ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Meeting

Vancouver, BC, Canada

May 5, 2001

Attendees Guest
Judy BrownBarb Helfer
Alan Chalmers
Steve CunninghamAbsent
David EbertColleen Cleary
Gudrun Enger
Leo Hourvitz
Erica Johnson
Mike McGrath
Scott Owen
Gary Paxinos
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer

Judy Brown called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. and welcomed Barb Helfer, candidate for Vice Chair.

Summary of strategic planning background information by Judy Brown

* ACM SIGGRAPH defines a global community.

* ACM SIGGRAPH should provide brokerage of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

* The value is in serving the community.

* The hub is a way to serve and to bring together the community.

* The annual conference is exciting and we want to maintain this excitement all year round.

* Personalization and globalization are high priorities.

Action: Brown to review and update the strategic planning documents to include integration of the priorities of globalization and community and the hub concept. for the next meeting (August 2001).

Report on the traveling courses program by Gudrun Enger

Courses offered outside of the annual conference will have a different atmosphere and need to be chosen to fit the place, occasion, and audience. There are a lot of ideas on how to select courses and how to implement a traveling courses program, but there is not yet enough information to put together a program plan. Alan Chalmers is taking a pilot course to the AFRIGRAPH conference in November. The task force recommends that the Executive Committee continue to organize more pilots from within, so that we can monitor them. If we take a course outside the United States, we might want to try to do it in several locations to justify the travel costs. We will use the information from the course at the South African conference to understand both the positive and negative aspects. Most felt that honorariums should not be offered, but that travel expenses and hotel costs should be covered. CD-ROM courses were discussed, but these opened up so many other issues, it was not pursued at this time.

To Be Determined: How do we find a traveling courses chair? Where would they fit under the ACM SIGGRAPH structure?

Action: The committee will try to get the other two pilot courses determined by November 2001.

Hub plans update by Gudrun Enger and David Ebert

There is a need for people to be able to join an email list to be notified of upcoming events and other regular information. We are interested in personalization and want to tie into ACM's efforts on this.

Action: Erica Johnson will get a status report on web personalization products from ACM by the June Conference Call.

We need to invest money in the hub, both start-up and ongoing, when we determine what the needs are. There was discussion of the hub as a news site, but discussion following the meeting indicates that a lot of news is already available from other sources, and we don't need to duplicate this. There was discussion on how we communicate what we are doing with the hub and promote it as a new way of experiencing ACM SIGGRAPH. Further discussion will continue over the next few months.

Membership discussion by Leo Hourvitz:

Seventy percent of our members drop their membership after one year, and we need to find out why. We need to get data to guide our strategic meeting through a targeted survey by mail or phone and focus groups at the annual conference. Leo will follow up on this survey and possible focus groups.

Strategic planning meeting

Judy Brown confirmed September 28-30th as the date for the strategic planning meeting. Locations are being investigated.

Conference call minutes

MOTION (Chalmers, Enger): To approve the minutes of the April Conference Call.

Approved (9, 0, 0)

Awards Task Force

The Awards Task Force was dissolved. No report was given.

SVR DVD contract

Stephen Spencer presented a recommendation for the S2001 SVR DVD production contract. We are now producing on DVD, as well as on videotape. Dana Plepys, SVR Administrator, felt the Toshiba bid was the most desirable.



MOTION (Spencer, Cunningham): To accept the Toshiba 3-year bid for DVD production

Approved (8, 1, 0) opposed, Hourvitz


Stephen Spencer presented a proposal to publish the annual conference proceedings as a special issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics. The proposal was developed with Jessica Hodgins, TOG Editor-in-Chief, and John Hughes, S2002 Papers Chair. It will mean that papers undergo an additional round of review. Also, ACM TOG is going to change its physical format to a larger format, to match ours, and they will start accepting papers that are formatted with Tek. ACM has agreed to let us try this for two years to see how it works, beginning with S2002.

MOTION (Spencer, Enger)

To publish the SIGGRAPH Annual Conference Proceedings as an issue of TOG (ACM Transactions on Graphics)beginning with S2002 for a period two years.

Approved (9,0,0)

Selection of Executive Committee representative to Conference Advisory Group

It was decided to postpone this decision until the June conference call.

Approval of Nordic Interactive agreement Alan Chalmers

Nordic Interactive is a non-profit organization, set up in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Alan Chalmers submitted an agreement of cooperation between ACM SIGGRAPH and Nordic Interactive.

MOTION:( Chalmers, Spencer) To approve the Nordic Interactive Agreement.

Approved (9,0,0)

Discussion of SIGGRAPH Symposia

Alan Chalmers led a discussion of the SIGGRAPH Symposia (formerly Small Conferences) procedures. The committee members will attend symposia and write detailed reports on them. The committee had a very successful meeting at ACM HQ, and the procedures and processes are undergoing review.

Web-Based mentoring project

Mike McGrath led a discussion of this proposed project. This began in the career center at the annual conference and is being proposed as a year-long activity. There was a feeling that the scope of the proposal is too large and the time frame is too short. The Executive Committee supports the idea but would like to start with a pilot project.

Executive Committee job manuals

These "job manuals" are intended to describe the responsibilities of each EC member, with specific information about what must be done and when. About half of them have been completed. These are expected from all EC members.

NRC study

Mike McGrath gave an update on the status of the National Research Council (NRC) study on computer graphics research. This is in the proposal process at NRC, to raise the rest of the funding, and is expected to be approved by NRC. We need to get the ACM SIGGRAPH seed funding transferred to NRC before July 1.

ACTION Mike McGrath, Garry Paxinos, and Erica Johnson to get seed money to NRC.

MOTION to adjourn at 5:30 p.m.

by acclamation