ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call

January 3, 2001


Judy Brown

Alan Chalmers

Colleen Cleary

Steve Cunningham

David Ebert

Gudrun Enger

Leo Hourvitz

Mike McGrath

Scott Owen

Dino Schweitzer

Stephen Spencer


Garry Paxinos

Erica Johnson

The ACM SIGGRAPH Special Projects committee has approved a request for $13,530 to send a delegation to Southern Africa. The purpose of this visit is to meet with key people in industry, universities and funding agencies to discuss:

1.The establishment of a Southern African Computer Graphics Association (SAGA), closely linked with ACM SIGGRAPH, which will actively promote computer graphics and interactive techniques activities in Southern Africa.

2.The sharing of educational knowledge and resources for computer graphics education to meet the future demands for skilled people in this field.

3.The sharing of educational knowledge and resources of computer graphics and interactive techniques applied to education in general to enable these methods to provide substantial assistance to many of the educational challenges facing Southern Africa.

4.Sharing with leading Southern African researchers in this field information on conferences and workshops to which they can submit their research.

Because this project is over $10,000, it also needs ACM SIGGRAPH EC approval.

MOTION (Chalmers, Owen): To approve the Southern African outreach proposal, as recommended by the Special Projects Committee. Approved 9, 0, 0

The ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Education (Mike McGrath) and Director for Chapters (Colleen Cleary) presented their budget proposals for Fiscal Year 2002, and the rest of the Executive Committee asked questions and made comments on the budgets. Finance committee will continue to discuss the budget proposals in a conference call next week.