January 27-28, 2001

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Attendees Guests
Judy BrownJennifer Anderson
Alan ChalmersTom Appolloni
Colleen ClearyDavid Arnold
Steve CunninghamJanet McAndless
David EbertLynn Pocock
Gudrun EngerTheresa-Marie Rhyne
Leo HourvitzAlyn Rockwood
Erica JohnsonCindy Stark
Mike McGrathLarry Vliet
Scott OwenJackie White
Gary Paxinos
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer

Judy Brown called the meeting to order at 8:00a.m. and welcomed the guests..

Follow up on strategic planning

Traveling Courses

Discussion on the traveling courses was led by Gudrun Enger, who is chairing a task force to explore various models for presenting courses from the annual conference at other venues. She will work with Gordon Davies of ACM on collaborative efforts. There was also a suggestion that we explore the possibility of an application process for courses that may not have been accepted into the annual conference but still have excellent content. One course is planned for the SAGA conference in South Africa in October, and two courses are planned to be handled by professional chapters.


Discussion on the "Hub" was lead by Gudrun Enger and David Ebert. The concept of the Hub was given high priority at the fall strategic planning meeting. Some aspects can be addressed immediately, and some will need to be implemented later. First, we need to get good content on the website. Enger and Ebert are compiling a list of content needed. We will seek volunteers to help put together these areas of content. Concentrating on the short term, we will make the web site much more useful than it is now and publicize what's available and what we need volunteers for at the organizational meeting at the conference. In the long term, we will also pursue the "Hub" concepts of personalization and new services. We hope to attract people to the booth by showing internet demonstrations there.

* By March, we should have the list of volunteer positions ready to incorporate into the events program for the conference.

* By the Executive Committee meeting, May 4-6, the web structure should be online with the available volunteer positions.

Conference activities

There was a discussion of conference programs and how to help attendees meet others with the same interests.

There was a discussion of the strategic plan and conference programs. We hope to improve communication between the conferences and the Executive Committee by having the approval of the preliminary budget at the November meeting of year N for the conference that will be in year N+2. Final approval of the conference budget each year will be in January of the conference year.

SIGGRAPH 2001 final budget approval

The SIGGRAPH 2001 conference will be at the Los Angeles. Convention Center August 12-17, 2001. Some of the highlights include:

MOTION (Owen, Chalmers): To approve the SIGGRAPH 2001 Final Budget.

Approved (10,0,0)

SIGGRAPH 2002 preliminary budget approval

SIGGRAPH 2002 will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, July 21-26 2002. They will have to market a new city.

MOTION (Owen, Paxinos): To approve the SIGGRAPH 2002 Preliminary Budget.

Approved (10,0,0)

Game developers outreach report

Theresa-Marie Rhyne reported on her outreach work with games developers for the annual conference. There will be a roundtable discussion at the. Game Developers Conference, March 21-25. Rhyne, Scott Owen, and Alyn Rockwood will participate.

The Executive Committee sincerely thanks Theresa-Marie Rhyne for her term of service as Executive Committee representative to the Conference Advisory Group for the term of January 1, 1999 to December 30, 2000.


Alan Chalmers discussed two changes in ACM SIGGRAPH awards:

1.) The Awards Committee would like to give the recipients of the Coons Award a sculpture, rather than the cash award. The sculpture will be a Coons Patch sculpture by Helamon Ferguson. Since the price of the sculpture is no more than the $6,000 cash award, this change in award is acceptable.

2.) Chalmers requested a lifetime ACM SIGGRAPH membership for the recipients of the Outstanding Volunteer award.

MOTION (Chalmers, Enger): To award recipients of the ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Volunteer Award Lifetime ACM SIGGRAPH affiliate membership, not including subscription to the annual conference publications.

Approved (10,0,0)

Approval of Executive Committee minutes

Motion (Ebert, Hourvitz): To approve EC Conference Call minutes of Jan 3 and 10.

Approved (10,0,0)

Motion (Enger, Chalmers): To approve the November EC Meeting Minutes.

Approved: (10,0,0)

Brown reminded the EC that conference calls are the second Wednesday of each month, 11 am to noon Eastern time.

Executive Committee budget approval

Garry Paxinos led a brief discussion of budgets and budget management.

MOTION (Paxinos, Cunningham): To approved the proposed budget for FY 02, with the special projects line of the Vice Chair's budget raised from $27,000 to $47,000.

Approved (10,0,0)

MOTION: (Paxinos, Cleary) That individual program managers should budget and operate to the line item level, with up to 10% variance. Any changes beyond 10% need to be brought to the finance committee for approval.

Approved (10,0,0)

Member Value Plus program

Stephen Spencer led a discussion of the Member Value Plus (MVP) program for providing publications to ACM SIGGRAPH members. There is a desire to add more publications to this program and also simplify our membership form. This can be done by separating the membership form and subscription choice form into two mailings, while also informing members as to what is available to them by inviting them to look at the web site.

MOTION (Chalmers, Ebert): To add two more subscriptions to the Member Value Plus program: Visualization Workshop and Virtual Environments Workshop, both sponsored by Eurographics.

Approved (10,0,0)

MOTION (Chalmers, Cunningham): As part of adding the above mentioned publications, ACM SIGGRAPH will remove the MVP Publications from the membership form and materials and add them to a separate mailing to be sent to new members, and we will explore sending this mailing to people who have been members more than one year.

Approved (10,0,0)

Google pages for ACM SIGGRAPH

Leo Hourvitz discussed using Google on Google is licensed to accredited educational institutions. It is appealing because the site is fully maintained, although it is only updated once a month.

Executive Committee Representative to Conference Advisory Committee

Judy Brown stated that under the new policy, the EC Rep to CAG will be appointed at the May EC Meeting prior to the start of the new term (July 1 June 30).

MOTION (Owen, Chalmers): To approve the current draft of the EC Rep to CAG Policy.

Approved (10,0,0)

Discussion on Preparing Manuals for ACM SIGGRAPH EC Positions

By May, each EC member should put together a draft of his/her job manual. This will be very useful when the nominations committee is interviewing potential candidates and important for training purposes for new EC members.

MOTION: (Enger, Chalmers): To adjourn.

By acclamation; meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.