ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call Minutes

June 13, 2001

Attending: Judy Brown, Alan Chalmers, Steve Cunningham, David Ebert, Gudrun Enger, Erica Johnson, Scott Owen, Garry Paxinos, Dino Schweitzer, Stephen Spencer

Absent: Colleen Cleary, Leo Hourvitz, Mike McGrath

May Minutes

Motion: (Owen, Spencer) To approve the minutes of the May Executive Committee meeting, subject to some minor corrections.
Approved (7,0,0)

Agreements with Other Societies
Alan Chalmers discussed the proposed agreement renewals with two Japanese societies, Computer Graphics Arts Society (CGAS) and the Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAj).

Motion: (Chalmers, Owen) To approve the agreement with the Computer Graphics Arts Society.
Approved (7,0,0)

Motion: (Chalmers, Owen) To approve the agreement with the Digital Content Association of Japan.
Approved (7,0,0)

These and other agreements will be posted online.

Awards Policies and Procedures
Alan Chalmers presented the revised awards policies and procedures. Many of these policies and procedures had been in our bylaws, but they were moved from the bylaws to be placed, more appropriately, in the awards policies and procedures according to our recent bylaws change.

Motion: (Chalmers, Cunningham) To approve the revised awards policies and procedures.
Approved (7,0,0)

Publishing Vote Count
There was a discussion on where it was necessary or appropriate to publish the election vote counts. The Executive Committee and the candidates are given the vote counts. ACM policy is to publish the election results without the actual counts in the public announcements. ACM SIGGRAPH has published vote counts in the past, and some felt that it was very important to provide this information to our members. Others felt that it was not necessary to give the actual counts beyond the EC and the candidates. It was decided that we would continue to publish the vote counts.

ACM Portal Management Board
Stephen Spencer has been appointed as the ACM SIGGRAPH representative to the ACM Portal Management Board.

Hub Discussion
Gudrun Enger and David Ebert let a brief discussion of what should be included on the ACM SIGGRAPH "Hub," an expansion of to serve our members better. There was a discussion of posting news, partnering with others to have someone else provide the information, or having a section that links to others' news elsewhere. It was felt that a well-defined computer graphics glossary would be extremely valuable, and Peter Shirley is interested in leading such a publications project.

Change of Conference Schedule
Scott Owen mentioned that the SIGGRAPH 2002 committee is discussing the possibility of having both papers and courses over the entire week of the conference. The primary reason is to avoid concurrent papers sessions. This might necessitate moving the Opening Session from Wednesday morning to either Monday or Tuesday morning.

Executive Committee Representative to Conference Advisory Group
There were three candidates to serve in the position of ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee representative to the Conference Advisory Group for the two-year term beginning July 1, 2001. Gudrun Enger was selected, and she replaces Garry Paxinos, whose term ends then. The Executive Committee is highly appreciative of the excellent work that Garry has done in this position, as well as in his other SIGGRAPH contributions. The EC thanks all the candidates for their willingness to serve in this position and especially thanks Garry Paxinos for his service in this position.