ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call

August 30, 2000

Judy Brown Alan Chalmers Colleen Cleary
Steve Cunningham David Ebert Gudrun Enger
Leo Hourvitz Erica Johnson Scott Owen
Garry Paxinos Dino Schweitzer  
Theresa-Marie Rhyne (EC representative to Conference Advisory Group)
Mike McGrath Stephen Spencer  


Motion: To approve the Minutes from the July Executive Committee Meeting (Hourvitz, Chalmers — 7,0,0)

Motion: To approve the appointment of Hans-Peter Seidel to the Awards Committee (Chalmers, Owen — 7,0,0)

Scott Owen and Theresa-Marie Rhyne reported on results from the recent Conference Advisory Group (CAG) meeting. They want to move the timeline for freezing the conference budget from the end of February to the middle or end of March. Erica Johnson mentioned that there are some new ACM guidelines on time limits for completed budgets, with March 15th as the latest deadline. Scott will put this on the agenda for the November EC meeting when he has appropriate backup.

Leo Hourvitz reported that our membership is higher this year than it was last year at this time. Judy Brown and Alan Chalmers added that we gained twenty new members at the Eurographics conference.

Garry Paxinos briefly described the budget process for this year. He will provide a spreadsheet template and target budget line for each program manager. We will have three conference calls, beginning in October, with two program managers presenting their budgets during each call. A member of the Finance Committee will serve as a liaison to each program, and the Finance Committee will review the budgets presented after each call.