group (CAG), the Executive Committee shall select the Chair of the CAG.

ii. The Chair of the Conference Advisory Group (CAG) will be selected in odd-numbered years every third year, beginning in 2001, for a threetwo-year term beginning on January 1 of the following yeareven-numbered years.

(e) Appointed positions

i. With the advice of the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, the position of Director for Publications shall be appointed by the ChairPresident;

(f) Ex officio positions

i. All ex officio members of the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee shall be non-voting members.

ii. The conference Chief Staff Executive shall be an ex officio member of the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee.

iii. The ACM Program Director for SIGGRAPH shall be an ex officio member of the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee.

(g) The general duties of the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee will be to advise the ChairPresident on all matters of interest to SIGGRAPH. Specific duties or responsibilities may be specified in these Bylaws or assigned by the ChairPresident. All the major management policies of SIGGRAPH must be approved by the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee.

(h) All members of, or candidates for, the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee must be voting members of the ACM and SIGGRAPH.

(i) No person may hold two positions on the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee simultaneously.