ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call

March 14, 2001


Judy Brown

Alan Chalmers

Steve Cunningham

Gudrun Enger

Leo Hourvitz

Erica Johnson

Mike McGrath

Scott Owen

Dino Schweitzer


Colleen Cleary

David Ebert

Garry Paxinos

Stephen Spencer

January Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

MOTION (Owen, McGrath): To approve the minutes of the January EC meeting.

Approved 9, 0, 0

Dedication to Alain Fournier

A proposal by Patrick Hanrahan to dedicate the proceedings from this year's conference to Alain Fournier, who passed away earlier this year was discussed. He was a widely admired researcher and colleague, and his passing away has been a great loss to the computer graphics community. There was unanimous enthusiasm for this proposal.

Advertising Policy Clarification

A clarification of advertising policy on web pages was discussed by Leo Hourvitz. If you come to the exhibitor pages from the annual conference pages, you see a single year directory of exhibitors for that conference year. If you come to the exhibitor pages from the main organization page, you see a multi-year directory. It was agreed that advertising would be acceptable in either case on these pages.

Signage for the Organization Meeting at S2001

We discussed the content of signage for the organization meeting at S2001. Hourvitz will collect the content from all executive committee members and request appropriate signage. The goal of this meeting is to attract volunteers to the various organizational committees. In order that potential volunteers can find the right person to talk to, we will have photos of EC members, which should be as large as possible. All EC member should provide a photo and appropriate text by the May EC meeting.