ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee February 2004 Meeting

February 9, 2004

ACM Headquarters, New York, NY


Tony Baylis-Via Conference call
Judy Brown-Via Conference Call-
Colleen Case
Alain Chesnais
Gudrun Enger
Thierry Frey
Barb Helfer
Erica Johnson
Jackie Morie
Scott Owen
Stephen Spencer


John Finnegan


The meeting was called to order at 9:00AM

Presentations for the conference administration contract were given by the following three companies:

Talley Management Group

Smith Bucklin & Associates

Capstone Solutions

There was discussion regarding all of the presentations that included the qualifications, pricing, and pros and cons of each company. There was continued discussion of the two conference manager model versus the three conference manager model. The large difference in pricing was discussed in detail. The group reviewed the back up presented by the conference administration request for proposal (RFP) committee, as well as concerns raised by some members of this group.

(Helfer, Case) To award the Conference Administration contract to Talley Management Group for the term of SIGGRAPH 2006-SIGGRAPH 2008 with the option of extension to SIGGRAPH 2009.

(5,3,1 Opposed: Baylis, Brown, Spencer; Abstain: Frey)

Action Item:
Erica Johnson to inform the bidders of the contract award to Talley Management Group.

Other Business - System Managers' Meeting

Gudrun Enger gave an update on the system managers' meeting taking place simultaneously with ACM Information Systems people. ACM Information Systems group is very helpful in supporting SIGGRAPH Requests, and this has been a valuable meeting. Such a meeting should be held at ACM at least once each year.. A full report will be provided in the future.

The President thanked everyone for active participation in the meeting.

Motion to Adjourn. at 5:25 PM.

By Acclamation