ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee April 2002 Conference Call

April 10, 2002


Judy Brown
Alan Chalmers
Steve Cunningham
David Ebert
Gudrun Enger
Thierry Frey
Leo Hourvitz
Erica Johnson
Mike McGrath
Scott Owen
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer
Garry Paxinos

This meeting was chaired by Leo Hourvitz, as Judy Brown was traveling and did not expect to be able to make the conference call.

Pricing model

Stephen Spencer discussed a uniform pricing model for all ACM SIGGRAPH publications. We want to have consistent pricing whether the publications are purchased at a conference, online, or at any other approved location. There will be a member price, lower than the non-member price on all publications, including SIGGRAPH Video Reviews. In the case of sales by ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters or external transfers, sales by other groups such as CG-Arts, publications will be sold to this group at member prices. The group providing the sales service will pay for the shipping and may sell the publications at a price up to the non-member price to recoup the shipping cost. This policy will be in place by SIGGRAPH 2002.

Motion: (Spencer, Cunningham) To approve this publications pricing model. Approved (9,0,0)

Note: the publications proposal is appended.

Member survey

Leo Hourvitz gave a brief summary of the recent member survey. It was sent to 1,200 people. Thus far, there were 140 email bounces, 118 responses, with three people saying they joined but haven't received anything, and only one person asking to be removed from the mailing list. April 30 is the due date for the survey.

Booth plans

Leo Hourvitz and Thierry Frey discussed plans for this year's organization booth at SIGGRAPH 2002.


Proposal: ACM SIGGRAPH Publications Pricing Model


A pricing model that provides for consistent pricing across all points of purchase (annual conference, ACM Member Services, organization- sanctioned events) and for member and non-member pricing.


At present we don't offer consistent member / non-member pricing on our publications, and we also don't have a consistent model for setting the basic cost of our publications. By adopting a reasonable and consistent policy, we do a great service to our members and to our community.


  1. Determine an appropriate unit cost of production based on the size and layout of the book and the estimated print run. (Typically prepared by the contractor charged with producing the final product, whether book, videotape, CD-ROM or DVD.)
  2. Set the member price of the publication so that the costs in #1 are covered, as well as administrative and distribution overhead. (Typically set by the Director for Publications in cooperation with the ACM SIGGRAPH Program Director and other ACM HQ personnel as appropriate.)
  3. Set the non-member price at 150% of the member price, in effect giving the member a 33% discount.
  4. Member and non-member pricing shall be offered at organization and conference points of sale. In the event that this is not possible, the member price shall be used.
  5. Internal transfers (conference transfers, professional chapters, etc.) shall be made at the unit cost. The purchasing entity shall be responsible for shipping costs.
  6. External transfers (agreements with affiliated organizations, etc.) shall be made at the member price. The purchasing entity shall be responsible for shipping costs.
  7. Sales of publications secured from the organization through either internal or external transfer may not be sold at a price point higher than the non-member price.
Leo Hourvitz, Director for Communications
Last modified: June, 2002