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ACM SIGGRAPH-Eurographics visit to Southern Africa
19 March-4 April 2001
Part 5


5.0 Composition of the Delegation

  • Judy Brown   (jbrown@siggraph.org)

  • Chair of ACM SIGGRAPH with extensive experience with ACM SIGGRAPH, including co-founding of the SIGGRAPH Education Committee and many liaison activities, and with computer graphics for educational and research applications and collaborations. Fellow of Eurographics. 

  • Alan Chalmers    (chalmers@siggraph.org)

  • As Vice Chair of ACM SIGGRAPH he is responsible for external liason activity, such as this. Furthermore, he grew up in Southern Africa and thus brought experience of both the Southern African and British higher education system as well as detailed knowledge of the applied graphics field from his current research. 

  • Leo Hourvitz    (hourvitz@siggraph.org)

  • Director of Communication of ACM SIGGRAPH. Extensive knowledge of ACM SIGGRAPH and in particular membership issues. His professional career added a great deal from the industrial, film and games perspective. 

  • Steve Cunningham    (cunningham@siggraph.org)

  • Past Chair of ACM SIGGRAPH. Extensive experience with ACM SIGGRAPH and co-founding of the SIGGRAPH Education Committee and undergraduate education and research. He is also a Fellow of Eurographics and a member of the Eurographics Executive Committee. 

  • Nan Schaller    ( schaller@siggraph.org )

  • Former ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer and currently chair of Project Grants with extensive experience with ACM SIGGRAPH and computer graphics education at a large university. She has undertaken sabbatical visits to numerous other universities around the world, and provided a truely international view of the field. 

  • David Arnold    (dba@sys.uea.ac.uk)

  • Former Chair of Eurographics, he is currently a ``member at Large'' on the ACM council and Chair of the Membership and Activites board. His research interests include tools for ecomonic construction and display of virtual environments, including those related to cultural heritage. Fellow of Eurographics. 

  • Vali Lalioti    (vlalioti@cs.up.ac.za)

  • Co-ordinator in South Africa from the University of Pretoria. Email has been exchanged with her since this proposal was first suggested in April 2000 and two meetings were held with her during the SIGGRAPH conference. 

  • Another proposed member of the delegation, Dieter Fellner (Eurographics Past Chair), was unfortunately unable to go.

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Nan Schaller, ACM/SIGGRAPH Project Grants Chair

Last updated: March 15, 2002