January 25-26, 2002
Paris, France

Judy Brown
Alan Chalmers
Steve Cunningham
Gudrun Enger
Thierry Frey
Leo Hourvitz
Erica Johnson
Mike McGrath
Scott Owen
Garry Paxinos
Dino Schweitzer

David Ebert
Stephen Spencer

David Arnold
Werner Hansman
Masa Inakage
Tony Longston

Volunteer Information Manual
Gudrun Enger led a discussion of the content of the Volunteer Information Manual that we are developing. This will be an introductory piece for new volunteers. It will be an online document and will include job descriptions and information about the ACM SIGGRAPH organizational structure.

New Executive Committee Member Orientation
We will hold a two hour meeting on the Saturday before SIGGRAPH 2002 for all EC members (new, continuing, and outgoing) to help the new EC members get started. We will also have select members of ACM staff at this meeting.

Distribution of CD of SIGGRAPH Images
There was a discussion of whether the SIGGRAPH slide sets could be distributed on CD. The more recent slide sets include this type of permission, but for the older ones we did not request such permission. ACM issues a statement in the Digital Library that indicates that authors should contact them if they do not want their work to appear in the Digital Library. Could we issue a similar statement to cover use of older slides? Erica Johnson will work with Stephen Spencer and ACM Publications to look at what permissions are on file and see if this use is covered.

Conference Call minutes
The Executive Committee held conference calls on November 28, December 12, and December 9.

Motion (Hourvitz, Chalmers): To approve the minutes from the November and December Executive Committee conference calls.

Friendly Amendment (Enger): To consider the minutes from each call separately.

Motion: To approve the minutes from the November conference call.
Approved (7, 0, 1, Abstain: Chalmers)

Motion: To approve the minutes from the December 12th conference call.
Approved (8, 0, 0)

Approval of minutes for the December 19th conference call was tabled until the February conference call to allow for last minute revisions.

Conference Call and Meeting Schedule for the Rest of the Year
All conference calls will be at 12PM Eastern Time, and the dates will be as follows:

The May Executive Committee meeting will be. May 3-5, 2002, in Half Moon Bay, California.

SIGGRAPH 2001 Video Storage Reserve Funds Request
Data is currently stored only at Naval Post Graduate School. We need to move this to ACM to make sure there is a complete archive of the data. There are 160 GB of data. This proposal is supported by both ACM Information Services and the ACM SIGGRAPH System Managers.

Motion ( Hourvitz, Enger): To allocate an amount from reserve funds not to exceed $6,000 to purchase storage for the SIGGRAPH 2001 online content.
Approved: (8, 0, 0)

There was a discussion of whether the amount on all monetary requests should include the estimation of the allocation paid to ACM. The decision was delegated to the treasurer.

Get Involved for SIGGRAPH 2002
We will have the same format for our Thursday noon meeting at SIGGAPH 2002 as we did for SIGGRAPH 2001, an informal, get-involved format. The Los Angeles location was a bit challenging acoustically, but we expect the San Antonio space to be better.

Information from Earlier Conferences
The earlier conferences do not have web sites, but there are CD ROMs with movies from SIGGRAPH 92; SIGGRAPH 93; SIGGRAPH 94; and SIGGRAPH 95. The table of contents is widely available, and the papers are in the ACM Digital Library. How much of this additional content does ACM SIGGRAPH want to put online? We could link papers with the corresponding movies in the ACM Digital Library. The Director for Publications will pursue this with ACM.

Discussion of Cultural Differences in achieving ACM SIGGRAPHÕs mission of Globalization and Promoting Computer Graphics World Wide

There was a discussion of ACM SIGGRAPH endorsing courses and what this signified in different parts of the world. The general consensus is that this is not something that ACM SIGGRAPH wants to pursue at this time.

There are multicultural issues in education, with very different attitudes on certification. In the Far East, it is used as a way to get formal credit for work done and is highly respected. In Europe, it is sometimes required. In the US, it does not have as high a priority. The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee has steered away from anything more than providing information and curriculum resources via the web to educators.

The Socrates program in the European Union encourages cross cultural integration. Grading is a cultural issue, differing from region to region. Similarly, it is difficult to judge entries in SPACE and SPICE because they are based in different cultures. It was suggested that we hold a Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) at the annual conferences to have discussion on these issues. It would be useful to have a glossary of terms to address cultural differences in interpretations of computer graphics terms. The Executive Committee should look for cultural differences and try to help provide a better understanding of these differences.

Approval of Awards Committee Member
Appointees to the Awards Committee serve for five years, and one person rotates off every year. Pat Hanrahan has served his term, and Eugene Fiume is proposed as the next committee member.

Motion (Chalmers, Owen): To approve Eugene Fiume's appointment to the ACM SIGGRAPH Awards Committee.
Approved: (8, 0, 0)

Conference Administration Contract
Issues: This contract is up for a three year renewal. The review group issued a Request for Proposal (RFP), and there was only one bidder for the contract. A contract that has fewer than three bids is considered by ACM to be a sole source bid. Although there is satisfaction with the company that did submit a bid, it is clear that this RFP process is flawed and warrants re-examination.

The President has appointed a task force to address these issues and to re-visit the conference management model. However, in order for the task force to be effective, the contract needs to be awarded for three years so that the committee has an appropriate amount of time to address all the issues. Judy Brown will take this recommendation to ACM SIG Governing Board.

In examining the details of this contract, it was also felt that the administrative support for the Conference Advisory Group that is included in this budget is excessive.

There were other concerns about the backup, the amount of information available, and the time for discussion when this was presented to the Executive Committee. This is the most complex contract for SIGGRAPH, and it requires more volunteer oversight and more time to digest and discuss. This type of issue requires face to face discussion and should not be held on a conference call in the future so that there is more time to address the issues and to digest the information.

Motion (Owen; Frey): To approve the award of the conference administration contract to Capstone Solutions; Inc. for a period of three years.
Approved (8, 0, 0)

Motion (Chalmers; McGrath): ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee directs the Conference Advisory Group (CAG) to reduce the CAG administrative support element of the conference administration Contract.
Friendly amendment to encourage the target amount to be 15%
Approved: (5; 1; 2) Against: Owen; Abstain: Frey; Enger

ACM SIGGRAPH FY 03 Budget Approval
The Finance Committee commended everyone for making the diligent efforts necessary to reduce expenditures by 30% from last year. These were the most significant cuts in the past three years, and the process was very smooth and efficient.

Estimated income includes conference transfer, interest income, and membership dues. An issue of potential long term concern is to be sure that membership dues continue to cover member benefits.

Motion (Paxinos; Frey): to approve the Proposed Executive Committee FY 03 Budget
Approved (8, 0, 0)

International Games Developers Agreement
Alan Chalmers discussed a proposed agreement with the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) This is a non-profit organization that is managed by employees of CMP Media, a for-profit company that owns and manages the Game Developers Conference. It was suggested that the first term of agreement should be for one year to allow for revisions.

Motion (Chalmers; Owen): To Approve the IGDA Cooperation Agreement.
Friendly Amendment: The agreement should be for a term of 1 year.
Approved (8, 0, 0)

Eurographics ACM SIGGRAPH Publications agreement
Alan Chalmers discussed a proposed amendment to the ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics cooperation agreement that would guarantee that ACM SIGGRAPH publish the proceedings from certain Eurographics Workshops for the next three years.

Motion (Chalmers; Cunningham): To accept the ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Publication Agreement contingent on approval of the document by the ACM Publications Department.
Approved (8, 0, 0 )

Web Programming and Maintenance Services
There were three proposals received for this contract. Flenser, at a bid of $240,000, was the least expensive proposal, coming in about 60% lower than the current contractor. The review group recommended selection of this contractor.

Motion (Owen; Hourvitz): To approve the award of the web programming and maintenance services contract to Flenser.
Approved (8, 0, 0)

SIGGRAPH 2002 Online Program
During SIGGRAPH 2001, there was an attempt to capture as much video and audio from the session rooms, mostly for papers; panels and courses. It was determined that this online effort was an organizational effort, rather than a conference effort, because of the long range benefits of the content. The Executive Committee would like to see this initiative move forward and would like the focus to be on data not captured in other formats, such as panels and sketches. There is strong volunteer enthusiasm for doing this project. The request for this project is $40,000, although AV has not yet been budgeted in the proposal, and the proposal is in line with the strategic goals of the organization. The Online Committee proposes to capture speakers and slides. Most of the expenses will be incurred on-site, with very little expenditure post conference. In May, we will re-visit the issues of financial support for hardware for storage, and the request for the AV for the project will be made at the next meeting.

Motion (Hourvitz; Enger): To allocate an amount not to exceed $40,000 from reserve funds to support the SIGGRAPH 2002 Online Proposal.
Friendly Amendment: Leo Hourvitz, Gudrun Enger and David Ebert to provide volunteer oversight for the project.
Approved (8, 0, 0)

Donation Requests
Are competing requests creating difficult situations and high demands on vendors and our donor pool? There was a discussion of all the areas within ACM SIGGRAPH that seek donations. It was concluded that trying to coordinate the different aspects would prove to be overwhelming and difficult to manage. If donations are received the Director for Communications encourages that this information be forwarded to his attention so acknowledgement can be made via the web site.

Motion to Adjourn (Hourvitz, Chalmers)
By Acclamation