ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee March 2003 Conference Call

ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Conference Call
March 26, 2003

Judy Brown
Alain Chesnais
Gudrun Enger
Thierry Frey
Barb Helfer
Masa Inakage
Erica Johnson
Jacki Morie
Scott Owen
Dino Schweitzer

Conference Call Minutes

Motion (Brown, Helfer) To approve the minutes from the February conference call.

Approved (5,0,0)

Note: Thierry Frey was not yet on the call at the time of this vote.

Conference Budgets

The SIGGRAPH 2003 budget has been approved by the ACM Executive Committee, and the SIGGRAPH 2004 Technical Meeting Request Form (TMRF) is in the approval process. ACM is concerned because the other large conferences are expected to lose money this year, and the SIGGRAPH conference lost money the last two years. However, the SIGGRAPH 2003 contingency plan is good, and we only need to have 300 more full conference attendees than we had last year in San Antonio to break even. This seems very likely since SIGGRAPH 2003 will be in San Diego. ACM will take over some of the accounting, beginning May 1, and more of the accounting for SIGGRAPH 2004.

One policy change will be to have the ACM Executive Committee review the preliminary budgets for conferences, both early in the process and soon after the preceding conference.

In the past, the ACM General Fund lost money, and the SIG (Special Interest Group) general fund brought in money. This is now reversed. The ACM General Fund is now projected to bring in money, but not as much as the SIGs, as a whole, are losing. There is some income coming to the SIGs from their material in the ACM Digital Library. This money will be split among the SIGs proportional to the number of downloads of their material.

Action Items:

1. Barb Helfer to encourage organizers of conferences with whom ACM SIGGRAPH is in cooperation to make the content available to the digital library.

2. Alain Chesnais to write an article for home page telling people about the Digital Library and the ability of all ACM SIGGRAPH members to access the ACM SIGGRAPH content.

Capturing Conference Content

Gudrun Enger presented a proposal from SOMA Media for creating an interactive online streaming application of the conference content, with a two-camera setup in two of the conference rooms, at a cost of $37,500. Gudrun will discuss with them whether the use of the camera from AVW, the conference AV company, would bring the cost down. They will also produce a DVD-ROM of conference content, at their own expense, and will give ACM SIGGRAPH a percentage of the sales. Gudrun and Erica Johnson will negotiate with them what that percentage should be.

Motion (Enger, Owen) To accept the SOMA proposal described above, subject to agreement on the use of AVW's camera and negotiation on the percentage of the DVD-ROM sales.

Approved (5,0,2; Abstain Brown, Helfer)


Barb Helfer announced the selection of the following awards recipients for 2003:

Significant New Researcher Award - Mathieu Desbrun

Computer Graphics Achievement Award- Peter Schoder

Steven A. Coons Award - Pat Hanrahan

April Conference Call

The April conference call was cancelled since the next Executive Committee meeting is May 2-4, 2003.