ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call

February 13, 2002

Judy Brown
Alan Chalmers
Steve Cunningham
Gudrun Enger
Thierry Frey
Scott Owen
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer

David Ebert
Leo Hourvitz
Erica Johnson
Mike McGrath
Garry Paxinos

Imagina Agreement
Alan Chalmers presented a proposal for an agreement of cooperation with Imagina. Judy Brown was attending the Imagina International Festival for Digital Images in Monte Carlo at the time of this conference call and gave a brief report on the festival activities. A full report will be written and posted on

Motion (Chalmers, Frey) To approve the agreement with Imagina.
Approved (6,0,0)

Conference Call Minutes
Motion (Owen, Chalmers) To approve the minutes of the December 19th Executive Committee conference call.
Approved (6,0,0)

It was noted that we need to have a record of exactly what is approved. In some cases, a proposal is brought to the Executive Committee, and changes are made to the proposal before it is approved, but the changes are not properly documented. We need to make sure that any amendments to a proposal are documented when an amended proposal is approved.

Publications Pricing
Stephen Spencer discussed the need for a common pricing model for all publications. This would be cost-covering for members and a certain percentage higher for non-members. Some questions to be considered are:

Stephen will have a proposal for approval at the next Executive Committee conference call on March 13, 2002.