Other Professional and Technical Societies

ACM SIGGRAPH is one of a number of professional organizations of potential interest to the computer graphics community. 

ACM SIGGRAPH-affiliated Societies

In order to help promote computer graphics and interactive techniques around the world, ACM SIGGRAPH has signed affiliation agreements with other societies who share our goals and interests. These agreements range from mutual promotion to agreements that include membership and publication discounts for members of the afiiliated societies on both groups' work. In addition, we regularly meet with the other arms of our parent organization, ACM, which is the world's largest professional computing society.

ACM SIGGRAPH's affiliation agreements are guided by the ACM SIGGRAPH Vice-Chair as part of our external relations program. If you have questions about our affiliation agreements or know of a society we should talk to, please contact us.
Eurographics organizes many different activities and services for its members, who include researchers, developers, educators and those who work in the computer graphics industry, both as users and providers of computer graphics hardware, software, and applications. Regular events and services include the major annual computer graphics conference in Europe, and such publications as the quarterly Computer Graphics Forum journal and a selection of the proceedings from the annual Workshop Program.

ACM SIGGRAPH's affiliation agreement with Eurographics, signed at Eurographics 2000 and SIGGRAPH 2000, provides for discounts on membership for joint members as well as a program of mutual promotion of computer graphics and joint publication programs, including Eurographics' respected Rendering Workshop. 

Signing at EG2000
The signing ceremony at Eurographics 2000 in Interlaken, Switzerland (click for full image)
Signing at S2000
The signing ceremony at SIGGRAPH 2000 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (click for full image)
The Digital Content Association of Japan is devoted to promotion of the digital content-related industry. ACM SIGGRAPH has a formal agreement with DCAj to mutually promote computer graphics.

The Computer Graphic Arts Society is a nonprofit organization approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education. The primary purpose of CG-ARTS is to promote and promulgate the education of media arts in Japan. Through activities that are designed to improve techniques and talents for computer graphics and multimedia areas, CG-ARTS aims to become the Japanese agent for enhancement of digital media arts that is rapidly progressing with remarkable technological revolution. CG-Art's main page is in Japanese, but they have an English information page about CG-Arts as well.

ACM SIGGRAPH and CG-ARTS have an agreement to work together on promoting computer graphics and interactive techniques, including making the SIGGRAPH Call for Participation, SPACE competition requirements, and student volunteer call available in Japanese. You can see the SIGGRAPH 2001 Call for Participation online now.

Nordic Interactive logo
Nordic Interactive brings business and the research, development, and education environments closer together within the Nordic countries. Nordic Interactive works with partners worldwide to promote innovation in interactive digital technology. ACM SIGGRAPH has a cooperation agreement with Nordic Interactive to mutually promote computer graphics and interactive techniques.

ACM, the parent organization of ACM SIGGRAPH and of several dozen other computer-based special interest groups (or SIGs). A few of the SIGs that overlap with the interests of many ACM SIGGRAPH members are: 
  • ACM SIGCHI: Focuses on Computers and Human Interfaces, promotes that field and sponsors the successful SIGCHI conference.

  • ACM SIGCOMM: The SIG for Communications

  • ACM SIGCSE: Helps computer science educators define curriculums, tools, and techniques.
  • Other Societies


    AFRIGRAPH's goals are: to promote Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality and Interactive techniques with relevance to the realities of the Southern African region; to serve as a linking medium to research and industries stakeholders; to promote international participation of Southern African researchers, academic and industry; and, to help establish Computer Graphics and Interactive techniques as a leading Southern African research and application activity.

    ACM SIGGRAPH has encouraged the founders of AFRIGRAPH in creating their group and in their activities in this part of the world. We are entering discussions on an affiliation agreement with AFRIGRAPH.

    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and in particular its Computer Society, co-sponsor many conferences in fields of mutual interest with ACM SIGGRAPH, such as the Visualization Conference.

    For a fuller list of societies, institutes, and other organizations related to computer graphics and interactive techniques, see our Institutions page in the Web Resources section of the ACM SIGGRAPH site.