ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call

November 28, 2001


Judy Brown

Steve Cunningham

David Ebert

Gudrun Enger

Thierry Frey

Leo Hourvitz

Mike McGrath

Scott Owen

Dino Schweitzer

Stephen Spencer


Alan Chalmers

Erica Johnson

Garry Paxinos

Preliminary Budgets

The first two preliminary budgets (education and publications) for Fiscal Year 2003 were presented by Mike McGrath and Stephen Spencer, respectively. In both cases, questions were asked and suggestions given for reducing the budget. The overall budget will need to be reduced by about 30% from this past year.

Selling SIGGRAPH Video Reviews

Thierry Frey mentioned that when the SIGGRAPH Video Review (SVR) is shown at chapter meetings, people would like to buy it. We need to investigate how to make copies available for sale at events where the SVR is shown.

September Executive Committee Meeting Conference Call Minutes

MOTION (McGrath, Enger): To approve the minutes of the September EC conference call.

Approved (7, 0, 1) Abstain - Cunningham