Report of the Nominating Committee for the 2002 ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee elections.

The 2002 elections were run under the new terms of office in the ACM SIGGRAPH Bylaws. With these terms, the President and Vice President were to be elected to three-year terms; the Director for Communications, Director for Chapters, and one Director at Large were to be elected for two year terms, and the Director for Education and second Director at Large were to be elected for one year terms (and would coincide with the term of the Treasurer in future elections). The overall nominating process, then, developed candidates for seven positions, or a total of 14 candidates.

The committee, Oscar Garcia and Valerie Miller as well as Past President, interviewed a very large number of possible candidates. The committee identified two candidates for each position but one at the conference, but one candidate for one position proved difficult and a second candidate was identified later in the autumn to complete the slate. The time constraints of the second candidate was such that the choice was made without full consultation with the committee, but the Past President made that choice in order to have a timely election.

Because we were able to complete the nominations in a timely way, we were able to achieve a very early election schedule, as follows:

February 19, 2002: SIGGRAPH materials/ballot sent to Sheridan Printing

March 7, 2002: Ballots mailed

May 7, 2002: Ballots due at HQs

May 10, 2002: Election results announced

In the end, the election results were known by May 7 and were announced as soon as each candidate had been informed of the results, by telephone if possible. This early election greatly eased the transition issues with so many new members of the Executive Committee. We want to thank Monique Chang of ACM HQ for her very good help with the elections process.

The results of the elections were as follows:




Leo Hourvitz 356 12 1 7

Alain Chesnais 387 12 1 7


David Arnold 272 21 0 7

Barb Helfer 463 21 0 7



Gudrun Enger 460 31 0 7

Anne Eakes 265 31 0 7



Fran Mc Afee 317 39 0 7

Thierry Frey 400 39 0 7



Werner Hansmann 406 36 0 7

Tony Longson 314 36 0 7


FOR DIRECTOR AT LARGE, one-year term:

Masa Inakage 507 38 0 7

Jiaoying Shi 211 38 0 7


FOR DIRECTOR AT LARGE, two-year term:

Jacquelyn Ford Morie 378 18 0 7

David S. Ebert 360 18 0 7


As of May 7, 2002, 763 ballots were returned and counted at headquarters.

Submitted June 2, 2002

Steve Cunningham

ACM SIGGRAPH Past President