Publications Annual Report - July 2002

Stephen Spencer ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Publications

1. Who's Who / Personnel

The SIGGRAPH Publications Committee oversees and is involved with all aspects of SIGGRAPH publications, from budget planning and approval, to production, to order fulfillment, to new project development.

Stephen Spencer (The University of Washington) heads the Publications Committee and oversees the work of the rest of the committee. He also oversees CD-ROM production and print publication production tasks.

Dana Plepys and Thomas DeFanti (University of Illinois at Chicago) heads the SIGGRAPH Video Review program, offering high-quality, relevant CG content on video tape and DVD.

Patricia Galvis-Assmus (UMass-Amherst) and Karen Sullivan (Ringling School of Art and Design), along with production help from Lynn Valastyan (Smith, Bucklin and Associates) handle the SIGGRAPH Newsletter / Computer Graphics Quarterly, a quarterly publication of ACM SIGGRAPH. Hans Westman, from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, has stepped in for a year to replace Karen Sullivan as cover editor while Karen fulfills other SIGGRAPH volunteer duties.

2. What We Do / What Hasn't Changed

SIGGRAPH offers a wide range of publications for sale to the computer graphics community, mainly focused on the content presented at the organization's conferences and workshops: printed and CD-ROM based conference and workshop proceedings, video tapes, and DVDs all help to document these gatherings of the computer graphics community.

The SIGGRAPH "Member Value Plus" program offers conference and workshop proceedings for sale to SIGGRAPH members at reduced rates. Included in this program are several publications from conferences not sponsored by SIGGRAPH: the Canadian "Graphics Interface" conference and the Eurographics Rendering Workshop proceedings are available through this program.

3. What's New / What Has Changed

Six notable items:

- our new partnership with Eurographics includes the co-sponsorship of five to seven more conferences per year, and production and distribution of the proceedings of these conferences has been taken on by ACM SIGGRAPH.

- starting in January 2002, final versions of papers accepted to ACM SIGGRAPH-sponsored conferences and workshops are delivered as PDF documents rather than hardcopy.

- papers from the annual conference have been digitized and made available in the ACM Digital Library (some from our digitizing efforts, some from ACM's digitizing efforts).

- starting with ACM SIGGRAPH 2002, there is a Conference Proceedings DVD-ROM in place of the Conference Proceedings videotape, containing all content from the Conference Proceedings CD-ROM as well as movies and interactive presentations.

- work continues on migration of the Quarterly to have a greater online presence.

- No 'One More Time' booth at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2002 conference due to lack of volunteer staffing.

4. What's Next?

Our organizational work toward a strategic plan drives many activities, including the expansion of the online version of the Computer Graphics Quarterly to include all of the content found in the printed version.

Finally, the SIGGRAPH Publications Committee is, as it always is, looking for volunteers to assist in its varied activities. Its current Director has been so for nearly six years, and it's time to start thinking about the future, and about who and how the various responsibilities of the Director and the Committee can be carried into the future.