Los Angeles, California

Attending: Judy Brown, Alan Chalmers, Steve Cunningham, David Ebert, Gudrun Enger, Thierry Frey, Erica Johnson, Leo Hourvitz, Mike McGrath, Scott Owen, Dino Schweitzer, Stephen Spencer

Absent: Garry Paxinos

Guests: Tom Appolloni, Pere Brunet, Warren Carithers, Bob Ellis, Mary Higgins, Jeff Jortner, Stephen Matsuba, Mike Pique, Lynn Pocock, Alyn Rockwood, Nan Schaller, Larry Vliet, Jackie White

Introductions were made, and Judy Brown welcomed the guests.

Project Grant

Nan Schaller and Alan Chalmers presented a project to the Executive Committee for approval. This project intends to archive the interactive art pieces from all SIGGRAPH conferences onto an interactive web site, and the proposed budget is $19,280.00. The Project Grants Committee has approved the project, but it also requires Executive Committee approval because it is over $10,000. The proposal specified that the project would be on the University of Arizona web site, but some felt that it must at least be mirrored on Some other questions were previously raised by the Project Grants Committee, but had not been answered yet.

Motion: (Chalmers, Cunningham) To accept the proposal submitted by the Project Grants Committee subject to the project being mirrored on the ACM SIGGRAPH web-site, and timely receipt of responses to the concerns raised by the committee.

Approved (7, 1, 1; against, Ebert; abstain, Cunningham)


A brainstorming session was held to explore events that happened during the conference week.

Conference Business


Lynn Pocock, SIGGRAPH 2001 Conference Chair, reported that we had an excellent conference this year. Although the 34,000 attendance figure is down 15% from expectations, and early projections indicate that revenue was down, expenses were in line or down slightly as well. There were 300 exhibitors.

Motion: (Owen, Hourvitz) To congratulate the SIGGRAPH 2001 Committee on an excellent conference

Approved by acclamation


Tom Appolloni, SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Chair, reported that this year's exhibitors were very happy with the results from their exhibition, but 1/3 of the exhibitors were new and did not select any space for next year. These smaller companies felt that they could not project how things would be a year from now.

Request for Waiver from ACM Policy

Scott Owen requested a waiver for the Freeman general services contract from the ACM Policy that requires a Request for Proposal (RFP) process for all multi-year contracts at the end of each contract. The Conference Advisory Group would like to be able to renew this contract for two years without going through the RFP process. They have been happy with Freeman's work, and the cost has been reasonable. Also, there is only one other contractor who could even respond to an RFP for this work.

Motion: (Owen, Ebert): ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee requests the President to ask SIG Governing Board for a waiver from the ACM Policy on the RFP process for the Freeman contract and to allow a two-year extension of the contract.

Approved: (9,0,0)

Web Programming Contract

CAG requests endorsement and support from the Executive Committee for a sole source selection of InterConnect for web programming services for SIGGRAPH 2002. The contract value totals $107,525 and is for services that include migration of existing SIGGRAPH 2001 systems to the new Linux platform and enhancements to those systems to support SIGGRAPH 2002 and beyond. This sole source request is based on three key factors: experience and familiarity with existing software and requirements, reliable past experience with the quality of work and service provided by InterConnect, and the existence of a longer term solution.

InterConnect has been providing web programming services for the past four years. These services include the initial designs and implementations for the electronic submissions system, online review system, industry directory, and personal scheduler applications. Each year they have successfully taken committee input to improve the systems. These highly customized applications are very conference-specific. Their experience with these systems and the conference requirements makes them an obvious choice for continuing to support these applications.

In addition, the existing applications have been successful, and InterConnect’s work has been of high quality. When problems have arisen, they have responded quickly to correct them and ensure conference success. They are responsive and familiar with the conference structure in which these applications work.

Motion: (Owen, Spencer) To approve the sole source selection of InterConnect for web programming services for SIGGRAPH 2002:

Approved: (9,0,0)

Both of the above motions also require ACM and SIG Governing Board (SGB) approval. Judy Brown will take them to the SGB Executive Committee for their next conference call.

Public Policy

Bob Ellis reported that the public policy tutorial, panel and BOF were all well attended this year. The tutorial was attended by 75 people. He wants to get non-US participation in these activities.

Request for Reserve Spending for Community Software

Motion: (Hourvitz, Enger) to allocate an amount not to exceed $2,500 from the Executive Committee Reserve Fund for the upgrade of software licenses for chat and bulletin board facilities for

Approved: (9,0,0)

July Conference Call Minutes

Motion: (Cunningham, Spencer) To approve the Executive Committee July conference call minutes.

Approved: (9,0,0)

Revised Trademarks and Logo Usage Policy

Motion: (Frey, Chalmers) To approve the revised policy on ACM SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH conference trademarks and logo usage.

Approved: (8, 0,1; abstain, Hourvitz)

This policy is posted at

Travelling Courses

Gudrun Enger reported that the OpenGL course will be given at the Afrigraph conference in Cape Town, South Africa, in November, and possibly also for the Paris Chapter. She is also looking into an industry course. These three pilots will be reviewed. The videotaped courses at SIGGRAPH 2001 will provide alternative course dissemination.

HUB Update

We have been adding content to and continue to investigate other improvements. The conference online program will become an ongoing organizational activity so we can track the success of the program. The online program estimated cost is $50,000 - $150,000, including the twelve student volunteers and donations of equipment. The group felt that the priority would be to have online panels, sketches, and courses, rather than paper sessions.

Electronic Balloting

There was a discussion of electronic balloting because of the time needed for paper ballots. However, online balloting or electronic balloting is challenging and would be costly at this time. Our goal is to have ballots go out March 1st with a two month turnaround, getting ballots back by May 1st. This should be sufficient time for all members.

Future EC Meetings

The next Executive Committee meeting will be the last weekend in October in Atlanta, and we plan a visit to Georgia Tech on Friday afternoon. The September conference call will be Wednesday, September 19, at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

Motion: (Enger, Chalmers) To adjourn.

Meeting adjourned by acclamation at noon.