ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Minutes Conference Call

September 19, 2001

Attending: Judy Brown, Alan Chalmers, David Ebert, Gudrun Enger, Thierry Frey, Erica Johnson, Leo Hourvitz, Mike McGrath, Scott Owen, Garry Paxinos, Dino Schweitzer, Stephen Spencer

Absent: Steve Cunningham

ACM Portal Proposal

The discussion on the portal proposal was deferred until the October Executive Committee meeting. It was felt that there was inadequate information.

Public Policy Budget

Bob Ellis, Chair of the Public Policy Committee requested an additional $2,800 from the reserve fund for the Public Policy budget to cover the cost of two trips each to Washington, D.C. by two ACM SIGGRAPH volunteers, Jim Foley and Mike McGrath, so that they can meet with people at the National Research Council (NRC) and other agencies to facilitate the project to produce a research study by the NRC.

Motion: (McGrath, Owen) To increase the Public Policy budget by $2,800 to enable travel by volunteers to Washington, D.C. to meet with people at the National Research Council and other agencies.

Approved: (9,0,0)

Chapters Budget

Thierry Frey, Director for Chapters, requested an increase to the Chapters Budget of $9,870 from the reserve fund to enable nine Chapters Committee members to meet with him in November to get the new volunteers acclimated and to plan activities for the coming year. A similar meeting, which is usually held in May, was not held this past year.

Motion: (Frey, Owen) To increase the Chapters Budget by $9,870 to cover a Chapters Committee meeting in November.

Approved (9,0,0)