Annual Report of the ACM SIGGRAPH Vice President for the year 2001-2002

The year 2001-2002 has seen significant progress in all areas of the Vice President's responsibilities.

External liaison

Affiliation Agreements : Eurographics

Co-operation Agreements: Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAj), CG-ARTS, Nordic Interactive, Imagina, International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA), International Games Developers Association (IGDA), Swedish Computer Graphics Society (SIGRAD), China Society for Images and Graphics (CSIG).

Helping to establish the following associations: Afrigraph in Souther Africa, ANZgraph in Australia and New Zealand, and SEAgraph in Southeast Asia.

Japanese Liaison: Midori Kitagawa

The already close working relationship between ACM SIGGRAPH and Eurographics was further enhanced this year with the signing of a Publishing Agreements as an addendum to our existing Affiliation Agreement. Under this new agreement ACM SIGGRAPH will publish the Eurographics Workshop proceedings which will be in "in co-operation" with ACM SIGGRAPH. Furthermore, all the Eurographics Workshop proceedings will now be accessible from the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Library.

Joint ACM SIGGRAPH-Eurographics activities this year included two more successful Campfires (see Symposia) and the joint mission to Australia New Zealand and Singapore (see below).

In addition to working closely with Eurographics, CG-ARTS, DCAj and Nordic Interactive, ACM SIGGRAPH has also been developing relationships with other computer graphics associations. A new co-operation agreement with the China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG) was signed in Hangzhou, China and four new agreements with the Independent Game Developers Association (IGDA), International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA), the Swedish Computer Graphics Society (SIGRAD) and Imagina are due to be signed at SIGGRAPH 2002.

Once again there will be a welcoming and introduction ceremony for all Japanese visitors to the conference hosted by ACM SIGGRAPH and DCAj.

As a result of the successful the ACM SIGGRAPH-Eurographics mission to Southern Africa in March 2001, the successful Afrigraph 2001 conference was held in Cape Town in November 2001, with Judy Brown as one of the keynote speakers. The organisation for the next conference is already well under way, with the event scheduled for February 2002 (

In March 2002 an ACM SIGGRAPH-Eurographics delegation went to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore with the goals of:

- promoting Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

- learning about the state of computer graphics and interactive techniques in the region

- helping to establish two regional graphics associations, ANZgraph (Australia and New Zealand Graphics) and SEAgraph (South East Asia Graphics)

- helping enable worldwide collaborations for universities and industry in the region.

One of the outcomes of this successful visit is the Graphite 2003 conference to be held in Melbourne in February 2003.


The Symposia program continued to go from strength to strength, despite a decline in attendance at a number of symposia because of the events of 11 September.

The Symposia program is continually looking to increase the number of Symposia we support. In addition to the conferences that regularly receive ACM SIGGRAPH support, this year we also supported, amongst others, Afrigraph 2001 and the Spring Conference in Computer Graphics held in Slovakia.

Two new Campfires, ``Visual Learning for Science and Engineering'' and ``Production Process of 3D Computer Graphics Application: Structures, Roles and Tools'' were held at Snowbird in June. Once more these multi-disciplinary events were very successful

Detailed reports on these two Campfires will appear shortly at


Awards Chair: Ed Catmull

Three awards were made at the SIGGRAPH 2001 conference:

Lance J. Williams received the Steven A. Coons award, which is given in odd-numbered years to an individual to honor that person's lifetime contribution to computer graphics and interactive techniques. Lance received this award n recognition of his fundamental and far reaching technical ideas, of his pioneering artistic contributions to the field, and of his generous and unflagging mentorship to many of the leading lights in Computer Graphics research today.

Andrew Witkin received the Computer Graphics Achievement award, which is given each year to recognize an individual for an outstanding achievement in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Andrew received this award for his pioneering work in bringing a physics based approach to computer graphics.

Paul E. Debevec received the Significant New Researcher Award, which is awarded annually to a researcher who has made a recent significant contribution to the field of computer graphics and is new to the field. This award recognizes his recent creative and innovative work in the field of image-based modeling and rendering.

The following awards will be conferred at the SIGGRAPH 2002 conference:

- Significant New Researcher: Steven Gortler.

- Technical Achievement Award: David Kirk.

- Outstanding Service Award: Bertram Herzog

The procedures for the structure of both the Technical Awards Committee and the Outstanding Service Awards committee were also finalised this year.

Project Grants

Chair: Nan Schaller

This year the ACM SIGGRAPH Project Grants Committee fielded several inquiries, considered 5 proposals and funded three of them:

1. Travel Support for Key Volunteers from Southern Africa Steve Cunningham, SIGGRAPH Past President and Mike McGrath, SIGGRAPH Director of Education, $5000, approved May 31, 2001.

This project is to increase volunteer experience and educational activity in Southern Africa. It provided partial travel support for four educators from that region who have already received Educators Conference Grants to come to the SIGGRAPH 2001 conference so they may be more effective contributors to their regional association and so they may contribute more fully to the educational activity in the region.

2. Online Archive of Interactive Art Works and Performances Lucy Petrovich, $19,280, approved August 18, 2001

This project will put together an online multimedia documentation from the art show of the interactive works and historical information about the artists from 1974 onward.

3. Electronic Theatre Internet Archive Brad deGraf, $10,000, approved May 21, 2002

This project, in collaboration with the Internet Archive (, is intended as the first phase of a permanent library of the best of computer graphics throughout its history, which itself will be a core component of a larger Internet Archive of Animation.

Travelling Art Show

Chair: Huguette Chesnais

The travelling Art Show (TAS) continues to increase its activities as it is hosted by ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters and conferences supported by ACM SIGGRAPH around the world.

Highlights of this year's events include:

- Copenhagen, Denmark, on the occasion of the Nordic Conference

- Cape Town, South Africa, following Afrigraph

- Venice, Italy, as part of Opera Totale

- publication of a catalogue in Italian

- Colorado, New York, Florida, going on to Ohio, New Jersey in the Fall

- Presentations in Taipei and Tainan (Taiwan) with publication in Chinese