ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call

January 10, 2001


Judy Brown

Alan Chalmers

Steve Cunningham

David Ebert

Gudrun Enger

Leo Hourvitz

Mike McGrath

Scott Owen


Colleen Cleary

Erica Johnson

Garry Paxinos

Dino Schweitzer

Stephen Spencer


Jennifer Anderson

MOTION (Hourvitz, Enger): To approve the minutes of the December EC conference call. Approved 6, 0, 0

Note: Alan Chalmers joined the call late and was not present for voting on the motions at this meeting.

Scott Owen, Conference Advisory Group Chair, brought in proposals for approval of three conference contracts.

1. Computer rental contract for three years (SIGGRAPH 2001, 2002 and 2003). This contract will cost $100,000 - $150,000 per year.

MOTION (Owen, Ebert): to approve the computer rental contract. Approved 6, 0, 0

2. Exhibition management contract for three years (SIGGRAPH 2002, 2003, 2004). This contract will cost $1,245,000 for three years with an increase if the sold exhibition space is over a 140,000 - 145,000 square feet.

MOTION (Owen, McGrath): to approve the exhibition management contract. Approved 6, 0, 0

Owen thanked John Dill and David Kasik for their work on the rfp committee for this contract.

3. Graphic and web design contract for one year, SIGGRAPH 2002. This contract is for $464,400.

There were concerns expressed about the large price increase and a question raised as to whether we need all the design service that we currently have.

MOTION (Owen, McGrath): to approve the graphic and web design contract. Approved 5, 1, 0; Cunningham against