ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee June 2004 Conference Call

June 24, 2004


Tony Baylis
Judy Brown
Colleen Case
Thierry Frey
Barb Helfer
Masa Inakage
Erica Johnson
Jackie Morie
Scott Owen
Stephen Spencer


Alain Chesnais
Gudrun Enger
Dino Schweitzer


Mk Haley

The meeting was led by Barb Helfer, ACM SIGGRAPH Vice President


Motion (Brown, Spencer) To approve the minutes of the January Executive Committee meeting, the minutes of the February Executive Committee meeting, and the minutes of the May Executive Committee conference call.

Approved (8,0,0)

SIGGRAPH Video Reviews DVD

Stephen Spencer reported on the process for the contract to produce the SIGGRAPH Video Review (SVR) DVD. Toshiba was approved by an Executive Committee email vote to receive the contract to produce the DVD.

Graphite 2004 and VRCAI 2004

Barb Helfer reported on the conferences (Graphite and Virtual Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry) held June 16-18 in Singapore. Excellent, thought-provoking keynote talks were given by James Foley, José Encarnação, and Jacki Morie. There were 260 participants with an excellent and interesting program, and high quality proceedings. The facilities at Nanyang Technological University were excellent, and there was good student participation. The hard work by YT Lee, Yiyu Cai, and the other local organizers is greatly appreciated. A full report will be written.

Booth Duty

All Executive Committee members are expected to sign up for at least four hours at the ACM SIGGRAPH booth at SIGGRAPH 2004.

Activities at the Conference

Executive Committee members are encouraged to attend the chapters' meeting for breakfast (8-9) and the session immediately after breakfast to introduce yourselves to the chapters' members. This meeting will be at the Wiltshire Grand Hotel.

The Education Committee also invites all Executive Committee members to drop in during their meeting at the Checkers Hilton Hotel.The Curriculum Workshop will be held in Boardroom 1 Hilton Checkers, 8am-4:30pm, with Gary Bertoline and Cary Laxer leading. The other two subgroups of Education Committee (Community Building and Conference Activities)will meet in Salon A with portions of that committee breaking out to do conference setup with Tony Longson and Marc Barr.

There will be an Executive Committee meeting all day on Friday, following the conference.

There is a delegation coming from Thailand that wants to meet with production companies and schools during the week. Their Minister of Technology is also coming, and they are interested in animation and production regarding Thai culture. It was recommended that they contact the LA Chapter.

Update on the Soma Conference DVD Production and Sales

There is a substantial financial risk on this product. We need to sell 1500 copies to break even. A task force, led by Stephen Spencer, was appointed to look into the DVD sales.

ACM Member Services Board

Thierry Frey has been appointed to the ACM Member Services Board since ACM is interested in more feedback from chapters. ACM will now be able to determine whether a person is a member of ACM, of one or more SIGs, and/or a member of a chapter. ACM is also working on, a site to allow members to customize services.

Outgoing Executive Committee Members

This is the last Executive Committee meeting for EC members Jacki Morie, Thierry Frey, and Gudrun Enger. They are thanked for their work and service to ACM SIGGRAPH.