ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call

March 13, 2002

Conference Call

Judy Brown
Alan Chalmers
Steve Cunningham

Note: Steve Cunningham left the call prior to any motions to catch a flight

David Ebert
Gudrun Enger
Thierry Frey
Leo Hourvitz
Erica Johnson
Mike McGrath
Scott Owen
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer

Garry Paxinos

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Motion (Owen, Hourvitz) To approve the minutes of the January Executive Committee meeting.
Approved (7,0,1, Abstain - Ebert)

Motion (Frey, Chalmers) To approve the minutes of the February Executive Committee conference call.
Approved (7,0,1, Abstain - Ebert)

Publications Pricing
Stephen Spencer sent out a draft model for pricing across all ACM SIGGRAPH publications. This will be discussed further on the April 10th conference call.

Workshop in Botswana
Mike McGrath requested funding for a computer graphics workshop for Southern African computer science educators to be held in the University of Botswana in Gaborone, Botswana in June, 2002, taught by Steve Cunningham. Steve answered questions on the proposed workshop and then left the call prior to further discussion of the proposal. The first efforts from ACM SIGGRAPH in the region are gaining momentum. These include the initial delegation's visit to Southern Africa, Southern African educators being brought to SIGGRAPH 01, and the Afrigraph conference in Cape Town in November. It is expected that the outcome of this workshop will also lead to further expansion of computer graphics activities in the region. It was suggested that the education committee should set up a long-term plan to investigate future educational activities of this type in other countries, as part of our globalization efforts. This might include a variety of computer graphics educators and types of education.

Motion (McGrath, Chalmers) To approve the funding of $11,050 for the proposed workshop in Botswana.
Approved (7,1,0, Opposed - Ebert)

Director for Online Services
Gudrun Enger, David Ebert, and Leo Hourvitz proposed that we create an ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee position of Director for Online Services. Gudrun requested some initial discussion of the idea on this conference call. There was a question of how this person would work with the new webmaster, and it was felt that the new webmaster and all others who work on would be under the Director for Online Services. Their view of this position was that it would be someone to bring long-term strategic issues on online possibilities and to keep the visibility of online potential high. There was discussion of why this position had to be on the Executive Committee, rather than reporting to an Executive Committee member. They want someone with a major focus on internet technology. This discussion will continue at the May Executive Committee meeting. A change in the Executive Committee would require a bylaws change.

Action Item:
Gudrun Enger is to describe what this position would entail and exactly what they think the responsibilities of this position are, as backup to the May meeting.

Action Item:
Steve Cunningham to determine what parts of the bylaws would need to be changed and explain the process for changing bylaws, also as backup to the May meeting.