ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee November 2002 Conference Call

ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call
November 13, 2002

Judy Brown
Alain Chesnais
Gudrun Enger
Thierry Frey
Werner Hansmann
Barb Helfer
Masa Inakage
Erica Johnson
Jacki Morie
Scott Owen
Dino Schweitzer
Stephen Spencer

Joe Marks
Dena Slothower

SIGGRAPH 2004 Technical Chairs
Dena Slothower introduced Joe Marks as the candidate for SIGGRAPH 2004 Papers Chair. Joe answered questions and left the call.

Motion (Owen, Morie) To approve the nomination of Joe Marks as SIGGRAPH 2004 Papers Chair

Motion (Owen, Frey) To approve Jacqueline Martino as SIGGRAPH 2004 Courses Chair.
Approved unanimously

Motion (Owen, Brown) To approve Jonathon Gibbs as SIGGRAPH 2004 Panels Chair

SIGGRAPH 2004 Preliminary Budget

Scott Owen and Dena Slothower presented the SIGGRAPH 2004 preliminary budget and answered questions. They emphasized that, at this early stage, the budget is very flexible and might be modified depending upon the financial outcome of SIGGRAPH 2003. There was a concern raised that a conference call does not allow adequate time to discuss and approve a budget.

Motion (Frey, Enger) to approve the SIGGRAPH 2004 preliminary budget
(8,0,1; abstain, Brown)

National Research Council (NRC) Funding Time Limit

Background information:

The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee passed a motion in 2000 to request that the NRC conduct a study to develop the Research Challenges in Computer Graphics and to seed the funding for the study with $50,000. This money was sent to the NRC with the provision that if the NRC is not successful in raising the rest of the necessary funds, the $50,000 will be returned to ACM SIGGRAPH. The NRC is attempting to raise the funds with the help of ACM SIGGRAPH volunteers providing contact information for potential sponsors in government agencies and industries.

The Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) of the National Research Council presented the proposal to their advisory board last year, and it was accepted as a proposed study. The full NRC Board also approved the study. Recently a new staff member of CSTB has been assigned, and the study seems to be moving forward.

However, it was felt that there should be a time limit set for the fund raising, so that ACM SIGGRAPH can get the original $50,000 back if the funding efforts are not successful, and alternative plans for a study can be discussed. However, if the NRC does raise a significant amount of money by the deadline and can talk about some specific agency being prepared to contribute, then the Executive Committee can always reconsider and extend the deadline. This request came from Bob Ellis and Mike McGrath from the ACM SIGGRAPH Public Policy Committee.

Motion (Brown, Inakage) to set July 1, 2003, as a deadline for the National Research Council to raise the funds for the ACM SIGGRAPH sponsored study entitled "Research Challenges in Computer Graphics". If the NRC is not successful, the seed funds ($50,000) will be returned to ACM SIGGRAPH at this time.

Approved (9,0,0)

Budget Calls Schedule

Since the treasurer was not on the conference call, we were not able to set the budget calls schedule. Garry Paxinos will be asked to send out a proposed schedule.


Gudrun Enger announced that she found a volunteer to look at the disk storage drives on which the SIGGRAPH 2001 and SIGGRAPH 2002 online data was stored. He was able to retrieve and catalogue the contents. Barb Helfer is finishing up work on the SIGGRAPH 2002 online contents at Naval Postgraduate School.

Everyone is encouraged to send information about any ACM SIGGRAPH activity to Leo Hourvitz or Gudrun Enger for posting.

Dena Slothower Thanked

In closing, Dena Slothower, SIGGRAPH 2004 Conference Chair, was thanked for her efforts on SIGGRAPH 2004 budget and other planning.

Next Conference Call

The next conference call will be December 11, 2002 at 9 am Eastern time.