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Open Volunteer Positions

ACM SIGGRAPH needs you! We're a volunteer organization serving the computer graphics community and supporting the excellence, passion, integrity, and cross-disciplinary interaction that has made SIGGRAPH such a dynamic place. Many of our programs are defined by the volunteers that make them happen -- here are a few of the positions we're hoping to find someone to work on now! We encourage all volunteers to join the organization.

If you're interested in some area, but the exact thing you want to work on isn't below, please contact us anyway and ask about your idea! We can always use more ideas for programs.

Previously Filled Positions:
Computer Graphics Quarterly Editor
Small Conferences Coordinator
Website Technical and Design Assistance
ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters Coordinator
Database Designer for CG Works Project
Leo Hourvitz, Website Volunteer
Last Updated: February 22, 2009