Atlanta, Georgia

October 28, 2001



Judy Brown

Alan Chalmers

Steve Cunningham

David Ebert

Gudrun Enger

Thierry Frey

Leo Hourvitz

Erica Johnson

Mike McGrath

Scott Owen

Garry Paxinos

Dino Schweitzer

Stephen Spencer


Alain Chesnais

Alyn Rockwood

Dena Slothower

The meeting came to order at 9:07 a.m., and the guests were introduced and welcomed


There was a discussion of the economic future and a suggestion that we will need to watch finances more closely. Everything that has been budgeted does not necessarily have to be spent. Money that is not spent for a particular item is returned to the reserve fund. For the next fiscal year's budget, all committees should look for ways to reduce their budgets and to justify any money requested. Budgets should also include how to measure success of the goals.

Strategic Plan Discussion

We also need to keep in mind our strategic model that reaffirms the importance of ACM SIGGRAPH as a membership organization, stresses globalization and personalization, and includes priorities for resource allocation. At the Sedona planning meeting, we selected ten goals or projects that we want to be sure to accomplish this year. Any of these that are not already budgeted will have to be budgeted from the reserves or next year’s budget. Other projects can also be considered, especially if the cost is low, or the budget is already in place for it.

In order to see the progress on the Sedona goals, we should have an update from all project leaders a month before each Executive Committee meeting. Brown will remind everyone about this. It was also requested that everyone send updates or summaries on progress one week before each monthly conference call and include resources needed to complete each item, both monetary and volunteer resources. It was further suggested that tasks that have only one person assigned should have at least one other person involved. There was consensus on these suggestions.

David Ebert reported on Goal 2:

Complete Hub prototype implementation by September 2002.

Make S2002 presentations available online by 9/1/02 and develop plan for sustainability.

Progress on this goal has been set back by problems in completing the prototype of getting information online from the SIGGRAPH 2001 conference. They are now looking at a smaller model and plan to get a portion of the SIGGRAPH 2002 conference online. They will then be able to study this prototype in order to determine the cost for a full model.

Selection of Conference Volunteers

The recommendations for SIGGRAPH 2003 technical chairs (Papers Chair, Panels Chair and Courses Chair) were discussed.

Motion: (Owen, Enger)To approve Jessica Hodgkins as Papers Chair for S2003.

Approved (10,0,0)

Motion: (Owen, Ebert ) To approve Lou Harrison as Panels Chair for S2003.

Approved (10,0,0)

Motion: (Owen, Chalmers) To approve Rick Barry as Courses Chair for S2003.

Approved (10,0,0)

Dena Slothower was the nominee for SIGGRAPH 2004 Conference Chair. She responded to questions about the position and her goals before leaving the room for the vote.

Motion: (Owen, Chalmers) To approve Dena Slothower as SIGGRAPH 2004 Conference Chair.

Approved (10,0,0)

Scott Owen was nominated for the position of Conference Advisory Group Chair. His qualifications and the selection process were discussed.

Motion: (Ebert, Hourvitz) To approve the nomination of Scott Owen to the Position of Conference Advisory Group Chair for the term of three years, from 2002-2004.

Motion Approved

Conflict of interest

There was a discussion of potential conflicts of interest and how these should be handled.

Action Items:

1. Erica Johnson will forward the current ACM policy

2. Judy Brown will draft an ACM SIGGRAPH policy by the January Executive Committee meeting.

Cooperation agreement between ACM SIGGRAPH and CSIG

Alan Chalmers presented a draft agreement of cooperation between ACM SIGGRAPH and China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG)

Motion: (Chalmers, Cunningham) To accept the agreement.

Approved (10,0,0)

Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH affiliation agreement

The Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH affiliation agreement was discussed. In order to form stronger links between the two organizations, it was proposed that each organization have a representative attend the other organization's meeting. The representative would participate in the discussion but would not vote.

Motion: (Chalmers, Cunningham) To accept the following agreement.

Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH Exchange Proposal

In order to strengthen our affiliation, Eurographics and ACM SIGGRAPH agree to an exchange of representatives at Executive Committee meetings during the year. Beginning in 2002:

These meetings are intended to be in addition to the meetings that currently take place during the week of the respective annual conferences. ACM SIGGRAPH will cover the expense of sending its representative to the Eurographics meeting, and Eurographics will cover the expense of sending its representative to the ACM SIGGRAPH meeting.

Approved (10,0,0)

This proposal also goes to the Eurographics Executive Board for approval.

Oceania proposal

Alan Chalmers submitted a proposal to send a delegation to Australia and New Zealand, similar to last year's delegation to Southern Africa. The proposal requested $30,000 for a five-person delegation to travel to Oceania in March, and the purpose of this visit is to meet with key people in industry, universities, and funding agencies to share information and promote computer graphics activities in the region.

Motion (Chalmers, Cunningham) To accept the Oceania proposal.

There were concerns about the budget and the number of people proposed to go.

Amendment: (Hourvitz, Owen) To limit the budget for the proposed mission to $14,000.

Approved (5 , 4,1) Opposed: Enger, Ebert, Spencer, Cunningham; Abstain: Chalmers

Amended Motion: To accept the Oceania proposal with a budget of $14,000.

Approved (6,4,0) Opposed: Enger, Ebert, Owen, Spencer

There was a suggestion to include the funding for future projects of this nature in the annual Vice Preident's budget since this type of activities is becoming an annual program, rather than a one time event. It is also expected that there will be a report on what benefits come as a result of these expeditions.

Location of SIGGRAPH 2004 Conference

The Conference Advisory Group recommended Atlanta for the SIGGRAPH 2004 conference, based on a number of factors including availability of space over the conference’s preferred dates, housing options, and pricing.

Motion: (Owen, Spencer) To approve Atlanta as the site for the SIGGRAPH 2004 conference.

Approved (9, 0,1) Abstain: Hourvitz

Web graphics and design contract

The Conference Advisory Group recommended Q Ltd. as preferred vendor for the web graphics and design contract.

Motion: (Owen, Ebert) To accept the contract recommendation of the Conference Advisory Group to award the web design contract to Q Ltd.

Approved (9,1,0) Opposed: Cunningham

SIGGRAPH 2003 preliminary budget

Alyn Rockwood, SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference Chair, discussed the preliminary budget for S2003. SIGGRAPH 2003 will be held in San Diego, California. Because conference registration was down for SIGGRAPH 2001, a number of financial changes are under discussion, including possible registration and exhibitor fee changes. The Creative Applications Lab (CAL) program, which has not been cost effective, will be eliminated.

Motion: (Owen, Enger) To approve the S2003 preliminary budget.

Approved (10,0,0)

ACM Portal proposal discussion

ACM SIGGRAPH earlier approved a proposal to support the ACM Portal, with the understanding that it would be free for at least three years and that ACM SIGGRAPH would be part of an advisory group for this activity. Later information from ACM indicates that ACM intends to charge for it. Alain Chesnais, Chair of the SIG Governing Board, clarified that the original proposal is still up for discussion and no money will be disbursed until an agreement is reached.

Executive Committee budget

Garry Paxinos discussed the process for planning the budget for the next fiscal year in order that it be ready for approval at the January Executive Committee meeting.

Conference calls will be held at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesdays, with the presentation of two budget proposals each call.

The dates are November 28, (Education and Publications)

December 12, (President and Vice President)

December 19, (Chapters and Communications)

A conference call will be held on January 2, 2002, for the SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference budget.

Note: It was later determined to discuss this budget at the December 19th call.

Upcoming Executive Committee meetings

The January meeting will be on January 25-26, 2002, in Paris, France. Since TTG is no longer under contract with ACM SIGGRAPH to provide airline tickets, these will need to be purchased individually.

The May meeting will be May 3-5, 2002.

Erica Johnson is researching San Diego and San Francisco for the May meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Motion: (Hourvitz, Frey) To approve the minutes from the August Executive Committee meeting.

Approved (9,0,1) Abstain: Paxinos

Honoring pioneers and distinctive members

There were a number of suggestions about how to honor pioneers and distinctive members who have passed away. Steve Cunningham volunteered to look into this and report back at the January Executive Committee meeting.

Responsibility of committees and committee chairs

There was a discussion of the responsibilities of committees and committee chairs. Some felt that committees should be completely democratic, and others felt that, in some cases, the chair has to take more responsibility since he/she must be accountable for the committee results. Also, due to deadlines or other reasons, sometimes the chair is not able to reach all committee members at a given time. Policies and procedures should be clarified.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn.

By acclamation, meeting adjourned at 5:12 p.m.