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Policy on Consideration of ACM SIGGRAPH Volunteers for More Than One Volunteer Position

As a matter of common professional courtesy, when new volunteers are being selected, others who might be affected by this selection should be informed.

A volunteer being considered for a position within ACM SIGGRAPH should discuss with the volunteer considering him/her all current and potential commitments, as well as the support for ACM SIGGRAPH work from his/her employer. In case the volunteer already holds or is being considered for another ACM SIGGRAPH volunteer position, the person who manages the other position should be notified so that the three of them can discuss what is involved in each job. This also gives the manager of the other position the opportunity to raise concerns, and both the volunteer and the person considering this volunteer can better determine whether he/she is able to handle either one or both of the responsibilities.

Modified by Judy Brown and Thierry Frey and approved by ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, June 12, 2002.

Policy approved by the ACM SIGGRAPH EC, November 10, 2000.

Draft policy by Steve Cunningham.

Leo Hourvitz, Director for Communications
Last modified: June, 2002