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  1. EC, CAG, organizational positions, and conference committee positions are automatically given "position" aliases related to their  position (such as president, chair-2003, etc. These aliases will continue to be maintained on our local machine with pointers to them from ACM's mail server. EC and CAG members will automatically be given "personal" e-mail aliases (assuming they do not already have one). Automatic "personal" alias may be created for Conference Program Chairs if so desired by the CAG although a preferred solution is for the chairs to be SIGGRAPH members and obtain member aliases.
  2. All organizational and conference related "personal" aliases will have a format of  These aliases are to be requested through any EC member, CAG member, or the Information Director. Any EC or CAG member may delegate alias approval authority to program or subcommittee chairs as they see fit. However, I'd recommend that SIGGRAPH aliases not be given out to people below the program or subcommittee chair positions and instead have those people become SIGGRAPH members.

  3. An individual with an organizational or conference "personal" alias may request an additional "personal" alias besides their standard one (such as "").

  4. SIGGRAPH members are allowed to select any member alias on a first-come basis. It is intended to tie these aliases into the membership database. Eventually we would like to have these totally handled by ACM. A person would then get a address in the same fashion as they currently can get an alias. Will plan on following ACM policies as to when these addresses become invalid.

  5. All organizational "position" aliases will be updated as new people take those positions. Conference "position" aliases will be removed in December of the conference year. All organizational and conference "personal" aliases will be terminated 1 year after a person's term of office or conference role is finished unless that person remains a SIGGRAPH member and wishes to keep the alias.

  6. Any organizational or conference personal alias (standard or alternate) can be maintained provided the individual is a SIGGRAPH member. However, only one alias will be maintained (We may be able to keep both standard and non-standard according to ACM. Thus one might be able to keep both and "").

  7. The sysmgrs group will be responsible for maintaining a database of accounts and aliases for tracking purposes. They will also be responsible for seeing that items are deleted as appropriate.

Related Procedures

  1. Current and past year EC, CAG, organizational position, and conference committee position aliases will be maintained. Primary source of information to be the SIGGRAPH directory.

  2. All other aliases will be sent e-mail stating the new alias policies. If they fall under a pre-approved category then their aliases will be maintained. If they are not currently active in the organization or conference, then they will have the opportunity to maintain one alias provided they are a SIGGRAPH member. If so they will be asked to provide their membership number.

  3. If a person is not active and not a member, then their alias will be deleted.

  4. Individuals will be allowed to appeal their deletion to the Director for Communications or other designated personnel.
  5. Initial policy prepared by Jeff Jortner, January 2003