ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee September 2002 Meeting

Miami, Florida
 September 14, 2002

Judy Brown
Alain Chesnais
Gudrun Enger
Thierry Frey
Werner Hansmann
Barb Helfer
Masa Inakage
Erica Johnson
Jacki Morie
Scott Owen
Garry Paxinos
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer

Because there were many new members to the Executive Committee, this first meeting was a retreat-type meeting. The Myers-Briggs personality profile was administered by a local facilitator. Most of the meeting was spent discussing the potential impact of the "Hub" plans for the web site and brainstorming on the focus of the organization.

Significant progress was made on Masa Inakage's intial proposal for an ACM SIGGRAPH online art community site within the Graphics Hub. The rationale for such a site is based on the perception in the international arts community (of which both Masa and Jacki Morie are a part) that ACM SIGGRAPH is not as sensitive to the concerns, needs and interests of this group as it could be. It is hoped that this site will serve to address the various needs of artists and provide a forum for new ideas, discussions and resources. A full proposal and timeline were drafted by Masa Inakage and Jacki Morie during the meeting. This site is expected to be online in time for the SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference and will be publicized there. Eventually, this site will include an online arts show that focuses on new emerging talent that could be curated by a more established artist.