ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Minutes Conference Call

July 11, 2001

Attending: Judy Brown, Alan Chalmers, Steve Cunningham, David Ebert, Gudrun Enger, Thierry Frey, Erica Johnson, Leo Hourvitz, Mike McGrath, Scott Owen, Garry Paxinos, Dino Schweitzer, Stephen Spencer

Director for Chapters

Colleen Cleary has resigned from her position as Director for Chapters due to the demands and high responsibilities of her job. Thierry Frey has been appointed as a new Director for Chapters. The EC expressed appreciation to Colleen for the contributions she has made and welcomed Thierry as a new member of the EC.

June Conference Call Minutes

Motion: (Cunningham, Hourvitz) To approve the minutes of the June Executive Committee Conference Call.

Approved (8,0,2; Abstained Frey, McGrath)

ACM Portal Proposal

There is a proposal to the SIGs to financially support the development of the ACM Portal over the next two years to help guide the development of it and to ensure that it remains a free resource. The requested funding from the SIGs is 5% of their reserve funds for Fiscal Year 2000, to be paid this year, and 2% of the reserve funds for Fiscal Year 2001, to be paid in 2002. For ACM SIGGRAPH, this would amount to an estimated $237,514 the first year and a little less than half that the second year. This proposal will have to be fully funded by approval from all the SIGs and have approval from ACM Council before it goes into effect.

Motion: (Spencer, Owen) To support the ACM Portal proposal with the requested funding from ACM SIGGRAPH

Approved (9,1,0; Opposed, Cunningham)

This will need some further discussion on implementation, since ACM SIGGRAPH has an organizational reserve fund and a conference reserve fund, rather than a single reserve fund. Garry Paxinos, ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer, is to recommend how to implement this contribution to the ACM Portal.

"Hub" Update

Gudrun Enger, David Ebert, and Leo Hourvitz discussed various ideas for getting additional information onto the web site. We will have six student reporters at the SIGGRAPH 2001 conference, organized by Jan Hardenbergh. We will also get some games perspectives by reporters from the games community. There was discussion of a database of computer graphics works, especially short form work such as short, commercials, visualization reels, and educational materials, for which information is not readily available. There was also discussion of a future "chat" service.

Strategic Plan Updated

Judy Brown updated the ACM SIGGRAPH strategic plan to incorporate our priorities of globalization and the "Hub." The updated strategic plan can be found at gen-info/strategic_planning/index.html

Motion: (Hourvitz, Cunningham) To accept the revisions to the strategic plan.

Approved (10,0,0)

Meeting Times Set

Our strategic planning meeting will be held in Sedona, Arizona, September 28-30, 2001.

Our fall Executive Committee meeting will be held October 26-28, at a location to be determined, on the East Coast of the US.

Judy Brown will try to set the dates for the January and May meetings prior to the SIGGRAPH 2001 conference.

Conference contracts

Scott Owen made two requests regarding conference contracts.

1. To raise the threshhold from $50,000 to $75,000 for a contract to require an RFP and the SIG Chair signature.

2. To allow that SIGs be able to enter into either five-year contracts, rather than the current three-year contract limits.

Scott is to send the written justification for these requests to Judy Brown so that she can send them to SGB.

If SGB allows these changes in contract policies, CAG will bring to EC for approval the contracts whose limits they wish to change.

Draft version 3 of minutes as of August 2, 2001.