Report on Sedona Goals

May, 2003

1. Complete an online membership survey by May EC meeting with at least 300 responses

Leo Hourvitz

The 2002 Membership Survey was completed on May 1, 2002, with 230 responses received. A summary of the results is posted at

Three ACM SIGGRAPH members were awarded $100 gift certificates in a random drawing from those who returned surveys, and it has been verified that all three were able to use them.

2. Complete Hub prototype implementation by September 2002

David Ebert, Gudrun Enger, Leo Hourvitz


* S2002 presentations available online by 9/1/02 and develop plan for sustainability

A proposal from Stephen Matsuba for online recording was approved at the January Executive Committee meeting, and the online committee is moving forward with this plan. Stephen has all his people in place, and is getting software donated from Adobe. Everything else seems to be going well. He will be recording sessions in Ballroom C1 and C3 (Papers) and C2 (Panels), which will also include the keynote and some courses on Sunday and Monday. The plan is to have the data server on site to put the recordings on directly, and then ship that back to ACM so that we will have the data up from the conference by September.

A second proposal, from a different company to record the sessions in Ballroom A, which is mostly sketches, was discussed in the June conference call, but an additional propoal has come in and needs to be considered before any decisions are made on this.


* Complete implementation of Ask Dr. SIGGRAPH, threaded newsgroups, and news alliances

Dennis Bouvier has volunteered to act as moderator for the Dr. SIGGRAPH section on He will be soliciting questions from our community and have our panel of "experts" answer them. Experts include such noted luminaries as Turner Whitted. Currently, Dennis has put together an implementation plan, with budget, which David Ebert and Gudrun Enger.

We have reached an agreement with Computer Graphics World about a news feed for This is a place on our front page that lists the top headlines with links back to the Computer Graphics World site. It is now up and running.

No work is being done on threaded news groups at this time.

3. Take steps to make as much conference content online as possible (sketches, courses, etc.) by January 2002

Stephen Spencer

* Modify the permissions form.

This goal has been met. The conference Submission and Authorization Form (SAF) includes language that authorizes us to include the published content in the ACM Digital Library. Stephen has also worked with Deborah Cotton at ACM Headquarters to furnish an addendum to the standard ACM Copyright Form, authorizing us to include supplemental material and video-based material from the annual conference Papers program in the ACM Digital Library.

4. Form PR task force to define opportunities to enhance the "brand identity" of ACM SIGGRAPH to report at the March EC conference call.

Bill Kroyer and Gudrun Enger

Bill and Gudrun are generating ideas and making lists. They welcome additional volunteers to this task force and additional ideas about increasing our identity. They plan to discuss this further with Ginny Gold, the public relations person at ACM.

5. Finish pre-1985 conference proceedings digitization project by March 2002

Stephen Spencer

The PDF files of the 1975 - 1988 annual conference papers have been delivered to ACM, although Stephen has been informed that ACM went ahead and digitized most of these years' papers and they are already available in the ACM Digital Library. Our efforts did include a few years that ACM hadn't done, and this material is in the process of being added.

6. Have effective project management process in place by July 2002

Erica Johnson and Dino Schweitzer

Create a template with goals, timeline, evaluation criteria, resources, monitoring, and reporting, with reporting to include dependency, exceptions, monthly and final reports.

Dino sent the conference Program Plan template as an example.

7. Come up with Volunteer Information Piece and Volunteer Information Manual by April 2002

Gudrun Enger


-- every EC member writes 3 job descriptions by March 6, 2002

-- expand potential volunteer base by 5/02

The content and directions for this were discussed at the January Executive Committee meeting. Gudrun has begun to pull together VIM document from the ideas generated at the January meeting.

Each EC member sent three job descriptions, in the following format:

Job Title

Job Description

Contact Person

Gudrun will put together a flyer for the conference from the job descriptions she has received.

8. Document financial policies and procedures (as part of larger P&P development) by June 30, 2002

Garry Paxinos

This has been done and is attached as Appendix A.

9. Create a review committee to explore the "Traveling SIGGRAPH Show" -- two hour live lecture/presentation program featuring conference speakers that opens the Traveling Art Show --and provide report by June 2002

Gudrun Enger, with help from Bill Kroyer

Bill and Gudrun have concluded that this activity should be coordinated with the chapters, rather than with the Traveling Art Show because it would be difficult to add something to the existing Traveling Art Show. This kind of show should probably also be connected to any discussions about a speaker's bureau. They also looked into some other possible joint programs, such as with the Computer History Museum at Moffitt Field in Mountain View.

10. Create an online "chapter bullets" page for quarterly update of activities by chapter officers to be presented at Chapters committee meeting in Nov 2001

Thierry Frey

Done, see

It will be important to keep it updated.

11. Actively promote computer graphics throughout the world

Alan Chalmers.

-- Take delegation to Oceania by April, 2002.

The delegation from ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM visited Australia, New Zealand

and Singapore from 19 March - 7 April. The delegation comprised:

ACM SIGGRAPH President: Judy Brown

ACM SIGGRAPH Vice President: Alan Chalmers

ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Chapters: Thierry Frey (for the last week of the visit)

ACM representative: David Arnold

The vist was very successful and has led to:

1. The formation of ANZGraph (Australia and New Zealand Graphics Association)

2. The formation of SEAGraph (South East Asia Graphics Association)

3. An international conference Graphite 2003, due to be held in Melbourne in February 2003.

A report is available at

-- Develop contacts for future delegation to India by August, 2002.

As a result of discussions held during the Oceania visit, it has been decided that it would be better to send a delegation to South East Asia in April 2003 rather than India. This delegation will be able to build on the success of the Oceania visit and encourage participation in SEAGraph from other South East Asian countries, including Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Preliminary contacts are being developed with the help of the current SEAGraph representatives in Singapore. It is planned that a delegation will now visit the Indian subcontinent in April 2004.

12. Service and evaluation plan between ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM by July 2002

Judy Brown and Erica Johnson

The following ACM SIGGRAPH volunteers met with ACM staff in New York on Monday, January 14: Judy Brown, Alan Chalmers, Alain Chesnais (also representing SIG Governing Board)

The agenda was:

* In general, what things do ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM work well on together, and what areas need work?

* Budgeting and accounting.

* Meet the new PR person and talk about how ACM can help us with PR.

* ACM SIGGRAPH member cards

* Cooperation on international activities

This meeting was felt to be valuable and is expected to occur annually.

13. Set up infrastructure to continue to support twice-a-year campfires as a forum to validate possible multidisciplinary interaction by June 2002

Alan Chalmers.

This has been achieved. Incorporating the Campfires as part of the Symposia business unit will provide a constant source of funding for future events. Two more successful Campfires were held in June 2002 and plans are already being made for 2 new events next year.

14. Help seed a Chair in Computer Graphics in Southern Africa

Alan Chalmers

Alan had talks with a number of people at the Afrigraph conference and they all agreed that the best location for such a Chair would be at the University of Botswana. He will be working with Sampson Asare from that University to start raising funding for the position in the coming weeks. A number of possible funding opportunities have been identified and these will be explored further over the coming months.



Policies & Procedures for the ACM SIGGRAPH Finance Committee

Written (1993) by Tom Wright and Steve Van Frank

Last revised by Garry Paxinos (2003)




Organization Name:

Finance Committee (FC)

Purpose and/or charter:

The Finance Committee oversees the budget process for the organization. It also formulates and recommends financial policy, recommends ACM SIGGRAPH membership fees, and advises the ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer and Executive Committee (EC) on financial matters.

Revision Dates:

6/4/93, 9/30/93, 8/1/96, 10/20/96, 11/20/97, 12/12/98, 5/2/2001, 5/30/2001, 8/10/2002, 9/18/2002, 4/30/2003


Structure and Management:

Official members are:

ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer (Chair of the Finance Committee)


ACM SIGGRAPH Vice President

ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group Chair (ex-officio)

ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Publications

ACM SIGGRAPH Past President


Additional personnel that are resources for the committee:

ACM SIGGRAPH Past Treasurer

Members of HQ staff


Current contacts including relevant e-mail aliases:,,, (currently,


Reporting structure and record keeping:

Reports to the ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Election process:

None, other than the normal election process for ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee members.


Meeting schedule:

The Finance committee will meet as needed; minimally at the annual conference; and via conference calls during the budget process.


Source of funds for the Finance Committee: part of the EC organizational budget.

Expense approval process: via normal ACM Travel Expense with ACM SIGGRAPH President approval.

Budget Process

EC Budget Planning/Approval Process:

The ACM SIGGRAPH Finance Committee assists the Treasurer during the EC budget planning and approval process. The steps in developing the EC budget are detailed below. (It should be noted, however, that in times of fiscal emergency, it may become necessary for the Finance Committee to develop the organizational budget in its entirety. In such circumstances, the process that follows will be nullified.)

Budget Shepherds:

Each member of the Finance Committee will be assigned a program budget to shepherd. The responsibilities include:


1.Discussing the requested budget with the Program Manager.

2.Conveying any concerns expressed by the Finance Committee.

3.Assisting the Program Manager to modify the budget, if necessary.

4.Reporting the final requested budget for each program to the Finance Committee.


The proposed shepherd assignments are:

Finance Committee Program to Shepherd

President Vice President

Past President Publications

Vice President President

CAG Chair Chapters

Publications Education

Treasurer Communications


This could vary, depending on the expertise and background of the shepherd.

"The" process


September - The Treasurer will provide the current fiscal year's budgets and justifications to the EC members responsible for preparing those portions of the EC budget. This currently includes the President, Vice President, and the Directors of Communication, Education, Chapters, and Publications. The schedule for budget presentations will be set up at this time (see next step).


1. Get information on the anticipated income for the next fiscal year, (FY N+1)

• Conference revenue to the organization from the most recent conference

• Membership and publication income projections from ACM HQ

• Reserves estimate for the end of the current fiscal year (FY N) from ACM

HQ, broken out into organization reserves and conference reserves

• Should be completed by the end of October.

2. Send information on the current year's final approved budget to EC, broken out by functional areas (education, chapters, publications, vice president, president, communications), by the end of October.

October through mid-December – Each person in charge of a functional area will prepare a budget proposal to be discussed at a conference call according to a schedule set up by the President and Treasurer.

Three EC meeting conference calls will be scheduled during this time period. Each conference call will discuss two portions of the budget. At least a week prior to the call, the two EC members presenting their budgets will already have electronically distributed their budget requests and justifications for each budget item. Justifications should show how the individual budget supports ACM SIGGRAPH's strategic plan and high-level goals and should identify all cost centers (programs/projects within the budget.). The presenter's year-end report, as well as methods used to assess the efficacy of the programs, affect consideration for budget appropriateness. (Access to this information is password protected.) Historically, the areas with less complex budgets are scheduled for the earlier conference calls. At the call, the Program Managers in charge of the two areas will summarize the proposal in 10 minutes each and invite discussion of the proposals from EC; EC will be assumed to have read the proposed budget and to have sent the Program Manager any questions before the conference call so they can prepare a response. These conference calls provide the Finance Committee and other EC members with an opportunity to present additional concerns and to ask for clarification.


Following each EC conference call, the Finance Committee will have a separate conference call to discuss the two Program budgets presented. It will then be the Program Shepherd's responsibility to convey any FC concerns and mediate a modified budget, if necessary.

The proposed area budgets, with modifications as made by the Program Manager before or during the conference call, will be considered by the Finance Committee.

When all the budget requests are in and have been discussed with the shepherds, the Finance Committee shall examine all the requests as a whole, compared with the projected income. The Finance Committee may make further changes in the proposed budgets to meet the projected income or to better fit the strategic direction of the organization.

The final budget as developed by these processes shall be presented to EC at the (usually January) EC meeting for final discussion and approval.

December - The Finance Committee will put together a preliminary balanced EC budget using the Shepherded Program budgets. This will include projected income from ACM Headquarters. The results will become the proposed budget, which will be distributed to the EC as backup for the January meeting.

January - At the EC budget meeting, the proposed budget will be presented, possibly adjusted, and approved. The Treasurer then will work with the persons responsible for budgetary areas and with the ACM SIGGRAPH Program Director to set up the detailed budget. The Treasurer will then forward the approved EC budget to ACM Headquarters as soon as possible, and will write a "State of SIGGRAPH" article to be included in the next issue of Computer Graphics.

In addition, the ACM SIGGRAPH Program Director will send budget categories to each person responsible for a portion of the budget. These EC members will return their budgets, separated by designation, to both the Treasurer and to the ACM SIGGRAPH Program Director.

[Note: We don't do this anymore, but perhaps this would be useful.]

Conference Budget Process:

The Treasurer and/or Finance Committee should help in the preparation of and/or the approval process for conference budgets prior to their presentations at the (typically January) EC budget meeting. This will normally require that the Treasurer and/or other members of the Finance Committee attend the CAG Conference Budget meeting in the fall, typically November.

Preliminary budget for the SIGGRAPH conference that is 2 years out (N + 1)

The SIGGRAPH conference chair, for the conference two years out, and the Conference Advisory Group shall examine the projected income and expenses for the conference to happen in two years and the history of conferences in the region where this conference shall be presented. They shall then produce a proposed preliminary budget for the conference that includes the required transfers to the ACM SIGGRAPH organization and to ACM HQ as determined by ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM HQ policies. This proposed budget shall include an appropriate contingency and shall show a final return of zero or higher.

Because this budget is the basis for the conference TMRF it should be prepared carefully enough so that the anticipated difference between the preliminary budget and the final budget presented a year later will be less than 10%?.

The preliminary budget shall be presented to EC at least a week before an EC meeting as determined by the President, usually the winter meeting.

Final budget for the next SIGGRAPH conference (N)

The conference chair for the SIGGRAPH (N) conference and the Conference Advisory Group shall examine the projected income and expenses for the next conference and shall produce a proposed budget for the conference that includes the necessary transfers to the ACM SIGGRAPH organization and to ACM HQ as determined by ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM HQ policies. This proposed budget shall include an appropriate contingency and shall show a final return of zero or higher.

The SIGGRAPH (N) conference budget shall be presented to the EC at least two weeks before the meeting at which the budget is to be approved.

The SIGGRAPH (N) conference final budget shall be approved at a face-to-face meeting on a schedule to be determined by the President, usually the January meeting.

If at any point the conference expenses or income shows a significant change, the Chair of CAG must report that fact to EC immediately, along with an analysis of what is causing the change and a preliminary suggestion of what will be done to deal with the change. A more detailed analysis and response should be given to the ACM SIGGRAPH President and Treasurer within a month of this first notice, and these may be sent to EC at the President’s or Treasurer's discretion

Establishing Membership Fees:

The Finance Committee will determine any changes to the ACM SIGGRAPH fee structure. Any other party may initiate changes to the fee structure by bringing such a proposal to the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will then meet to determine the appropriateness of the proposal, and will, if the proposal is approved, bring it forward to the EC.


There is a yearly cycle of financially related activities to which the Finance Committee adheres. This adherence is based on the "four EC meetings per year" schedule and will require modification if the EC decides to alter its meeting schedule.

Summer Meeting (At the Conference):

Outgoing and continuing EC members shall report on any significant budget exceptions included in their Budget vs. Actual Reports or anticipated in the coming quarter.

Each outgoing EC member shall review the detailed budget worksheets for the fiscal year that has just begun with the corresponding incoming EC member.

Finance Committee members will meet prior to this meeting with incoming EC members to explain the SIGGRAPH budget process and their part in it.

[Possibly outgoing] Treasurer may be asked to explain the SIGGRAPH Financial Model to EC.

[Possibly outgoing] Treasurer may be asked to explain the ACM Financial Reports to EC.

[Possibly outgoing] President may choose to review the financial responsibility of EC members.

[Possibly outgoing] Treasurer transfers budget materials to incoming Treasurer.


Fall Meeting:

EC members shall report on any significant budget exceptions included in their Budget vs. Actual Reports or anticipated in the coming quarter.


Winter Meeting (typically held in early January):

EC members shall report on any significant budget exceptions included in their Budget vs. Actual Reports or anticipated in the coming quarter.

New EC members may request a repeat of the explanation of the ACM Financial Reports given at the Summer Meeting.

Inventory & Net Worth Annual Review for EC by Treasurer and the ACM Associate Director, SIG Financial Reporting. Currently this is John DeLorenzo.

Budget presentation is given by Treasurer.

EC approves its operational budget.

EC approves the [possibly modified] Final Budget for the forthcoming conference that's six months away. This conference budget is approved with the understanding that it may vary by 2% before another review and approval at the winter meeting.

EC approves the [possibly modified] Preliminary Budget for the following conference that's 18 months away.

Treasurer writes a "State of ACM SIGGRAPH" report for Computer Graphics. This may be written as soon as the year-end report comes out (i.e., June's FMR), but the Treasurer might choose to also include the budget that was approved at this meeting.


Spring Meeting:

EC members shall report on any significant budget exceptions included in their Budget vs. Actual Reports or anticipated in the coming quarter.


Between Spring and Summer Meeting (after election results are known):

If conditions warrant, a Finance Committee meeting should be held at ACM Headquarters with both incoming and outgoing Finance Committee members, the ACM SIGGRAPH Program Director, and the ACM Associate Director, SIG Financial Reporting (currently, John DeLorenzo). Conditions that might warrant this include a new Treasurer, unusually high turnover on the Finance Committee, or financial difficulties. Activities might include training, updating financial-report formats, revising procedures, etc. Alternatively, this meeting may be held at the conference or during a fall SIG-wide officer training session at ACM Headquarters.


Calendar of events and activities for most recent fiscal year:

The calendar of events is detailed above in the procedures area. The most recent FC meeting took place December 2002 (via e-mail).

Year-end report for most recent fiscal year:



Related documents/information:

ACM SIG Officer Manual at

E-mail addresses and phone numbers at the Office of SIG Services at

Last Modified by Garry M. Paxinos

May 1, 2003