Policy on volunteers holding multiple positions within ACM SIGGRAPH

A volunteer being considered for a position within SIGGRAPH should tell those considering him or her of all other positions (volunteer or otherwise) that could affect the volunteer's ability to do the job. The volunteer should also indicate why he or she believes he or she could successfully perform the duties of the position being discussed. The person considering the volunteer for the position will weigh the volunteer's other commitments, the record of the volunteer's successes, and the requirements of the position, and will decide whether he or she should be selected. In case the volunteer already holds or is being considered for one or more other volunteer positions, the person who manages the new position will contact the persons managing the other positions and will discuss with them the requirements of the various positions and whether the volunteer can be expected to carry out the tasks of all the positions. If the managers all agree that the additional task should be successful, then this fact and the reasons for this agreement should be documented and the new manager is free to select this volunteer for the position. If there is agreement that the new position would likely overload the volunteer, this fact and the reasons for this agreement should be documented and the volunteer should be told that the selection will not be made unless the volunteer chooses to give up one or more of the other positions.

Draft policy by Steve Cunningham.

Policy approved by the ACM SIGGRAPH EC, November 10, 2000.